2023’s Best Psychic Websites for Accurate Readings & Guidance [Phone, Chat & Video]

4:29 PM, Jan 20, 2023

Are you interested in a psychic consultation but unsure where to go? 

No worries. 

We’ve been following the online psychic reading scene for a while and thought it might be a good idea to list our choices for the best psychic websites out there. 

No matter what subject you want to ask about, whether regarding love, career, finances, or which type of reading you prefer, from Astrology readings to Tarot readings, we’ve covered it.

So, if there’s a burning question that you’ve hit a dead end with, read on to see where you can go for the best online psychics that can address all your questions.


Best Online Psychic Websites - First Look

  1. Kasamba - Best psychic website (70% OFF)
  2. Psychic Source - Spiritual psychic services ( $1/min readings)
  3. Keen - Most affordable phone readings (10 minutes for $1.99)
  4. AskNow - Go-to for career advice (5 FREE* minutes)
  5. Oranum - HD video readings (10,000 FREE coins)


1.Kasamba – Best Psychic Website for Love Readings


  • 20+ years experience
  • 200+ love psychic advisors
  • 3 free chat minutes with each new psychic reader you try
  • Satisfaction Guarantee up to $50 credit
  • 3 free minutes plus 70% off your first reading
  • Most accurate psychic readings on love


  • Email readings take 24 hours for a response 

For over 20 years Kasamba has been the go-to psychic reading site for love and relationships

Whether you’re looking for new love or seeking to mend a broken heart, the love psychics at Kasamba can provide romantic hope, spiritual guidance or healing. 


How the Process Works

It all begins with the Psychic Match Wizard

Just answer some quick multiple-choice questions and find a great reader immediately. 

If you prefer to browse, the extensive menu on the home page lists all the readings offered, from Astrology readings to Tarot card readings and everything in between. 

Simply click on the heading for your choice of reading, and you’ll see an array of informative reader profiles listing specialties, ratings, and customer reviews. 

Next, get your credit card ready and book a reading in just one click. 




Love Psychics Galore: There are over 200 full-time psychic readers on Kasamba specializing in love and relationships. No matter which way your heart has been stroked or twisted, the online psychics at Kasamba can straighten you out. 

Best Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re unhappy with your reading for any reason, Kasamba will refund up to $50 toward another reading. That’s the most of any psychic site.

Premier Articles Section: Kasamba’s free Articles section has thoughtful pieces on Astrology, finding happiness, all about psychics, how to get readings, and love (of course). 

There are also esoteric articles on pet psychics, reincarnation, eastern philosophy, numerology, past life readings and more.


Promotions and Deals

If you’re new to the site, Kasamba’s Best Match Guarantee will give you 3 free chat minutes with each new online psychic reader you try. This allows you to test drive a psychic or two until the vibe feels right to schedule a full session. 

Once you book a paid psychic reading, you’ll get an additional 70% off your first session.



Who Should Use This Service?

If love is a concern (and who doesn’t that describe?), then Kasamba is the only site for you. Even though their experienced and compassionate psychic advisors can’t bring you love, they can help you better understand what you need. 

And with 70% off your first reading, the price of revealing your vulnerability won’t add insult to injury. 


2. Psychic Source – Best Psychic Website for Spiritual Healing


  • 30+ years of experience
  • $1 per minute introductory packages
  • Best psychic mediums and spiritual readings
  • Chat, video, and phone psychic readings available
  • Quick “Find a Psychic” Filter


  •   Free minutes discounts only for new customers 

From Confucius to Merlin, the image of an old sage has stood for wisdom and insight. Among the various online psychic reading websites, Psychic Source pretty much plays the same role. 

For over 30 years, they’ve had a reputation for consistency, savings, and being a healing oasis in this too-often crazy and confusing world.


How the Process Works

If you’re a newbie, finding the right psychic is straightforward on Psychic Source. 

The Find a Psychic filter only requires you to answer a few brief questions, and in no time, you’ll be guided through hundreds of psychic readers to your perfect match. 

After that, booking your reading is a breeze. Just fill out a quick form and proceed to payment, where you’ll be asked for your credit card info.




Multiple Formats: It’s standard for online psychic sites to offer both phone psychic readings and chat readings. 

Psychic Source is one of the few sites that also provide video readings. If you pine for the old-school style face-to-face readings, then the Psychic Source video option has you covered.

Articles and Media: All psychic platforms have Articles sections, but Psychic Source takes things to a new level once again. Besides the standard printed fare, they also offer professional quality videos and tutorials on various esoteric subjects.

Spiritual Readings: With nearly 80 online psychic mediums, it’s no surprise Psychic Source is the top site for spiritual healing. Psychic Source has a psychic medium for you if you need to connect to a departed soul or find healing in a karmic situation that’s haunting you in real-time.

Kindness Program: At no additional cost to you, Psychic Source will donate 1% of all your purchases to charity. By seeking to help yourself, you’ll also help the world at Psychic Source. 


Promotions and Deals

Every new customer at Psychic Source gets 3 free minutes off their first scheduled online reading. That way, if the vibe doesn’t feel right, all you need to do is bail before the clock runs out, and there’s no charge. 

They also offer $1 per minute packages plus a satisfaction guarantee that’ll reward you up to 20 minutes of time if you’re dissatisfied with your online psychic reading. 



Who Should Use This Service?

If you’re interested in your spirituality more than psychic predictions, then the psychic mediums at Psychic Source can open up your mind when you’re ready. 

Of course, they can’t pay off your karmic debt, but they can help you figure out manageable payments, just like they do with your reading fees. 


3. Keen – Best Psychic Website for Affordable Readings


  • 20+ years of experience
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Free psychic reading online (3 FREE minutes)
  • 1700+ online psychic readers
  • Quick “Get Matched” filter
  •  “Readings 101” feature helps prepare you for a reading
  • Best phone psychic reading 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee doesn’t apply to promotional funds or free minutes

Bigger isn’t always better, but at Keen Psychics it is. With over 1,700 online psychic readers available, Keen has the largest community of online psychics of any of the major psychic platforms. 

Add to that affordable prices, a top-rated phone app, accurate readings, and dependable phone psychics, and Keen’s reputation becomes apparent. 


How the Process Works

Finding a psychic reader is quick and easy on Keen. 

The Get Matched filter only needs you to answer a few short questions before matching you with at least 3 top-rated psychic readers. 

Booking your reading is also convenient. 

First, create an account and set a password, then register your credit card, and you’re ready to go.




Readings 101: If you’re new to the world of online psychic reading sites, Keen’s Readings 101 feature needs to be your bible.  It has all you need to know, from describing the different readings to formulating effective questions. 

Essentially, it’s the only thing you need besides the psychic.

Free Tarot Reading: They say A.I. is coming. Well, at Keen, it’s already here with their free automated Tarot reading feature. Simply think of a question and select 3 cards from a face-down deck on the screen to see what the bot has to say about your future.

Convenient Phone App: Sometimes, things in life can happen quickly. If they do, a Keen Psychic reader can be right there if you have the site’s top-rated phone app. 

It’s free for iOS and Android and allows automatic advisor search, callbacks, and more.

Most Affordable Readings: All online psychic reading services offer promos and free minutes for first-time users, but what’s the cost the second time around? 

Keen’s psychic readings online start at $1.99 per minute and average around $4.99, the lowest among the free online psychic reading servicess.


Promotions and Deals

To help you start your free psychic reading online, Keen Psychics gives you the first 3 minutes of your initial session free. 

That way, if the connection with your reader isn’t there, just pull the plug before the clock runs out, and it’s free. 

In addition, this online psychic reading platform has a great supplemental free psychic reading deal that gives you 10 minutes for $1.99. That way, if the magic is happening, you can afford to make it last. 



Who Should Use This Service?

With the most affordable regular prices among the major psychic reading sites, anyone who wants to battle inflation should consider Keen. 

Plus, with 20 years of experience, what other choice would predict a better outcome for your investment?


4. AskNow – Best Psychic Website for Career Questions


  • 17+ years experience 
  • Best $1 per minute packages
  • 5 FREE Master Minutes
  • Excellent Tarot Card Readings
  • 1 free email question of a live psychic included with promos 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee is for only 5 minutes time

Online now for over 17 years, AskNow is a pillar in the industry. Offering astute career readings and insightful Tarot readings, they’re also easy on the wallet with excellent $1 per minute deals and Free Master minutes.


How the Process Works

Finding a psychic reader on AskNow is a predictable experience. That’s because the comprehensive search filter allows you to select your psychic reader based on reading type, affordability, and what you want to know. 

That means you’ll always get exactly what you want, whether it’s online Tarot readings or a preferred price point. It’s all factored into your AskNow search.   

To book your reading, you’ll only need to create an account and password, select an intro package, and register with your credit card.




Psychic Spotlight: If you’re unsure about how to select the right psychic advisor, AskNow makes it easier with the psychic spotlight. 

Each of the 8 advisors listed is a proven psychic reader with a track record and customer reviews you can trust.

Expert Career Advice: With over 50 online psychics specializing in career and goals, finding the right psychic advisor for your climb up the work mountain shouldn’t be a problem.

Top Tarot Readings: With more than 40 Tarot card readers available and a reputation for laying out people’s fate in an easy-to-understand manner, this is a delicacy you may want to try.

Free Intro Videos: If this is your first time getting a psychic reading, AskNow has instructional videos that are definitely worth your time. 

From “Is there a best psychic?” to “How to get a great psychic reading,” they each lay out all the do’s and don’ts clearly, and quickly.


Promotions and Deals

A few psychic reading websites offer $1 per minute packages, but none top the 40-minute one offered by AskNow. 

But no matter which $1 per minute deal you choose, AskNow includes an additional 5 free Master minutes with their priciest and best psychic readers. 

Plus, if you sign up for any $1 per minute free psychic reading deals, you’ll also get to ask one free question of a live psychic. It’s via email, and you’ll receive your answer within 24 hours



Who Should Use This Service?

If you’re stranded in your career, the career psychic readers on AskNow should be able to direct you on the right path. 

With a 40-minute deal, 5 free Master minutes, and one free psychic question, AskNow is, without a doubt, a dream of paradise for anyone seeking pocket-friendly career insights. 


5. Oranum – Best Psychic Website for LIVE Sessions


  • 10+ years of experience
  • Free Live Chat Room
  • 1 free chat question to use with multiple psychics
  • $9.99 credit to start
  • Best video readings
  • Free bonus videos on psychic advisor profiles


  •  No clear refund policy

Oranum is the youngest of the psychic reading websites we’re reviewing, which might explain some of the innovation and excitement they’re becoming known for. 

In particular, their free live online chat room and an emphasis on spiritual healing rather than the psychic predictions focused on by many psychic platforms. 


How the Process Works

To select a psychic reader on Oranum, you choose from several categories, such as reading type, topic, price, and years of experience a psychic reader has. 

If your choice is live, you can then mosey over to the free live online chat room to actually try them out. 

You’ll get one free online chat question, which the reader will answer while you watch. You can repeat this process with as many psychic readers as you wish. 

While it’s free to start a member account on Oranum, as soon as you want to book an online psychic reading session, you’ll need a credit card to purchase site currency.




Free Live Online chat room: All Oranum’s online psychics have a camera feed into their studios that allows them to appear in the chat room and participate in answering live questions. 

It’s a great way to test drive different online psychics to see if they’re a match.

Oranum Blog: Besides featured articles on Astrology, Dream Interpretation, Tarot Reading, and Numerology,there are also videos, tutorials, and more on a great many other spiritual subjects.

24/7 Customer Support: No matter your problem, Oranum customer service is available around the clock to answer your questions via live chat.

 For billing questions, there is a toll-free phone line for any inquiries you may have.

Weekly Psychic Contests: Every week, customers vote for their favorite online psychics so you can see who are currently the people’s choice for the best online psychics. 


Promotions and Deals

Other than some very low everyday prices and a lot of free video content provided on some of the online psychics' profile pages, Oranum only has one intro deal. 

But it’s a doozy. When you register with your credit card to talk to a psychic, Oranum will award you $9.99 in free credit to get started. 

Since many of their online psychics charge less than $0.99 per minute, getting a reading for free with that $9.99 award is almost like getting a full reading for free. 



Who Should Use This Service?  

If you’re looking for an old-school style face-to-face reading, then Oranum’s the online psychic reading site for you. That’s because all their online psychics are wired with video, meaning any psychic reading session they offer can potentially have that old-school face-to-face mystery.


How We Choose the Top Psychic Sites for Accurate Readings

What were the factors we cared about in selecting our choices for the best psychic reading websites? Aside from obvious things like price or customer reviews, here are some of the more technical factors we considered.


Variety of Readings 

In the old days, certain types of psychic practices were associated with specific cultures. 

With the more global outlook prevalent nowadays, we looked at how many different types of online psychic readings a site offers.  

Besides the usual psychic medium or Tarot readers, what other sorts of psychic readings were available?


Free Features 

A critical aspect that differentiates online psychic platforms is their free features. 

Does the site have free horoscopes? If they do, to what extent; daily, weekly, monthly, or more? Are there any interactive features, such as A.I. oracles? 

In short, we looked closely at the various online psychic reading services offered to encourage customers to browse around. 


Psychic Screening

How can you be sure if the online psychic reading platforms you’re considering provide best online psychic readings? 

It’s essential to know that the psychic services in question screen their psychic advisors to ensure that you’ll receive a legitimate psychic reading session wherever you go.

You’re likely asking questions that matter in your life, you have every right to know that the site you’re on is testing the skills of its practitioners in advance.


Proven Specialists 

Each of the online psychic reading platforms we’ve listed has been given an award based on the type of psychic abilities and topics they specialize in. 

That way, if we say a particular site provides the best online Tarot readings or the top past life readings, you know someone’s done the research to validate the claim.


Free Psychic Readings 

Of course, the term “free psychic reading” is an industry buzzword that really means free or discounted minutes (a.k.a. a cheap psychic reading). 

Nevertheless, we looked closely at how many breaks the various psychic reading services gave their customers, free or otherwise. 

Was the supposed free time provided long enough to reasonably answer a question or short enough to allow a reader to stall?



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Best Psychic Sites - Everything You Need to Know

What Psychic Websites offer Free Psychic Chat Readings?

The following are some online psychic reading websites where you can get an excellent free psychic reading online by chat. In most cases, though, these sites offer free chat minutes rather than actual free psychic readings. 

  • Kasamba gives first-time customers 3 free chat minutes with each new psychic they try until they find a psychic that’s right for them.
  • Oranum has a free live chat feature that allows you to ask one free chat question of as many live psychics as you wish until you find the right one to give you a full psychic reading online. 


How Accurate Are Online Psychic Readings?

Online psychic readings can be very accurate. However, sometimes, even the best online psychics can get it wrong.

If you want to increase the chances of getting an accurate psychic reading online, it would be a good idea to stick with the most prominent sites. 

These are some of the best sites where you’re assured of getting accurate psychic readings almost all of the time;

  • AskNow is commonly recognized as the site with the most highly screened psychics, meaning they are all tested ahead of time to ensure their ability. 
  • Psychic Source is also well known for screening its readers, which explains its reputation for having the best psychic mediums online. 



Why Should I Get an Online Psychic Reading?

You might want to get a psychic reading online if you’re faced with a question that can’t seem to be answered through normal means. 

Many gifted psychics are known to have the ability to see things and access information that will explain what might otherwise be an irredeemable situation. 


What Are Spiritual Readings?

Spiritual readings are when a psychic individual has insight into the otherworldly forces that can sometimes affect our lives. 

Clairvoyants or mediums who can connect with the subtle energies of the non-material or “spirit world” usually perform these readings. 


Are Psychic Websites Different from Local Psychics?

Yes, psychic reading sites are a little different from in-person readings. 

The difference, though, is more about how the reading is conducted rather than one type of reading being more accurate than the other. 

For example, online readings can be psychic readings by phone, chat, or video where the reader and subject are in different locations.  

Even though the participants are not together like they are in an in-person reading, they are together psychically through the psychic’s extrasensory perception (ESP). 

Besides the ESP of the psychic, what also makes this possible is known as a magical link. 

Traditionally, a picture or object belonging to someone can be a magical link, although, in these technological times, a phone or computer connection can also be that link. 


How Often Should I Visit a Psychic Site?

You should get a psychic reading online whenever you have a seemingly mysterious situation or problem that might benefit from a transcendental perspective. 

Of course, this advice assumes that you believe in ESP and other paranormal phenomena. If you don’t, then you’ll probably never see a psychic.

If you believe in psychics, then there’s a possibility that you could become addicted to psychic readings as a way to avoid dealing with real life. 

Dependency on psychics is real, although no legitimate or scrupulous psychic would ever take advantage of such a dependency.

For the average person, a good reading should give you enough to contemplate for several months before needing another session. 



What Questions Should I Ask During a Psychic Session?

The type of questions to ask in a session should address whatever seriously concerns you. 

For instance, if you’ve been single for a while and would like a partner, you can ask when you’ll meet someone special. 

In the absence of a specific problem or situation you want to know about, here are some general questions you can ask when you go to get a reading. 

  • I had a weird dream the other night, and I can’t stop thinking about it. What does it mean?
  • Is the spirit of (fill in the name of a loved one who has passed) ever around me?
  • Can you tell me anything about a past life that may be relevant to this life?
  • I have been feeling a need to go to (fill in the name of anywhere you’re especially curious about). Am I having a psychic premonition, and should I follow it?
  • I feel a bizarre connection with someone I’ve just met. What does it mean? 


What are the Best Psychic Sites? Final Verdict

Now that we’ve given you all the info, what do you think? Which psychic website looks like it has the best psychic readings online as far as you’re concerned? 

Kasamba is our number one pick, particularly If you have love on your mind (and who doesn’t?) 

We adored their sweetheart deals like the Best Match Guarantee and 70% off your first phone psychic reading. 

Or maybe you’re gravitating toward the runner-up, Psychic Source? They’re certainly one of the best psychic reading sites out there, particularly when it comes to spiritual healing. 

They’re also not too shabby as far as free online psychic readings go either, offering you 3 minutes free on your first reading and multiple $1 per minute deals. 

The second runner-up is Keen. They’re known for the most affordable psychic readings online, a top-flight phone readings app, and talented phone psychics.

Of course, we’re not psychic, and we’re not trying to do any fortune-telling here, but with all these great sites, we don’t see how you can make a wrong choice. 

Wait, was that just a prediction? Well, maybe we are doing a little fortune-telling, but what’s wrong with being the bearer of good news? 

These are all the best psychic reading sites, and we hope you enjoy whichever one you choose. 




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