Best Kratom Brands (2023) Reviews of Top-rated Companies for Quality Products

11:10 AM, Jan 23, 2023

It’s true, life was simpler back then. At least when it comes to kratom.

Just a few years ago, it was easy to pick the best kratom brand as there weren’t many options at all.

Today, many bad companies have entered the market, and it’s become harder to know which one is legit.


At the same time, the actual best kratom brands have also gotten much better in order to face fierce competition.

So as long as you know where to buy kratom from — you’ll actually get better products at lower prices.

As you may have guessed… this is where we come in.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best kratom companies with stellar reputations (19,000+ reviews), high-quality kratom products (organic, AKA-certified, lab-tested), and great prices.

We’ll even mention special deals and discounts to help you save some cash.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Best Kratom Brand: First Look

  1. Kats Botanicals - Best kratom brand overall (19K+ reviews)
  2. Golden Monk - Cheap kratom powder ($8.99/100g)
  3. Super Speciosa - Ultra premium kratom products
  4. Kratom Spot - Raw kratom leaves for sale
  5. Kingdom Kratom - Strong kratom powder
  6. Kraken Kratom - Unique products (gummies, honey sticks…)
  7. Just Kratom - Cheapest kratom brand ($7/100g)
  8. Top Extracts - Convenient samples for sale


1. Kats Botanicals - Best Kratom Brand Overall


  • 19,000+ reviews
  • AKA-certified brand
  • Natural, organic kratom
  • 70+ kratom products for sale
  • Loyalty program
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping for over $100


  • Not many deals

Simply put, Kats Botanicals is the best kratom brand.


First of all, they have the best reputation in the kratom industry, with 19,000+ reviews and counting. Not only that, they are frequently recommended in Reddit threads and other connoisseur forums.

Second, all their kratom products are organic, all-natural, and thoroughly lab-tested. In the same vein, the company is certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA) — which is another guarantee of quality.

Third, they offer kratom in many forms — including the typical powder and capsules, but also rarer options like kratom tablets, extract, and even gummies (!). In total, they sell over 70 kratom products, which is around 2-3 times more than most kratom vendors.



But that’s not all.

What really sets Kats Botanicals apart is its excellent customer service and great guarantees.

Indeed, many kratom brands say they provide a “30-day money-back guarantee,” but it often only applies to unopened products (which isn’t much use, is it?). By contrast, Kats Botanicals lets you return even opened packages — so you can try their kratom products and send them back if you’re not happy.

Just as importantly…

Kats Botanicals works with some of the best third-party laboratories to test their kratom products. This means that they not only test for purity but also for pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides, and a whole host of other contaminants.


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2. Golden Monk - Best Kratom Brand for Bulk Pricing


  • Only $89.99 per kg
  • Reputable brand
  • AKA-certified (Platinum level)
  • 6 lab tests per ton
  • 10-20% OFF your first order
  • Free shipping for over $50


  • Fewer products than Kats Botanicals
  • The website design could be improved

If you can’t afford Kats Botanicals’ kratom products, Golden Monk is worth considering.

Right off the bat, the company stands out for its low bulk prices, charging only $89.99 per kg of kratom powder (before any discounts).

To give you an idea, this is 30-40% cheaper than Kats Botanicals and Super Speciosa (another reputable brand that we’ll talk about below).

What’s the catch?

Well, Golden Monk’s website looks a bit dated, and the kratom product selection is smaller than Kats’ — although they do stock all the most popular strains like Maeng Da Kratom, Red Thai, Red Bali, etc.

Still, when it comes to quality, the kratom brand does things right.

Not only are they certified by the American Kratom Association, but they’re even a Platinum level member, which means they donate to the association to raise the quality standards of the kratom industry as a whole.



When it comes to purity, they also subject their kratom products to third-party lab tests. Specifically, they conduct 6 lab tests per ton, which is better than many kratom brands.

Want to save even more money?

Golden Monk is known for offering frequent discounts. As of this writing, they have a “Spin-to-Win” offer that lets newcomers get a 10-20% discount on their first order.

Additionally, they offer free shipping on all orders above $49.99, which is an easy threshold to reach if you buy a few kratom products at once.


Learn more: Golden Monk Review


3. Super Speciosa - Best Kratom Brand for Premium Quality


  • Highest quality kratom
  • AKA-certified organic kratom
  • Strictly lab tested
  • 20% OFF your first order
  • Spend $100, get $5 in points


  • More expensive than Kats
  • Fewer buyer reviews (3,000+)

Super Speciosa provides the same quality as Kats Botanicals (or even slightly better) — but they charge a bit more for it.

In other words, this is the kratom brand for people who won’t settle for anything less than the best, no matter the price.

When it comes to products, Super Speciosa offers organic kratom powder, capsules, tablets, and even tea bags (very convenient but more expensive pound-for-pound).

Of course, they’re AKA-certified, and all the products undergo strict third-party lab testing.



Any deals?

Yes, fortunately. Despite having higher prices overall, Super Speciosa does offer a few discounts — like 20% OFF your first order as of this writing.

They also have a nice reward program that lets you get 5 points for each $1 spent. Considering 100 points are worth $1, this means you’re getting $5 in points for each $100 spent.

Finally, shipping is also free on your first order.


Learn more: Super Speciosa Review


4. Kratom Spot - Best Kratom Company for Pure Leaves


  • Thorough lab testing
  • Many kratom strains
  • Pure kratom leaves
  • Free shipping for over $50
  • Newsletter discounts


  • Less-known than other kratom brands
  • Not cheap

Like other top kratom brands, Kratom Spot guarantees that all of its products have gone through thorough lab testing.

Additionally, consumers can choose from a vast selection of kratom strains, including popular options like Red Maeng Da Kratom, Thai Kratom, Bali Kratom, and more.

Any unique product?

Yes. Besides the typical kratom powder and capsules, Kratom Spot also stocks pure kratom leaves (not ground). This allows you to make tea just as you would with powder, but in an even more “natural” way.



Good to know: Kratom Spot’s Green Maeng Da Kratom powder comes frequently recommended as some of the best out there, both in terms of taste and effects.

Finally, the kratom brand offers free shipping over $50 as well as exclusive discounts if you sign up for the newsletter.


5. Kingdom Kratom - Best Kratom Company for Strong Products



  • Not as amazing as Kats or Golden Monk
  • Very short kratom product descriptions

At Kingdom Kratom, you can get high-quality kratom at a fair price. Like Kratom Spot, Kingdom Kratom offers a wide variety of kratom products, such as capsules, powders, kratom extracts, and more.

Anything that stands out?

Kingdom Kratom's kratom powder is selected specifically for potency and maturity. In fact, they have built partnerships with small farms in Southeast Asia to get organic kratom that’s been harvested and processed according to the traditional methods.



When it comes to receiving your order, Kingdom Kratom offers same-day shipping if you buy kratom before 1 pm CST.

Additionally, they frequently offer deals and discounts (25% OFF as of this writing), so feel free to check their website to see what’s on sale.


6. Kraken Kratom - Best Brand of Kratom for Unique Products


  • Unique kratom products
  • Pioneering kratom brand
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on all orders


  • Quite expensive
  • Old-ish website

To continue our rundown of the best Kratom companies online, we have the premium Kratom brand Kraken Kratom.

Kraken Kratom was the first company to become an American Kratom Association Qualified Vendor of Kratom products. Other brands of kratom emerged to compete with Kratom Kraken.

The kratom brand sells many organic kratom strains in different forms, including powder, pills, leaves, and kratom extracts. Besides these, Kraken Kratom has developed a plethora of novel products, such as:

  • Kratom tea bags
  • Kratom gummies (fruit flavors)
  • Kratom tablets
  • Kratom soft gels
  • Kratom honey sticks



In other words, Kraken Kratom is a good option if you’re bored of the same ol’ products.

They also sell some interesting (and organic) kratom strains, including Barong Indo, Indo Black Kratom, White Vein Kratom, and Red Maeng Da Kratom.

And yes, you’re covered by Kraken Kratom’s 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like their products.


7. Just Kratom - Best Brand of Kratom for Cheap Products


  • Just $70 per kg
  • Various kratom strains
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping over $35


  • Not as famous as Golden Monk
  • Limited variety

While not as high quality as Golden Monk, Just Kratom is a strong contender when it comes to low prices.

Indeed, the company sells 1 kg of kratom powder for just $70 — which is 20% cheaper than Golden Monk and 50%+ cheaper than other kratom companies.

But there’s a catch.

Unfortunately, the kratom company does not offer any discounts (as far as we know) — which means the final price will be in line with Golden Monk in the end.

Still, they offer free shipping on all orders over $35, which is a nice bonus.



Also worth noting, all of the kratom powders and capsules are made in the United States, making Just Kratom a reliable and trustworthy brand. Kratom leaves are carefully selected, and only the finest make it into Just Kratom products.

And yes, Just Kratom sells white vein kratom, green vein kratom, and red vein kratom strains.


8. Top Extracts - Among the Best Kratom Brands for Small Samples



  • Prices are quite standard
  • Few kratom strains overall

Another newcomer to the market for kratom products is Top Extracts. Top Extracts is a certified American Kratom Association vendor and an accredited American Herbal Products Association member (AHPA).

Like other kratom brands on our list, they sell both kratom powders and capsules, as well as kratom extracts and even liquid kratom (very potent).

Anything else?

Yes, Top Extracts also offers kratom samples and bulk kratom purchases on its most popular strains.



In addition to their other great features, Top Extracts also offers convenient travel sizes of most of their organic kratom products that can be carried, stored, and used while on the go. However, we have not yet found this quality in more than a small number of kratom products.

It’s also worth noting that the kratom brand has great Fair Trade policies which guarantee that the farmers receive a decent wage and good working conditions.

Finally, you can get 15% OFF your first order plus free shipping by registering.


Best Kratom Brands - What are the Effects of Kratom?

Potential Benefits of Kratom Capsules, Powders & Tea

Whether you consume kratom capsules or powder, the potential benefits of kratom are typically the same (according to other sources).

But what are these benefits, exactly? That’s what we’ll see below.


Energy Boost

As a result of taking Kratom powder, you may notice that you have more mental clarity and physical stamina. It's possible that you'd have more energy to get more done at work, at school, and in social situations.

Learn more >> Kratom for Energy


Better Focus

If you have difficulty focusing, you may discover that Kratom powder is advantageous. Your normal alert and clear thinking may become even more enhanced.



Kratom powder is said to boost creativity in certain kratom users. They insist that their ideas and thoughts are always coming to them. As a result, some people report that they are able to increase their productivity and attain goals they previously believed were impossible.


Better Mood

After using Kratom capsules or powder, a lot of people feel better overall and less worried. Their disposition lifts, and they experience a sense of peace and tranquility.

The mood-boosting effects of kratom have also been studied. The Journal of Psychopharmacology [1] reported the results of a study showing that Kratom improved subjects' moods and sense of well-being. It accomplished this by elevating brain dopamine levels

Frontiers in Psychiatry [2] released another research demonstrating that Kratom's effects were similar to those of MDMA (ecstasy). Both of these medications increase brain serotonin levels. The neurotransmitter serotonin also plays a role in mood regulation.

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Reduced Anxiety and Stress

We know that stress and worry may trigger depression. Some research has even linked stress to an increased risk of developing depression, making genetics a secondary factor.

Kratom has been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety in rats, according to research published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine [3]. The animals were given a dose of Kratom extracts orally. They discovered that the rats' tension and anxiety levels dropped as a result.

Scientists think Kratom powder produces its effects by stimulating the amygdala and the hippocampus. These regions are critical for controlling anxious feelings.

Learn more >> Kratom for Social Anxiety


Pain Relief

Mitragynine is the active element in kratom plants, but it's also present in other plants like coca leaves and coffee beans. This plant is believed to be among the most effective medicines for relieving pain. There are many who use it to alleviate the pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Patients who had had knee replacement surgery reported much less pain after taking Kratom, according to research published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine [4].

Anecdotal evidence from Kratom users suggests the drug may help some people reduce or eliminate their need for pharmaceuticals. Kratom users claim benefits including greater sleep and less hunger.

Learn more >> Kratom for Pain


Reduced Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Kratom powder is worth a try for anybody with an opiate addiction. This herb's potential effectiveness in combating opiate addiction stems from a number of different factors.

To begin with, it stimulates the brain by elevating levels of dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for motivation and enjoyment. It seems to reason that having more of it would make you happy.

As a second point, Kratom leaf powder has an ingredient in it called 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Because of its ability to bind to and inhibit opioid receptors in the brain, this chemical is a potential treatment for opioid addiction. So, it might block the body from experiencing the opioids' effects.



The euphoria it induces is a major draw for those who use Kratom for recreational purposes. A lot of Kratom users compare it to a cup of coffee because of the stimulating effects it has on the central nervous system.

There are also many who draw parallels to marijuana. Chemicals in marijuana called cannabinoids provide the high. These chemicals activate the brain's feel-good receptors. You'll find a lot of the same chemical compounds in kratom.

Kratom, on the other hand, does not make users sleepy as marijuana does. On the contrary, it raises levels of alertness and vitality. It has the added benefit of potentially reducing your sensitivity to anxiety and stress.

Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice.



Potential Side Effects of Kratom (Over Use / Low Tolerance) 

There are several advantages to using Kratom leaf powder. You may feel more awake, concentrated, creative, upbeat, and less stressed. But it's not without its drawbacks. 

There have been reports of users experiencing anxiety, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. Kratom powders, like any other substance, have varying effects from person to person, so it's important to consult a medical professional first. 

It’s also strongly recommended to find out how your body reacts to them at low dosages before increasing them to higher ones. Please also know that some find kratom addictive. 


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What Are The Different Kratom Strains Available?

Today, you may choose from various kratom strains. Here are a few examples:

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da kratom is one of the most well-liked kratom powders.

Why? Because its stimulating effects are so strong. Many Kratom consumers attest that this strain provides a welcome burst of energy.

Mitragynine is the active component in Maeng Da kratom powders. This compound's efficacy may be attributed to its ability to elevate brain dopamine levels. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure and the sense of being rewarded. 

Maeng Da kratom powders stimulate the body to produce dopamine more quickly. Because of this, you can feel more alert, happy, and focused than usual.



Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom is also rather quite popular. The name "lord of all kratoms" is commonly applied to this specific kratom strain. It's rich in the alkaloids 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and 7-keto-mitragynine. As a group, these chemicals provide a potent stimulant.

Indo Kratom users often report increased energy and mental clarity. They claim to have more stamina and vigor as a result.

The stimulating effects of Indo kratom capsules may be too strong for certain users. Using this strain of Kratom has been linked to hallucinations in some users. Taking lesser amounts will help you prevent this unwanted effect.



Thai Kratom

Another well-liked Kratom extract. Thailand is the source of this cultivar. It has more mitragynine per serving than other kinds. The result is a very powerful substance. This makes it too difficult to start with for most people.

Dosing carefully is recommended. To get started, a daily dose of 1 gram would be enough. Following that, you may raise the dosage until you're taking 5 grams daily. Don't forget that this Kratom is more long-lasting than others.



Bali Kratom

Another popular Kratom strain is Bali kratom, coming from Indonesia. The name comes from the location of the island where it was found.

Bali kratom powders, like other kratom strains, have the same active ingredients. This category includes alkaloids like mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and 7-keto-mitragynine.

Mitragynine is a major alkaloid in the Bali kratom plant. The body's dopamine levels go up due to this chemical. The neurotransmitter dopamine has a role in regulating emotions and behavior.



Borneo Kratom

Kratom comes in many different varieties, one of the most common being Borneo kratom. Malaysia is the origin of this plant. It has a long history of usage in alternative medicine. Numerous individuals nowadays are reaping its advantages.

Kratom capsules are the most popular delivery method for Borneo Kratom. Nonetheless, there are a number of ways to consume it. The leaves may be ground into a powder or boiled, for instance.

The use of Borneo kratom capsules increases serotonin in the brain. You'll feel calm and content as a result, as the neurotransmitter serotonin regulates emotions and behavior. Similarly, it aids in normalizing one's sleep schedule.



Sumatra Kratom

There is also a popular kratom strain from Sumatra. It was first found in the nation from which it takes its name.

The leaves of the Sumatra kratom tree have a nice flavor when chewed. Similar to other strains, they may be prepared in a variety of ways. You may also use them to brew a soothing cup of tea.

Sumatra kratom powders, like other high-quality kratom strains, are rich in alkaloids. The stimulating properties of this Kratom are attributable in part to a compound called mitragynine.



How We Chose the Best Kratom Brands

When deciding which Kratom company to highlight, how did we decide?

How did we determine that the other possibilities were not viable? What strategy did we use to efficiently evaluate online kratom vendors and choose the very finest ones?

Let's just say it wasn't a breeze to do this assignment. However, we established criteria by which to evaluate each seller, and only those that satisfied those standards made the final cut.

Among these criteria was the assurance of accessibility, affordability, efficiency, and safety. In our quest to find the best kratom vendors online for you, we also checked into choices that offered free delivery. Some of the criteria we used to choose the best kratom vendor were as follows:


Safety and Side Effects

It is crucial that a Kratom company provides only safe formulas and makes the potential for adverse effects obvious since the medication is very delicate. Because of this, we also place a premium on testing conducted by impartial parties. The aforementioned manufacturers all claim to be completely safe for human consumption after extensive testing and experiments.

Overdosing is more likely with this product, thus we made sure that only the most secure choices were shown. To further ensure the safety of Kratom for consumers, we also sought endorsement from the American Kratom Association (AKA).


Reputation and Standing

You should only buy Kratom online from a reputable kratom vendor. The FDA does not control kratom, thus it is up to the consumer to make an informed decision when purchasing the medicine. Readers are cautioned about selecting an unknown internet retailer when they buy kratom online.

So that you can make an informed selection, we have included only vendors that have earned a solid reputation in the industry.



Different Kratom Strains for Sale

The best kratom vendors should sell red vein kratom strains, green vein kratom strains, and white vein kratom strains.

Just as importantly, they should stock popular strains like

  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Indo Kratom
  • Borneo Kratom
  • Thai Kratom
  • Malay Kratom
  • Bali Kratom

And more. (As each kind produces a unique set of effects in the body)

So that you may experience the full effects of Kratom, we made sure that the vendors we recommend offer a wide range of different kratom strains.

Of course, we also gave bonus points to kratom vendors who sell organic kratom powders and capsules.


Honesty and Transparency

It has been noticed that a lot of Kratom vendors do not give detailed information about the makeup, ingredients, outcomes, and potential risks of their kratom products. This has caused many cases of overdosing and other related drug mishaps.

We made sure that only kratom vendors that were honest and responsible with their customers about giving out information were included in the list. We would not accept any mistakes that might cause harm to our readers.


Availability Of Rare Kratom Strains

While some Kratom strains are easier to find than others, it is usually more difficult to acquire ones that produce the most desirable effects. For this reason, it is essential to buy Kratom which contains a wide range of rare strains.

We have done the necessary research to guarantee that the Kratom capsules or any other form of Kratom you select are sourced from trustworthy suppliers that only use the finest, rare Kratom leaves.



Types Of Kratom Products Available

Kratom is available in several different forms, including:

  • Kratom capsules
  • Kratom tea bags
  • Kratom extract tablets
  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom soft gels
  • Kratom gummies

Depending on their capabilities, Kratom suppliers could make one kind or several. Kats Botanicals, for instance, makes 5 types of high-quality kratom products.

We recommend multiple kratom vendors that offer a vast variety of Kratom products, allowing you to pick the form and type that best fits your needs from the selections we have presented.


Flavor Options Available

At present, there is an abundance of Kratom vendors who offer kratom capsules and other products in a huge selection of flavors. This enables individuals to take advantage of the kratom product without having to be concerned about its taste. The chocolate variation of Kratom is extremely popular.

Consequently, we examined the variety of Kratom tastes available from each shop.


Refund Policy, Prices & Guarantees

It is clear that cost plays a significant role. We are aware that you would like to spend as little money as possible, so we conducted an extensive search of the market and presented you with Kratom capsules and powders that cover a wide price range.

If you're dissatisfied with your Kratom purchase, you have the option of getting a refund. To ensure you're getting a reliable product, find a dealer that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (or at least a 14-day money-back guarantee) and competitive prices.

That way, you can be confident that you're receiving quality Kratom powder for the money you spend, and if it's not up to standard, you can get your money back.



Best Kratom Companies - FAQ

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a mixture and also a tree (kratom tree) native to Southeast Asia. The substance has been traditionally used for centuries to treat a wide range of medical issues, such as pain, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.

Mitragyna Speciosa, better known as Kratom, is usually chewed in its leaf form but can also be brewed into tea or put into capsules. 

Kratom comes in several varieties, including red vein, green vein, and white vein kratom. Every strain of Kratom has its own specific advantages. There are a number of online stores offering high-quality Kratom at reasonable prices.


Are There Any Side Effects Of Kratom?

Kratom is generally safe when used in moderation, however, it is possible to suffer adverse effects from consuming too much.

Indeed, some users report feeling dizzy, lightheaded, or even anxious when taking strong doses of kratom. You might also have a dry mouth, dry eyes, and difficulty focusing.

Additionally, the results of combining Kratom with liquor or alternative drugs are not studied. It is not easy to determine whether Kratom can hamper the drugs you are already taking. 

Therefore, it is recommended to consult with a medical professional before consuming Kratom, no matter which brand you choose.


How To Use Kratom?

You can consume kratom leaves in various ways, including chewing them raw in gum form, drying them, cooking them, or brewing tea.

If you decide to eat the leaves, chew them well. Put the pieces in your mouth in tiny chunks.

Many kratom vendors prefer to provide the kratom product in either powder or tablet form, as these are usually more convenient and easy to dose.

When buying kratom online, certain kratom vendors may present you with a blend of powder that is already put together. These combinations guarantee to provide you with a consistently accurate dosage every single time.

Indeed, Kratom powder is very easy to take. You can simply mix a few drops into whatever you are consuming, like smoothies, fruit juices, or even coffee. Furthermore, the powder can also be put into boiling water.

Still, it is essential to be careful when consuming kratom powder; it is a good idea for first-time users to start with a small amount. By doing this, you can monitor how your body responds to the substance. If needed, you can slowly increase your dosage.


How Does Kratom Work?

The main alkaloids found in kratom powder are Mitragynine  (7-Hydroxymitragynine) and mitraphylline, and it is these two components that give the user the majority of the effects.

When it enters the body, mitragynine attaches itself to opioid receptors. These receptors are present in large amounts in the brain and central nervous system and have a role in controlling emotions, motivation, eating, and sleeping. 


Best Kratom Brands and Companies - Conclusion

If you’ve made it all the way through, you now have a pretty good idea of what makes a great kratom vendor.

But what is the best kratom company for you?

I’m afraid that’s a question only you can answer…

Still, we think that you can’t go wrong with Kats Botanicals. Besides their stellar reputation (19K+ reviews), they offer the best kratom products in the industry.

They’re also known for their excellent customer service and reasonable prices.

On a tight budget?

Try Golden Monk. You will still get high-quality kratom products but at 30% cheaper prices.

Still not convinced?

In this case, feel free to take another look at our top picks and see which one resonates with you. We’re all unique, after all — and what works for us might not work for you.

With that said, we wish you a wonderful kratom experience.

Take care!


Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice.

The information, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other material contained in this article, are for informational purposes only. No material within this article is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.



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