AdultFriendFinder Review: Is it Worth the Cost in 2022?

9:18 AM, Sep 07, 2022
9:18 AM, Sep 07, 2022

AdultFriendFinder has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular adult dating websites around today. However, I’m not the kind of reviewer who believes what other critics and fans say at face value.

So, with the hopes of connecting with a hottie online and truly gauging the site for myself, I set out to see what the affectionately abbreviated AFF was all about.

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In this review, I delve into the nooks and crannies that make up this adult dating site so you can decide for yourself if you should give AFF a try!

AdultFriendFinder Review Pros:

  • Basic membership tier is free!
  • Humongous adult dating community
  • Provides various ways to find a hookup partner
  • Live cam section is impressive
  • Available all over the world

AdultFriendFinder Review Cons:

  • Basic accounts need more features
  • Only one payment method available
  • Hard to recognize fake accounts
  • Account creation process was tedious

Interesting AFF Features

  • Fun game/pairing algorithm
  • AFF credits available for pro live cams section
  • Highly active community forum
  • Magazine section with helpful articles on dating

The Bottomline

It’s not hard to see why AFF has become one of the most, if not the most, popular adult hookup sites on the internet right now.

Not only does this platform exclusively focus on helping you find someone to hook up with, but it also manages to tick off a number of adult entertainment boxes, which in turn makes it an absolute juggernaut in the industry.

From the various ways you can find a saucy date here to the helpful guides, fan-made stories and the live cam section where you can watch both AFF members and AFF cam girls do shows, it’s hard not to get hooked on this hookup site!

My AdultFriendFinder Review - How I Found One of The Best Adult Hookup Sites Today!

To be completely honest, I was of the opinion that a lot of adult hookup sites out there are populated either by trolls, scammers, or a bunch of dudes (yes, only dudes) who are all too enthusiastic about sending their pics to unwary strangers.

That is until I encountered Adult Friend Finder.

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here, and for fear of becoming more of an incoherent fool than I already am, it’s best that we start right at the beginning.

Right out of the gate, I was impressed by how AFF provides newcomers to the site (myself being one of them) with a very streamlined experience that doesn’t just focus on shoving their products and services right in your face.

Plus, AFF advertises itself as an adult hookup platform that you can access anywhere:

Big points for convenience!

Whereas some adult dating sites go exclusively with either a site for laptops and desktops or an app for mobile devices, AFF manages to cover all bases!

I also want to note how the color palette on AFF’s homepage strikes the right kind of balance between “dangerously sexy” and “professional”.

In fact, I’d even go so far to say that this particular approach is highly reminiscent of more mainstream social media sites. After all, adult dating sites are technically social media platforms, like Facebook.

The online signup sheet, which appears concise and quite easy to use, is immediately recognizable. So, what’s an adult hookup site reviewer to do but go ahead and take the plunge, right?

So, off I went to start the whole account signup process. And I have to say: it’s very refreshing that AFF is well-aware that there are far more than just a couple of genders now, as well as a variety of casual hookup and relationship types around.

This adult dating site offers memberships for:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Trans members
  • Male and female couples
  • Male and male couples
  • Female and female couples
  • Groups

Talk about inclusivity!

Once you’ve chosen your gender or relationship type, the site prompts you to choose what kind of people you’re looking for. You have the traditional options of either looking for a man or a woman, and then the more voyeuristic choice of searching for couples.

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However, what really makes AFF stand out is how it offers you additional preferences if you’re looking for trans, genderqueer, and LGBTQ+ partners in particular.

After all, the term “trans” can refer to a multitude of gender identities, so it’s useful that this adult hookup site provides you with more specific types of transgender and non-binary peeps to choose from.

They have options for:

  • Trans men
  • Trans women
  • Transfeminine
  • Non binary
  • Transmasculine

And since I’m a lover through and through, I decided to check all of them.

And I mean ALL of them!

Seriously, though, you’re going to appreciate how AFF bucks the trend of only allowing you to choose one or two particular types of partners the way other adult hookup sites do. It’s rather amazing really.

Once you’ve keyed all of those things in, the site’s going to ask you for more account security-related information like your email address and password.

One thing to note when creating your account is that AFF is rather picky with your email provider for some reason. Having failed to use my Gmail address, I then decided to use my alternative account, which is on Yahoo. 

Ugh. So picky!

I started to get a little annoyed. I really wanted to create an AFF account but it sucks that the site wouldn’t allow Gmail or Yahoo, which are two of the most common email providers out there.

Then it hit me: I did have a hotmail account that I created and forgot about until this point. Hey, maybe this will be the day that it finally becomes useful to me, right?

Whoopdeedoo! It is! Good job, Microsoft! Don’t let those Internet Explorer haters get to you!

In all honesty, though, I did not enjoy the whole signup experience; it felt like gallivanting through a nice, little field on a sunny, summer day, and then having someone run up to you and punch you right in the dick.

But that’s neither here nor there anymore. After all, I now had an active AFF account I could use to properly see what this adult dating site had to offer.


AdultFriendFinder Has (Nearly) Everything!

As I’ve mentioned, AFF is the kind of adult hookup website that successfully applies all the needed social media elements to make itself as interactive as possible. And it is: you can see that there are a multitude of things that you can check out on AFF.

However, the price for that is having a page that looks too crowded, like all that sweet adult dating info is being shoved down your throat. It takes a bit of getting used to.

Nonetheless, the positives far outweigh the single, nagging negative here, which makes AFF such a standout adult dating website.

New members won’t have a problem looking for potential casual dating partners since the site immediately suggests other active accounts that are online at any given time, all of which you have the ability to connect with right away!

It’s also amazing how well-recorded each and every thing you do on AFF is.

You have your account sidebar on the left side of the screen, which shows you your username, profile photo, your interactions with other members on the site, and a whole lot of other stuff related to how you’ve been using AFF.

If you want a closer look at each of these sections of your own profile, you can also check them out by clicking on the “My Stuff” button on the top banner of the site.

By far one of my favorite things about this adult dating site is this top banner that you’ll constantly see as long as you have an active AFF account. It provides you with all the available sections that this adult dating site has to offer.

It shows in full view how AFF goes far beyond the usual adult hookup service and allows you the opportunity to check out their other sections, which we’ll get into later.

Scrolling down your member homepage, you’ll see that there’s a section dedicated to live cam shows. And I’m not talking about chatting it up with cam models here, either (at least not yet).

These are AFF members who have a thing for broadcasting their tasty bits online!

A small yet significant feature that adds to the whole convenience factor of AFF is how the site shows you a short profile of the AFF member you’re checking out when you hover your mouse over their thumbnail.

Don’t forget: even with all the hot, live cam action going on here, it’s still an adult dating site. So, providing you with detailed information about potential hookup partners is a must!

And it’s something that AFF does so swimmingly.

Scrolling further down the member homepage, you’ll get to your newsfeed, which shows you what other site members are up to (hint: it’s mostly kinky shit that you’re going to love).

If this is what a basic membership can offer you guys and gals, then just imagine what a premium one can. Well, no need to use your brains for this one, because I’ve got you covered on that end as well.

AdultFriendFinder Gold Membership - All-Access Goodness at an Affordable Price

I clicked on the “Upgrade Membership” button on the homepage to see what it’s all about. 

I was then directed to the premium membership page where you can see the different bundles that AFF offers members who want to upgrade their account:

Don’t worry: AFF doesn’t exclusively charge you in JPY. In fact, it automatically adjusts the currency based on which country you choose to set your account in. Being a fan of Asian women, I chose Japan. So, here we are.

If we’re talking about USD, though, you can basically expect to pay anywhere between $14 and $29 a month depending on what kind of plan you choose. All in all, the larger your plan is, the lower the average monthly fee you’re going to pay.

On the downside, however, AFF only accepts credit cards.

Yes, this payment method is the most common one out there, but it would be beneficial if this adult dating site could add a PayPal option, for example. Still, it’s not too big a deal especially when you consider that, again, credit cards are pretty much everywhere these days.

AdultFriendFinder Community - Diverse and Large

Once I was done checking out the premium membership page, I decided to go back to my account dashboard to investigate the other stuff that AFF online hookup site has to offer its members.

And where better to start than by checking out their community section?

Hey, this is a dating site that’s focused on connecting members with one another, and all its glitz and glamor won’t mean a thing if it didn’t have a proper online community.

Another thing you’re going to love about AFF is how it provides you with a seemingly endless number of subsections full of different content. The community section alone is made up of numerous pages that include:

  • Blogs
  • Groups
  • AFF online magazine
  • Bling
  • Contests
  • Erotic stories

To say that you’re almost never going to run out of stuff to do on AFF is an understatement.

AFF Magazine

Being the saucy reader that I am, I first decided to check out AFF’s popular magazine section:

It doesn’t disappoint!

This isn’t just some half-assed attempt by the site to provide its users with content; they actually took the time and spent resources to come up with a dedicated online magazine that is on par with other magazine sites out there, like FHM or Vogue.

The topics that you’ll find on AFF, of course, are centered around adult dating.

There are a lot of articles here done by their staff, and each one provides you with useful information that you can use to up your proverbial game.

AFF Groups

The groups section is dedicated to, well, forming sub-communities within AFF. It’s made by members for members, and they cover a lot of topics, which range from kink-based groups to ones focused on body types and all that.

Overall, this particular feature is not dissimilar to something like, say, FB groups where people who share the same interests meet and connect with one another.

However, it would be much better if this section’s layout was as polished as AFF Magazine’s. As it stands, the whole section looks more like a spreadsheet that you see at your office rather than an adult social media platform.

Function over form, I guess.

Member Blogs

Well, I guess this section of the AFF Community is pretty self-explanatory: it’s a place where members publicly post about a variety of topics. As expected, the subjects that you’re going to find here mostly revolve around dating.

The layout of this page looks slightly better than their Groups section, but it’s still far off from being as visually impressive as the AFF Magazine page.

But it is what it is, and it’s not at all bad.

Erotic Stories

The Erotic Stories section of AFF’s Community is one of the most interesting ones that you’re going to find. This is a place where members get to write loads of wish fulfilment and slash fiction.

My only gripe with this page is that as nice as the content within is, the converse applies to its layout. It’s too bad that AFF went with a more social media-style layout for their Erotic Stories section when something much different is called for.

Once you get over the rather crappy layout, though, you’ll definitely find that you can’t judge a slash fiction page by its site design!

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The Bling section is simply an emoji store where you can purchase icons using AFF credits.

These icons show up on your profile and work as a sort of “badge” that other members can see. It’s a fun, albeit not so necessary, feature. But hey, I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it!


Contests, well, are regular events held by AFF for their members. 

These usually involve photos and videos that members post on the site where they can win prizes for their efforts.

Say what you will, but AFF makes sure that its users are always engaged in one activity or another!

There’s also the Sex Academy section in AFF’s Community. However, that feature is exclusive to Gold members only.

Connecting With Other AdultFriendFinder Members

Once I was done checking out the Community section, I noticed that I had a single notification, which turned out to be from a member who viewed my profile.

Of course, I checked out this dude:

Yep, a dick pic. Why am I not surprised?

In all seriousness, though, it’s nice that the AFF community as a whole is active: it’s only been less than an hour since I created an account and I’m already getting hits.

I also found out that you can send virtual gifts to other AFF members. However, this and the ability to initiate a conversation thread with them will require that you upgrade to Gold membership.

And although it’s a bit confusing as to why, you have the option of sending other members some tips. Do keep in mind these aren’t necessarily professional models you’re interacting with for the most part.

Then again, members are welcome to go on live cams on AFF, so I kinda understand the need for this particular feature.

Apart from that notification, I also had an unread message. I later found out that it’s from AFF’s algorithm, which provides you with potential matches.

Sweet, right? I like how this adult hookup site actively provides you with opportunities to meet and connect people for some casual dates.

Considering my curiosity was piqued, I decided to check out this potential partner of mine.

Clicking on one of these suggested members will allow you to see their profile. You’re going to find stuff like their preferences and other personal information that they’ve shared with the site so that other members can see what they’re getting.

What really made me raise my eyebrows in all the right ways though was this:

There’s a compatibility chart that determines whether you and another member mesh well or otherwise. It’s a helpful tool in efficiently determining whether you’re going to hit it off with any one of AFF’s many members.

AFF member profile pages also let you see their post feed a la IG or FB. So, yeah, it’s nice that AFF leans heavily toward the whole social media aspect rather than relying too much on pairing algorithms.

One important thing to know about AFF, though, is that you’re not exactly going to have free rein when it comes to meeting and connecting with other members while you’re using a basic account.

For the most part, you’re only allowed to view AFF member profiles if that said member has either checked you out or AFF’s algorithm paired you with them.

However, as a reminder, in cases where you want to initiate a conversation or you want to go and view someone else’s profile, you’re going to need a Gold membership.

And the ability to see photos and videos posted by other members requires a Gold membership across the board. That means you won’t get to see any amateur XXX content from members without a premium account regardless if they initiated an interaction or otherwise.

So, yeah, this basically makes AFF a freemium adult dating site: you get some stuff with a free basic account, but full access to the juicy stuff requires a monthly fee.

Not bad, although AFF could have at least allowed basic members to check out other member profiles as a way to further entice new users.

Searching for Other AFF Members

Another impressive thing about AFF is that, apart from the notifications and pairing algorithms, they go the extra mile by providing additional fun ways to interact:

AdultFriendFinder Chatrooms

One way to connect with other AFF-ers is through the site’s chat rooms.

I especially love how organized everything here is.

You have the choice of joining group chats automatically (which you’ll find on the left side of the page) or filtering them by region.

All the more impressive is that AFF shows you how many members are online per region, and you’re free to check them all out regardless of which country you’re in.

Kink Search

The kink search is a nice and useful feature for members who have specific preferences when it comes to how they want to get laid. It’s all as advertised: you can look for other members here who are into the same kinky shit that you’re into.

From cuck fantasies to furry enthusiasts, AFF is basically a sex-positive haven where people can find partners who share the same interests.

Hot or Not

AFF calls their “Hot or Not” feature a game, but it’s really no different from the kind of algorithms that you see on so many other adult dating apps like Tinder or Bumble.

You get instant suggestions here, which you can “like” and then check out their profile afterwards or “dislike”, in which case you move on to the next suggested profile.

Members on IM

If you want a more direct approach instead of reading through member profiles, you can search for a partner with AFF’s IM feature.

Once you see a member who’s online at any given time, you can instantly slide into their DMs and have yourself a conversation.

The AFF IM feature is no different from mainstream, social media messenger apps: you simply click on an icon and type in your direct messages with each other.

Cupid Preferences

Cupid Preferences is one of the most useful tools that you can use to filter what AFF’s algorithm shows you.

It’s basically a section where you can customize the kind of casual dates you’re looking for, and it’s quite diverse.

Set your preferences based on gender, location, and age, for starters.

If you’re a person with quite specific preferences, then you also have the option of filtering your matches based on race, body type,  orientation and even marital status.

There’s also a section dedicated to your security preferences.

What can I say?

AFF lets you either advertise yourself to the whole world or keep things on the DL. You’re going to appreciate it either way!

Visit the official AdultFriendFinder page here

Members Online

For a more classic way of searching for a casual date, you can do it manually by simply visiting the Members Online section:

This shows you all the, well, available AFF members who are using the site at any given time. Showing you the exact number of online AFF-ers is a nice touch and, as you can see, there’s nearly an average of 50k members who use the site at any point during the day.

Members Near Us/Me

Simply speaking, this is a manual search that’s been made a bit more convenient by making the algorithm suggest nothing but members within a certain distance from where you are.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I set my country to Japan, particularly the Nagano prefecture, so the site is showing me members who live around the area.

AdultFriendFinder Live Action Section - From Dating to Cams

One of the things that makes AFF such a unique adult hookup website is how it pretty much crosses over into the world of porn seamlessly.

There’s a section that’s exclusively dedicated to providing members with cam chat rooms. So, if you’re too tired to find a casual date, you can simply rub one out to one of many cam models.

Member Cam Shows

It’s refreshing to see that you’re not just getting the usual professional cam model on AFF. 

These are 100% legitimate amateurs, meaning they’re fellow AFF-ers who perform live cams for the community.

Some of them are free, but you’ll notice that most of these cams are public rooms that work using a tip-based system, which you then pay using AFF credits that you purchase with your credit card.

Professional Cam Models on AFF

Of course, AFF made sure not to leave experts out, too. There’s a section dedicated to professional cam girls and cam boys as well:

As with the member cams, you’re free to enter these public chat rooms, but the models usually work using a tip-based or goal-based scheme.

AFF’s “What’s Hot” Section

Now, the “What’s Hot” section of this adult dating site cements its reputation as an all-around adult entertainment site. Here, you’re going to find a mishmash of hot content.

Member Photos

There’s a section dedicated to photos that AFF members post. You’re welcome to check out the page with a basic account, but seeing the full photos and image sets requires a Gold membership.

Member Videos

These are mostly free, with certain limitations set by the owners (using their privacy preferences). As with the member photos section, only Gold members have full access to these clips!

Top Broadcasters

Not so different from the live cams section, this just shows you the top models both from the members section and the pro cam model section of the site:

I highly recommend this if you’re a live cam fanatic looking for nothing but the best models performing shows on AFF.

AFF Porn Exclusives

And if you still have any doubts about whether AFF is an all-around adult entertainment site, then allow me to show you this:

That’s right: AdultFriendFinder produces porn movies featuring some of the hottest names in the jizz biz. Though I don’t feel the need to mention this, I still will: it’s only available to Gold members.

My AdultFriendFinder Verdict - More Than an Adult Dating Site

If you ask me, I’d say that AFF is one of the best adult casual dating sites out there. It has a robust number of users, but more importantly, the whole community is active.

Although the basic membership package could use a few more features, it’s nice to know that upgrading to premium is both affordable and worth more than the price of admission.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an adult hookup site that’s as versatile and downright fun!

Apart from being a place where you can find your next hookup, AFF manages to score high marks in providing a smorgasbord of adult content, from live cams to adult fiction.

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My AdultFriendFinder rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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