10 Best Pet Insurance for Cats 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Coverage & Cost

2:37 PM, May 01, 2023
2:37 PM, May 01, 2023

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The best pet insurance for cats like Pets Best might help you save a lot of money throughout your pet's life while giving you financial security and peace of mind.

On the other hand, picking the wrong cat health insurance plan might cause stress and strain your budget. That said, what is the best method for choosing the best pet insurance for cats?

Read this article to learn more about the best pet insurance for cats and why Spot is number one.

Best Cat Health Insurance Companies

  • Pets Best - Best pet insurance for cats overall 
  • ASPCA - Best pet insurance for cats with hereditary conditions
  • Figo - Best pet insurance for cats’ health
  • Lemonade - Best pet insurance for speedy claims processing 
  • Embrace - Best cat insurance plans for older cats
  • Fetch - Best pet insurance for cats for high reimbursements
  • Spot - Best pet insurance for cats for unlimited coverage
  • Pumpkin - Best pet insurance for cats for kittens 
  • Nationwide - Best pet insurance for bigger cats
  • Healthy Paws - Best pet insurance for cats to cover alternative therapies 

Best Cat Health Insurance Quick Verdict

You must consider your financial circumstances as well as the unique demands of your cat while selecting the best cat insurance plans. If your cat develops any unforeseen medical problems, having the best pet Insurance for cats might provide you with comfort and financial security.

Cat owners searching for the best pet insurance for cats that are both affordable and comprehensive can look at Pets Best Pet Insurance. This company can assist you in choosing the best pet insurance for cats that works with your budgetary constraints and your pet's medical requirements.

You can rely on Pets Best if you want to look after your cat's health regardless of any obstacles and hurdles life may throw.

1. Pets Best - Best Pet Insurance for Cats Overall 

Pets Best Cat Insurance Pros:

  • Kittens may be insured when they are seven weeks old.
  • Wheelchairs and prosthetics are covered.
  • There is no set maximum age limit.

Pets Best Cat Insurance Cons:

  • The renewal date is the last day to upgrade.
  • The cost of parasite treatment is not covered.
  • Two exceptions.

With various deductibles and cat insurance plans, Pets Best is a great option. Because it offers coverage for a wider spectrum of cats, it is a fantastic choice for both kittens and aging cats. Moreover, it considers any equipment or mobility concerns.

The drawback of Pets Best insurance is that it does not cover any problems that affect both sides of the body. For instance, the insurance won't pay out if a pet has hip dysplasia on one side but later develops as a problem on the other.

Pets Best Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.8/5

As we discussed in our Pets Best Pet Insurance review, prices for Pets Best and other carriers are comparable when compared.

Pets Best Insurance for Cats Discounts: 4.9/5

Discounts may be granted to members of the military, those who own many animals, and people who pay in annual installments.

Combining several discounts may result in a final savings of 12%, albeit not all states allow for this cost-saving.

Pets Best Dog, Cat, and Exotic Cats Insurance Coverage: 5/5

The age limit for cat insurance plans are more permissive with Pets Best. Even kitten cats as little as seven weeks old are eligible for coverage.

With no age restrictions, Pets Best is a fantastic option for senior cats. Furthermore, it is one of the few insurance providers that provide coverage for wheelchairs and prostheses. Even though they can be pricey, these supplies can greatly improve the quality of life for your feline buddy.

Pets Best Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.8/5

You could have to wait up to 45 days to have your claim paid out, which is longer than what many other cat insurance companies give.

Overall Score: 4.9/5

>>Check best price for Pets Best here

2. ASPCA - Best Pet Insurance for Cats with Hereditary Conditions

ASPCA Cat Insurance Pros:

  • It includes both stem cell treatment and microchipping.
  • No upper age restriction applies.
  • Exceptional defense against inherited and congenital illnesses.

ASPCA Cat Insurance Cons:

  • Payment transaction fees each month.
  • Using the website is challenging.
  • Claim processing might take up to 30 days.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) provides insurance with adaptable terms and reasonable costs. People have a choice between policies covering occurrences, illnesses, accidents, or preventative care.

The ASPCA assures coverage for any congenital or inherited illnesses for cats of any age.

You are qualified for coverage regardless of your cat's previous condition so long as no symptoms have shown in the last 180 days. Unfortunately, it can take some time before you get your compensation.

ASPCA Cat Health Insurance Cost: 4.8/5

The American Society offers affordable monthly payment options for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Users can customize their cat insurance plans thanks to this. The processing cost associated with this payment method is a drawback.

Several cat insurance policies are discounted 10% more than usual.

ASPCA Dog, Cat, and Exotic Animal Insurance Coverage: 5/5

The ASPCA will pay owners of cats with a health issue identified, regardless of age, that was either inherited or present at birth. This cat insurance plan also covers addressable conditions, including stem cell treatments.

ASPCA Cat Insurance Plan Options: 4.8/5

As in our ASPCA Pet Insurance review, cat owners may choose from several cat insurance plans coverage options from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), including microchipping.

ASPCA Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.7/5

The processing of a claim may take up to 30 days, which is a significant time to wait for the reimbursement of a significant expense.

Overall Score: 4.8/5

>>Check best price for ASPCA here

3. Figo - Best Pet Insurance for Cats’ Health

Figo Cat Insurance Pros:

  • Full reimbursement is not required.
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • Decreased deductibles

Figo Cat Insurance Cons:

  • Orthopedic claims have a six-month waiting period.
  • Hereditary illness coverage is not available to cats that join after the age of two.
  • It doesn't include prevention.

While there are limits throughout your pet's lifespan with Figo, they won't restrict you to a specific amount each year. Cat insurance plans with 100% payback are available from Figo, and no further payments are needed.

Sadly, these measures are more expensive. The limitations on hereditary illnesses and the lack of alternatives for preventive treatment may be a problem for some cat owners.

Figo Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.7/5

As in our Figo Pet Insurance review, the rates for Figo's cat insurance plans are higher than the national average since there is no cap on the amount of money they will pay out, and they have low deductibles and co-pays.

The higher premiums are still worthwhile for cats who need regular medical attention since they lower the amount you'll have to spend out of pocket.

Figo Insurance for Cats Discounts: 4.7/5

You could be eligible for a premium discount, but you must speak with customer care to learn about the deals that apply in your state.

Figo Cat Insurance Coverage: 4.8/5

Several benefits come with this plan, and there are no yearly limits. Nevertheless, it does not provide much defense against hereditary medical conditions. Moreover, Figo doesn't provide any wellness programs.

Figo Dog, Cat, and Exotic Animal Insurance Coverage: 4.7/5

Figo offers three different cat insurance plans coverage. There are several options for compensation. However, it is not feasible to add other riders to coverage.

Figo Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.8/5

Cat insurance providers often need 30 days to complete a claim.

Overall Score: 4.7/5

>>Check best price for Figo here

4. Lemonade - Best Pet Insurance for Speedy Claims Processing

Lemonade Cat Insurance Pros:

  • Rapidly processing claims.
  • Your purchase includes a donation to a cat welfare organization.
  • Several discount alternatives.

Lemonade Cat Insurance Cons:

  • Your credit score influences the interest rate.
  • There is almost any information available online.
  • Just 36 states are eligible to benefit from the offer.
  • They require an examination and the most recent year's veterinary records for registration.

The complete cat insurance plans offered by Lemonade may expand to include vaccines, checkups, and certain complementary therapies. The speed with which claims are handled is one impressive aspect of this insurance.

It should also be emphasized that some of your money is given to charitable organizations.

Lemonade Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.7/5

Lemonade cat insurance plans often cost less than the industry average. As we discussed in our Lemonade Pet Insurance review, you may get reductions if you buy more coverage from Lemonade.

Lemonade Dog, Cat, and Exotic Animal Insurance Coverage: 4.7/5

The limit age for cat insurance for certain breeds of dogs may be as low as seven years. This is far less expensive in contrast to the majority of feline insurance.

Lemonade Cat Insurance Plan Options: 4.7/5

Many cat insurance plans are available from Lemonade, some of which come with extra riders. Sadly, Lemonade plans are not available in all states.

Lemonade Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.8/5

Lemonade has created a practical smartphone application that makes it easier to submit a claim and get reimbursed quickly.

Find out more in our Lemonade Pet Insurance Review

OverallScore: 4.7/5

>>Check best price for Lemonade here

5. Embrace - Best Cat Insurance Plans for Older Cats

Embrace Cat Insurance Pros:

  • A significant upper age limit.
  • Decrease in the deductible.
  • Pre-existing diseases that are curable are covered.
  • High reimbursement rates could be possible.

Embrace Cat Insurance Cons:

  • There are few health benefits.
  • Unavailable in the United States and Canada.
  • Simply dogs and cats.
  • No choice with limitless advantages.

Embrace's waiting time before coverage starts substantially less than that of other best pet insurance for cats, at only 14 days. If your cat needs emergency medical attention, this may be helpful. The organization typically needs 30 days to process claims.

One of the best pet insurance for cats, Embrace, provides a Wellness Rewards program valid for one year. These plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a decreasing deductible for years when you don't need to file a claim.

Embrace Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.7/5

Price-wise, Embrace's best pet insurance for cats is competitive, and the deductible is going down. If your pet is still in excellent health, your deductible will reduce. Your deductible will be $50 lower yearly, so you do not need to submit a compensation claim.

In the long term, you may save a sizable sum of money by doing this. Choosing a greater amount of reimbursement may result in a rise in the cost of the premiums.

Embrace Insurance for Cats Discounts: 4.8/5

If you meet the requirements, you may benefit from the savings that Embrace provides. This includes a 10% discount for workers, a 5% discount for active-duty military personnel, and a 10% premium cut if you own more than one cat.

Combining these reductions may result in significant cost savings.

Embrace Dog, Cat, and Exotic Animal Insurance Coverage: 4.7/5

The fact that your cat is growing older shouldn't be an excuse to give it less attention. Since they are more prone to disease and damage, older cats need more regular and extensive care to be healthy.

For cats up to their 15th birthday, Embrace offers the best pet insurance for cats on the market. There are accident-only policies available for older pets.

Embrace Cat Insurance Plan Options: 4.7/5

Instead of cat health insurance, Embrace offers a different Healthy Rewards program that clients may fund. Only dogs and cats are eligible for this program.

Embrace Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.7/5

Cat insurance claim settlements typically take 30 days to complete.

Overall Score: 4.7/5

>>Check best price for Embrace here

6. Fetch - Best Pet Insurance for Cats for High Reimbursements

Fetch Pet Insurance Pros:

  • Includes coverage for dental care and vet bills related to illness or injury
  • Covers pet boarding cost during hospitalization
  • Waives waiting period for knee injuries with a vet examination within 30 days
  • Available in all US states and the District of Columbia

Fetch Pet Insurance Cons:

  • Not eligible for insurance coverage if the animal is under 6 weeks old
  • No separate insurance coverage for wellness and accident expenses

Protect your feline friend with Fetch pet insurance - they've got you covered for routine checkups and even complex procedures like MRIs

But that's not all - they'll also reimburse up to $1,000 for boarding costs while your pet is receiving medical attention. Manage your account, claims, and medical records on their easy-to-use mobile app. And with the backing of XL Specialty Insurance Company and Axis Insurance Company, you can trust their comprehensive coverage.

Fetch Pet Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.8/5

Here's what you need to know about this pet insurance for cats company premiums: they're not one-size-fits-all. Instead, they shift based on factors like your pet's type, age, breed, and even their sex. Plus, where you live also plays a role in what you'll pay.

But don't let that scare you away! While costs may be slightly higher for older dogs, Fetch's pet insurance remains competitive overall. 

Fetch Insurance for Pets Discounts: 4.7/5

If you are a Fetch pet insurance policyholder looking to reduce your premium, there are several conditions that may qualify you for a discounted rate. 

These conditions include:

  • Work in animal medical facilities
  • Have past, present, or current Armed Forces affiliation
  • Pay quarterly or annually
  • Register during a "no claims period"
  • Use a licensed veterinarian
  • Participate in the American Retired People Survey (for seniors)
  • Adopt a shelter or rescue animal

Fetch Dog, Cat, and Exotic Animal Insurance Coverage: 4.7/5

Fetch Pet Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your furry friend, including pre existing conditions, emergency care, and genetic disorders. They also cover preventative care, diagnostic testing, emergency dental care, prescription medicines, specialty therapies, and alternative medicine, up to the yearly maximum.

Fetch Pet Insurance Plan Options: 4.7/5

Fetch's accident and disease insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage. Choose between $5,000, $10,000, and $15,000 annual maximums or call for unlimited benefits. 

Deductibles range from $250 to $1,000, with $50 increments. Reimbursement ranges from 70% to 90%, giving you the flexibility to customize your plan to your budget and your pet's needs.

Fetch Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.7/5

When it comes to finding the best pet insurance for cats, Fetch is a top contender. When filing a claim with Fetch Pet Insurance, keep in mind that there are a few waiting periods for both accident and non-accident medical issues. 

Accident claims need to be filed within 15 days, while non-accident medical issues have a 15-day waiting period. However, if your cat experiences injuries like patellar tendinitis, hip dysplasia, or anterior cruciate ligament damage, you'll need to wait six months before making a claim.

While Fetch's waiting time for incidents is a bit longer than some other pet insurance for cats, they still offer comprehensive coverage. 

Fetch's 15-day waiting period for medical issues is only slightly longer than the average of other pet insurance agencies we looked at. Plus, with coverage for preexisting conditions, emergency care, and genetic disorders, Fetch has got your cat covered.

If your cat is at an increased risk for medical problems like cranial cruciate ligament rupture or hip dysplasia, it's essential to consider guidelines from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). 

Waiting six months to file a claim for these issues on Fetch could feel like a long time for some pet owners, but it's important to remember that comprehensive pet insurance for cats like Fetch's can provide peace of mind.

Overall Score: 4.7/5

>>Check the best price for Fetch

7. Spot - Best Pet Insurance for Cats for Unlimited Coverage 

Spot Cat Insurance Pros:

  • The upper age limit is unclear.
  • Only $100 in deductibles.
  • It includes acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and other complementary therapies.
  • Choices for lasting protection.

Spot Cat Insurance Cons:

  • Kittens get higher premiums.
  • Weekend customer service is not available.
  • Minimal covering of knee ligaments.

If you want the best pet Insurance for cats with limitless coverage, Spot is a great option. You may get coverage with a low deductible and cost-free visits.

It is crucial to remember that choosing a smaller copayment or deductible may result in paying a higher monthly premium.

Spot Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.6/5 

Although adult animals are eligible for coverage regardless of age, kittens cost extra. If you have complete insurance, you won't have to pay a portion of the vet bills.

Alternatively, you may choose a $100 deductible, significantly reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

Spot Insurance for Cats Discounts: 4.6/5

You qualify for a discount over the regular 10% if you need to cover more than one cat.

Spot Dog, Cat, and Exotic Animal Insurance Coverage: 4.7/5

As in our Spot Pet Insurance review, due to their choice of comprehensive best pet insurance for cats coverage, Spot differs from other cat insurance providers. The majority of the best pet insurance for cats doesn't provide complete security.

Spot Cat Insurance Plan Options: 4.7/5

You can choose from various coverage options, including preventative, accident, illness, and accident-only policies. Also, you may decide the degree of security you need.

Spot Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.6/5

After two weeks, newly adopted cats are covered by the best pet insurance for cats. Most of the time, disputes are resolved quickly.

Overall Score: 4.6/5

>>Check the best price for Spot here

8. Pumpkin - Best Pet Insurance for Cats for Kittens

Pumpkin Cat Insurance Pros:

  • There is no age limit for participation.
  • There must be a 14-day waiting period.
  • You have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Insurance covers the cost of prescription cat food.

Pumpkin Cat Insurance Cons:

  • There is no way to alter the compensation amount.
  • There aren't many deductible substitutes.
  • Restrictions on coverage for a year.

You can extend your coverage with a preventive health plan using Pumpkin. This includes a range of services like checkups, vaccinations, and in some places, parasite testing.

Pumpkin Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.5/5

While more expensive than the alternatives, the cat insurance plans from Pumpkin are still affordable and provide the option of adding preventive treatment for kittens. Some wellness treatments are fully refundable.

Pumpkin Insurance for Cats Discounts: 4.5/5

As we discussed in our Pumpkin Pet Insurance review, a more significant discount of 10% off the cost is offered if you get the best pet Insurance for cats for more than one cat.

Pumpkin Dog, Cat, and Exotic Cats Insurance Coverage: 4.5/5

Animals in their early years benefit from the extra attention provided by Parents. The best pet insurance for cats often covers several treatments if recommended and carried out by a veterinarian. In this field, routine therapy includes those for arthritis and chronic pain.

For cats with specific dietary demands or restrictions, Pumpkin also includes prescription food.

Pumpkin Cat Insurance Plan Options: 4.5/5

Pumpkin offers the chance to include wellness and preventive care coverage, but only one 90% reimbursement option is available. That may only work for some budgets.

Pumpkin Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.5/5

At only 14 days, Pumpkin's waiting time before coverage is substantially less than that of other best pet Insurance for cats providers. If your cat needs emergency medical attention, this may be helpful. The organization typically needs 30 days to process claims.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

>>Check best price for Pumpkin here

9. Nationwide - Best Pet Insurance for Bigger Cats

Nationwide Cat Insurance Pros:

  • Anyplace in the world, any service provider.
  • 24/7 support desk.
  • It covers birds and other creatures for exotic cats.

Nationwide Cat Insurance Cons:

  • Finding information on coverage and exclusions could be challenging.
  • $250 tight deduction
  • Older age ranges
  • Limitations on the size of the reimbursement.

The greatest option for cat insurance plans if you proudly own a rare breed of pet is Nationwide. Examine the list of animals covered by the insurance before investing.

If you want protection for exotic cats, you may apply for dog and cat insurance online, but you must contact 844-244-3691 to discuss the pricing and make the purchase.

Nationwide Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.5/5

Cat insurance plans often have the same price regardless of where you reside. There are cat insurance plans that provide a 50% reduced reimbursement option, which would lower your price.

Even if you have to pay extra for your cat insurance plans, it can still be cost-effective if you make a few claims.

Nationwide Insurance for Cats Discounts: 4.5/5

As we discussed in our Nationwide Pet Insurance review, you are entitled to a 5% discount if you cover many pets. You can also be eligible for a lower price if you have other Nationwide policies or if your employer provides cat insurance as a part of their partnership agreement.

Nationwide Dog, Cat, and Exotic Animal Insurance Coverage: 4.5/5

In addition to typical cats, insurance plans from reputable providers like Nationwide often cover a variety of other animals, including birds, reptiles, and other exotic animals.

Nationwide Cat Insurance Plan Options: 4.5/5

Nationwide provides four different cat insurance plans, ranging from those that cover big medical expenses to those that cover all types of treatment. One choice is the only one with a $250 deductible.

Nationwide Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.5/5

The typical processing period for claims is 30 days, the standard for cat insurance. 

Overall Score: 4.5/5

>>Check best price for Nationwide here

10. Healthy Paws - Best Pet Insurance To Cover Alternative Therapies

Healthy Paws Cat Insurance Pros:

  • Direct payments could be useful in certain situations.
  • Claims are processed quickly.
  • Coverage of alternative therapies.

Healthy Paws Cat Insurance Cons:

  • The insurance doesn't cover routine office examinations.
  • Little coverage exists for older cats.
  • Hip dysplasia coverage is unavailable to dogs that enroll at age six or older.
  • It uses one kind of policy.

You are free to choose your deductible with Healthy Paws for Dogs and Cats, and there are no limitations on the benefits. Use the mobile app to guarantee a quick claims processing time.

After a procedure, you could have the option of direct payment if you cannot pay the veterinarian's cost. It is advisable to enroll your cat as soon as you can to take advantage of your best pet Insurance for cats coverage and reimbursement rates to the fullest extent possible.

Healthy Paws Cat Health Insurance Policy Cost: 4.5/5

Compared to other cat insurance plans, the Healthy Paws plan costs a little more. The absence of reimbursement limits is to blame for this. In addition, Healthy Paws has a $25 one-time registration charge.

Healthy Paws Insurance for Cats Discounts: 4.2/5

Healthy Paws Plans are still available for interested individuals, even if not discounted.

Healthy Paws Dog, Cat, and Exotic Cat Insurance Coverage: 4.5/5

Due to the inclusion of complementary therapies, including acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and hydrotherapy, Healthy Paws remains peerless.

The best pet Insurance for cats does not restrict the advantages that cats may get from these treatments in terms of how often they are used, how long their coverage lasts, or how long the cats live. 

Therefore, the advantages of coverage of hip dysplasia are relatively limited.

Healthy Paws Cat Insurance Plan Options: 4.4/5

Cat insurance plans against accidents and illness is only available in one kind. This plan provides extensive coverage.

Healthy Paws Animal Insurance Claim Processing Time: 4.5/5

Several cat insurance plans providers require you to hold off on filing a claim for at least 30 days. In contrast, Healthy Paws' quick and easy mobile application allows them to process claims in only two days.

Overall Score: 4.4/5

>>Check best price for Healthy Paws here

What Is Pet Insurance for Cats?

Cat insurance is a pet insurance for cats that may assist in covering the expenses of medical care if your cat is injured or becomes ill. The insurance provider will pay the policyholder's veterinarian expenses when the covered cat becomes sick or is hurt.

Complete cat insurance coverage will offer you peace of mind that your kitty will be taken care of and that you can obtain the best medical treatment without breaking the bank.

How Does Pet Insurance for Cats Work?

A cat's medical expenses may be less expensive if you get pet insurance. Several insurance companies may ask you to bring your cat in for a checkup before extending coverage. This is to ensure your cat has no current illnesses or health issues.

There may be a waiting time after your cat's health insurance policy is activated before you are qualified to begin. You must pay the vet in full when your cat is seen before sending a request for reimbursement by an app, email, fax, or regular mail.

If the application is approved, your insurance company will reimburse you for the authorized treatments, less any applicable deductibles. Most cat health insurance plans feature waiting periods, deductibles, annual or per-incident maximums, and a cost or percentage of reimbursement, much like auto insurance.

The prices you pay the cat health insurance company each month vary based on the plan type you choose, the breed and age of your pet cat, where you reside, and other considerations. Pet insurance providers often work by paying you back.

You must pay the entire invoice before submitting a claim to your cat's health insurance provider for a visit to the veterinarian for your cat. After your claim is approved, you will receive payment for the agreed services minus the applicable deductible.

Most pet insurance for cats features a waiting period, deductible, annual or incidental cap, and a reimbursement rate or charge, much like auto insurance.

Depending on your pet insurance for cats plan, the amount you will reimburse for your veterinary expenses might vary from 60% to 100%.

>>Check the best price for Pets Best

What Is and Isn’t Covered by Cat Insurance?

It's crucial to consider all of the alternatives that pet insurance for cats companies have to offer while attempting to choose the best pet insurance for cats. The following are some options for pet insurance for cats coverage:

  • Admissions for patients.
  • New and unexpected diseases and injuries.
  • Nutritional supplements for pets.
  • Diagnostic techniques.
  • Prescription medicines.
  • Surgeries.
  • Inherited and congenital diseases
  • Prosthetics and mobility carts.
  • Cancer treatment.

What Is Not Covered by Cat Health Insurance?

Even the most reputable pet insurance for cats providers exclude certain things from their coverage plans. Researching and contrasting the insurance service is advised to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Pre-existing conditions are generally not covered by pet insurance for cats companies. However, some do differentiate between treatable illnesses and those that cannot. 

Below is a list of common cat-related pet insurance exclusions.

  • Pregnancy, breeding, or birth.
  • Cosmetic methods
  • Exploring different approaches
  • Existing medical conditions

While pet insurance for cats is intended to cover unexpected occurrences, most medical and health plans do not cover the expense of routine or preventative treatment. But, pet insurance providers often include wellness and preventive care plans as an additional choice.

>>Check the best price for Pets Best

How Much is Cat Insurance?

A wide range of variables impacts the cost of your cat's health insurance. These factors include the cat's breed, gender, age, residence, the kind of coverage you choose, the deductible, and the reimbursement rate.

You may customize some aspects of your insurance to ensure that your cat's requirements are addressed and that you can stick to your spending limit.

Pet insurance providers generally provide three different kinds of protection:

  • Standard and preventative care, including yearly checkups, vaccinations, and dental hygiene, are often optional additions to health insurance plans. They are often offered in addition to Accident and Sickness coverage.
  • Cancer, infections, and digestive issues are covered under this insurance's accident and illness (A&I) coverage. Given that it offers greater coverage, A&I insurance is more expensive.
  • Accident-Only (AO) Coverage only pays out if a vehicle is involved, a foreign item is consumed, a person is cut, poisoned, or a ligament is injured.

The following list details the fees related to each kind of insurance coverage.

Accident and Illness Average Premiums of Cat Health Insurance

  • Annual: $342.84
  • Monthly $28.57

Accident-Only Average Premiums of Cat Health Insurance

  • Yearly: $130.24
  • Each month $10.85

The monthly cost of policies for animal health care is often between $20 and $25. They could be included in plans that provide comprehensive coverage.

Since the insurance cost is the same as what you would have to pay out of cash, it may not be feasible to get an individual wellness plan for your cat.

How much you pay for your monthly premium might vary depending on where you reside. Those in Wyoming could only have to pay roughly $19.35 per month, compared to people in California who expect to spend an average of $31.97.

Also, some breeds, like Siamese cats, can need a larger premium because of the possibility of specific health problems.

A variety of pet insurance for cats companies provides various levels of coverage, as well as adjustable deductibles and payback schedules. The cost of your pet insurance premium will decrease if you choose a greater deductible.

Several of these businesses also provide discounts for multiple pets and active military personnel.

>>Check the best price for Pets Best

Cats vs. Kittens

The age of your cat affects how much pet insurance costs. Senior cats' premiums are greater than younger cats since they are more likely to need expensive veterinary treatment.

This is because older cats are more likely to have accidents or diseases. These are the typical insurance premiums for cats, broken down by age.

  • $23.68 is the typical premium for an 18-month-old cat.
  • $27.98 is the typical premium for a 5.5-year-old cat.
  • For a 6-month-old kitten, the average premium is $23.69

Wyoming and California may have different insurance costs for an average 5.5-year-old feline, with the former being less expensive at an estimated $21.60 and the latter being more expensive at $35.80.

There is a big possibility that you'll discover the ideal coverage plan among the top cat insurance providers on our list, regardless of the age and health of your cat.

>>Check the best price for Pets Best

How To Choose the Right Cat Insurance Company for You

Are you wondering ‘is pet insurance worth it?’ Or ‘how much does pet insurance cost?’ Look no further! In this section, we'll help you determine the value of cat insurance and explore the factors that affect policy pricing. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the right cat insurance company for you and your furry friend..

Choose a Plan That Provides Quality Coverage at a Price You Can Afford

Regarding premiums, deductibles, and reimbursement rates, insurance companies provide varied degrees of freedom; others, however, have a predetermined cost for all cats.

It's crucial to do a comprehensive study and receive figures that account for the age and condition of your cat.

The deductible, maximum coverage, and reimbursement percentage may all be altered to fit your spending plan.

The ability to change premiums over time is another benefit of this function. You may offset the higher premiums that occur with aging by changing the deductible and reimbursement percentage.

It is essential to speak with your provider before changing your plan since some plans require you to begin a new contract, which might cause any problems you had under your previous plan to become pre-existing conditions under the new one.

Keep in mind that some pet insurance plans have age restrictions. Certain insurance policies may not accept senior pets since they are more prone to health issues.

But, many plans will still provide coverage if you enroll your pet when they are young.

Consult the FAQs or contact customer support to learn whether your pet's age affects how much your premium will cost.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Good Customer Service

Having to care for a sick cat may be incredibly stressful, but your insurance provider should be able to ease your fears.

When you wait on the phone for your insurance provider to respond, it is inappropriate to scream obscenities or toss papers across your desk out of impatience.

By calling a possible provider's customer care number, using the website's chat feature to ask inquiries, and confirming that they provide 24/7 help, you may evaluate their level of customer service.

Recognizing that most clients wouldn't hesitate to share their experience online, look into customer reviews to see how the organization handles policyholders.

The pet insurance company may cause more difficulties than it solves if you hear a lot of complaints about a poor customer service team, unclear policy details, inconsistent reimbursement, and expensive costs.

>>Check the best price for Pets Best

Choose a Provider That Offers Extensive Coverage and Check Customer Reviews To Ensure You’re Getting the Coverage You Expect

No pet insurance providers cover pre-existing illnesses is a drawback for pet owners. Moreover, pre-existing condition standards vary from insurer to insurer and are often not spelled out in the policy.

Providers may restrict or exclude hereditary or pre-existing medical disorders from their coverage. Although some insurance doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, they may if your cat has been symptom- and treatment-free for a particular time.

Also, some businesses may limit coverage for chronic illnesses.

Carefully consider the plan's medical insurance coverage. Exams, vaccinations, and medical procedures like spaying and neutering are often excluded. But you may usually pay a monthly premium to add this coverage.

Visit the provider websites to find out which each plan covers medical problems.

Select a Plan That Reimburses a Percentage of the Actual Vet’s Bill, Not a Standard Charge

Unlike standard medical insurance. Pet insurance often reimburses you for a portion of the overall cost.

You must pay the first portion of the bill, but you may submit a request for reimbursement of typically between 70% and 90% of the covered expenses. There is often no extra cost.

Several insurance firms choose their refund amount based on "customary and typical" fees rather than a predetermined percentage. These expenses are calculated based on local data, internal records, and findings from international research.

These set payouts, however, do not apply to actual circumstances. The best course of action would be to choose a payment system that considers the specific services your pet gets.

Choose a Policy With a Reimbursement Maximum That Works for You

While many plans have an annual or lifetime restriction. Certain pet insurance policies may allow you to claim an unlimited sum. You may set a limit by considering your financial situation and your cat's demands.

Modifying the maximum payout sum on your insurance policy is a good idea as part of the customizing process. Your rates could increase as a result, although maybe not as much as you would think. Emergency medical issues may happen anytime, so you should get insurance from the best life insurance companies.

It's crucial to remember that if you choose a smaller annual limit, you will have to pay more out of pocket if you need medical attention.

Be sure to examine several plans and choose the one that best suits your requirements now and in the future to get the best solution.

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Methodology: How We Chose the Best Pet Insurance for Cats

We evaluated each affordable pet insurance company following the standards mentioned on PetInsurer.com and then gave them a score.

  • Cheap cat insurance rates: We found the best cheap pet insurance premiums to be worth 40% for policies with unlimited coverage, a $500 deductible, and a 90% payout rate or the most comparable options.
  • Special waiting period: Several firms' finest cat insurance coverage includes a defined break for conditions like hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament problems. Plans received better ratings than others if they had no waiting period, a short waiting period (less than six months), or the opportunity to nullify the waiting period.
  • Direct payment to the vet: The best cat insurance providers that can transfer payments to veterinary offices receive a maximum of 10% of the points.
  • 24/7 vet health line: 10% of the amount was given to insurance companies that provide a 24-hour veterinary hotline.
  • Routine wellness plans: 10% of total points were awarded to insurers that provide extra wellness programs.
  • Pays veterinary exam fees: Not all insurance plans will pay the examination costs, which comprise 10% of the total for every medical visit related to an illness or damage. For this criteria, insurance policies that cover veterinarian examinations were considered.
  • Euthanasia or end-of-life expenses: 5% of the overall. This categorization received points from insurance firms that pay for costs associated with dying, such as euthanasia, cremation, or burial costs.
  • Multipet discount: Several of the best-rated pet insurance providers give you a discount if you cover multiple animals. The rating was improved for businesses that provide a 5% overall discount for several dogs.

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Cat Insurance Plans FAQs

Our cat insurance plans FAQs provide valuable insights into the benefits, costs, and limitations of cat insurance, helping cat owners make informed decisions about protecting their pets' health.

Is Pet Insurance for Cats Worth It?

Buying pet insurance might be advantageous if your animal friend ever develops a chronic ailment. Stays in veterinary hospitals may cost anywhere from $800 to $1,500 each night!

A single trip to the emergency clinic, where expenses are relatively higher, can quickly pay the average $360 annual premium for a cat's insurance plan.

If you had pet insurance, you might save thousands of dollars a year on doctor visits and prescription drugs.

What’s the Best Pet Insurance for Cats

Even though Fetch is a fantastic choice, it's crucial to remember that pet insurance is not a one-size-fits-all answer. To get the best insurance package for your cat, you must take the time to comprehend the pet insurance business and consider your demands.

Some of the top cat insurance companies are listed below.

  • Pets Best - Best pet insurance for cats overall 
  • ASPCA - Best pet insurance for cats with hereditary conditions
  • Figo - Best pet insurance for cats’ health
  • Lemonade - Best pet insurance for speedy claims processing 
  • Embrace - Best cat insurance plans for older cats
  • Fetch - Best pet insurance for cats for high reimbursements
  • Spot - Best pet insurance for cats overall for unlimited coverage
  • Pumpkin - Best pet insurance for cats for kittens 
  • Nationwide - Best pet insurance for bigger cats
  • Healthy Paws - Best pet insurance for cats to cover alternative therapies 

How Much Per Month Will Cat Insurance Cost Me?

Cat insurance premiums may range considerably, from around $11 to as much as $50 monthly. Your cat's breed, gender, age, and location are all considered when calculating the cost. The kind of coverage you choose, your deductible, and the reimbursement rate are other factors that influence the premium.

Is It Cheaper To Insure a Kitten?

Younger cats often cost less to insure than older cats since they are typically healthy. On the other hand, since they are more vulnerable to mishaps and diseases, older cats have higher rates.

What Is Not Covered by Pet Insurance?

Pre-existing conditions for which your cat has previously shown symptoms, been diagnosed, or received treatment before the policy's commencement date are not covered by any pet insurance plans. Many programs also don't cover regular veterinary visits or wellness expenses.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Routine Visits?

Although some pet insurance companies provide special coverage for general health, most plans do not. Preventive treatment and other therapies like chiropractic and acupuncture may be covered by optional insurance.

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The Best Pet Insurance for Cats 2023: The Verdict

Without pet insurances like Pets Best, you will still be responsible for the initial expenses of veterinarian care since pet insurance can only repay you.

But if you decide to insure your cat, you will not only be compensated for part of your out-of-pocket costs but also have the peace of mind that your feline friend will always have access to the medical care and attention it needs.

Best Pet Insurance Companies for Cats:

  • Pets Best - Best pet insurance for cats overall 
  • ASPCA - Best pet insurance for cats with hereditary conditions
  • Figo - Best pet insurance for cats’ health
  • Lemonade - Best pet insurance for speedy claims processing 
  • Embrace - Best cat insurance plans for older cats
  • Fetch - Best pet insurance for cats for high reimbursements
  • Spot - Best pet insurance for cats overall for unlimited coverage
  • Pumpkin - Best pet insurance for cats for kittens 
  • Nationwide - Best pet insurance for bigger cats
  • Healthy Paws - Best pet insurance for cats to cover alternative therapies 

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