2022’s Best Online Tarot Reading Websites: Accurate Tarot Card Readers by Phone

7:00 AM, Sep 02, 2022
7:00 AM, Sep 02, 2022
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Have you been feeling down lately?

Maybe more than just “down”… maybe you’ve been feeling stuck. Like you don’t know what you should do with your life, your job, or your relationship.

I get it − it sucks. We’ve all been there at some point, but do you know what?

We’ve also all gotten out of it. And I know you might not see this right now…

But I also know that as cliché as it sounds, it’s true. After the storm comes the calm.

And to help you make this change sooner rather than later − we’ve carefully made our list of the best online tarot card reading websites.

With hundreds of gifted psychics, tens of thousands of customer reviews, and compassionate, empathetic professionals… these tarot reading sites will definitely help you get your life back on track.

You deserve to know what the future holds for you. And you deserve the answers now.

Let’s help you get out of this.

Best Online Tarot Reading Sites: First Look and Reviews

  1. Kasamba − Best tarot reading website overall (70% OFF)
  2. Psychic Source − Free online tarot card readings (3 minutes)
  3. AskNow − True experts on love tarot readings (5 free minutes)
  4. Keen − Accurate tarot readings backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  5. Oranum − Live video tarot reading platform (10,000 free credits)

1. Kasamba – Most Accurate Tarot Card Reading Experts


  • Best online tarot readings: Accurate
  • Up to 70% discount for first-time users
  • Modest charges per minute
  • FREE 3-minute trial with each new reader
  • Experts on love readings
  • More than 200,000 customer reviews

Tarot Readings Available

  • Angel card readings 
  • Cartomancy


  • No video readings yet

Do you want an accurate and affordable tarot card reading? If so, Kasamba is your best option. Kasamba was launched over 20 years ago and has successfully connected more than 3 million customers with tarot readers.

The site's tech team is still ironing out the details to provide video-call sessions - but for now, you can connect with their professional tarot readers either via live chat or phone.

And yes, tarot readers at Kasamba are available 24/7, so you can get a quick answer to make an important decision or when you’re feeling terrible.

Do you have a love or relationship question?

Well, Kasamba is well-known for its accurate tarot readings on love and relationships, even though they also offer many professionals that give career and life advice.

Also, if you have any feedback or complaints about a psychic, you can easily contact customer support. The site promises 100% satisfaction, and if you don't feel content with the tarot card reading session, you can get a full refund.

Finally, you’re entitled to 3 free minutes with any psychic of your choosing. If you don’t feel a deep connection with your psychic reader, you can then claim another 3 free minutes with a separate psychic.

Unique Features:

  • Specialized fortune-telling, dream, psychic, &  tarot readings
  • Confidentiality
  • Secure payment
  • Easy-to-use mobile application

Best Tarot Card Reader

Spiritual Shiwa on Kasamba is an expert in the field of Cartomancy. 

She offers an in-depth look into your future and can offer some very insightful advice. Customers seem to love her as she has over 5,000 positive reviews.

>> Get 70% OFF and 3 free minutes on Kasamba (official website) >>

2. Psychic Source – Cheap LIVE Online Tarot Readings ($1/Minute)


  • Best online tarot readings: Video
  • 3 minutes FREE
  • PayPal payments accepted (additional payment security)
  • Multiple language options
  • Professional tarot card readers with 1000s of reviews
  • Affordable tarot readings ($1/minute)

Tarot Card Readings Available

  • Cartomancy
  • Angel Cards


  • Minimal access to customer service

Psychic Source is one of the oldest online tarot reading services, having been established in 1989. It was also the first ever psychic service to offer video readings and today is owned by experienced reader Angela Marks.

And because Psychic Source offers video readings, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to be able to see their tarot reader, as well as the cards themselves. Additionally, you could get more accurate tarot card readings by video call as the psychic will be able to receive your full energy.

Like Kasamba, Psychic Source allows you to get free tarot card readings for 3 minutes with any reader of your choosing.

But that’s not all.

One of the top features that further sets Psychic Source apart from the competition, is the low rate of just $1 per minute that comes with the introductory package.

Therefore, if you need a more in-depth and extended tarot card reading - this site will be the most affordable option.

Another benefit is that the site accepts PayPal, which provides you with additional security - no need to add your credit card details.

Unique Features:

  • Predictions
  • Spiritual readings
  • Horoscope
  • Relationship and love readings
  • Astrology readings

Best Tarot Card Readers

Psychic Carly is a Clairaudient psychic on Psychic Source and a sought-after tarot card reader. 

She is mainly experienced in Tarot card readings and offering spiritual advice about love, relationships, family issues, and much more. She is a fourth-generation psychic with 30 years of experience and 1,700+ positive reviews - so you know you’ll get an accurate tarot card reading.

>> Get 3 free minutes and cheap $1/min readings on Psychic Source (official site) >>

3. AskNow – Best for Love Tarot Reading (1 (888) 815-1999


  • Best online tarot readings: Love
  • Free app on iOS devices
  • User-friendly website
  • Daily horoscopes
  • Cheap packages for new users
  • 5 FREE minutes

Online Tarot Card Readings Available

  • Tarot Cards
  • Oracle Cards


  • Master and elite advisors are expensive

AskNow is the self-proclaimed "premium psychic network" of the nation. It has been around for more than 30 years and has built a loyal client base thanks to its trusted readings and psychic services.

AskNow is best known for its in-depth and accurate love and relationship readings - mainly because there are so many skilled tarot experts on the platform waiting to take your call!

This site promises to credit any unsatisfied user's account for up to 5 minutes so they can find a different advisor who is better suited for their needs. Also, the services are available 24/7, which means you can reach out at any time.

In-between readings, you can take a look at AskNow’s blog, which covers a wide range of subjects, including health and wellness, goals, past lives, dreams, and destiny. 

There are also daily horoscopes that you can read for free, and you can opt-in to their email list in order to stay up-to-date with any changes or news. 

As a new customer, AskNow invites you to ask a free question to any psychic that stands out to you. While this isn’t the same as a full tarot reading session, it’s an offer worth taking advantage of.

Finally, AskNow lets you book a cheap 30-minute tarot card reading online for only $30, and you also get 5 free minutes with a Master Psychic (the most experienced psychic reader on the site).

Unique Features

  • Dream readings
  • Love & relationship readings
  • Numerology
  • Money & finance
  • Spiritual guides

Best Tarot Readers

Psychic Clarissa is a popular tarot card reader on AskNow with over 18,000 readings under her belt. 

She is also one of the Master psychics - meaning that her readings are highly accurate and intuitive. She is mainly experienced in money and finance readings, as well as dream analysis and relationships.

>> Get a detailed 20-minute reading for $20 + 5 free minutes on AskNow (official site) >>

4. Keen – Best Deal on Online Tarot Card Readings 


  • Best online tarot readings: Deals
  • 10 minutes for only $1.99
  • Confidential and secure reading sessions
  • 3 free minutes
  • Filtering options in the psychic search panel
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Tarot Card Readings Available

  • Angel cards
  • Cartomancy


  • Only phone and chat readings

Keen is well-known for providing psychic reading services for career issues, such as quitting your current job or asking for a promotion. Most users rave about its handy app - great for readings while on the go.

Keen has been featured in the likes of Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan, it’s now into its 20th year, and there are thousands of positive customer reviews that have helped to solidify its reputation as one of the best online tarot reading sites.

And best of all - you’ll get 3 free minutes upon joining. Along with this great introductory deal, Keen offers all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The site has a vast selection of experienced and talented tarot psychic readers who can provide insight into all parts of your life.

Along with career advice, there are also love readers who can provide information about compatibility, infidelity, cheating, and more.

Unfortunately, Keen doesn’t offer video call options just yet, although you can contact their psychic readers by phone and chat.

Finally, Keen also allows you to get a detailed 10-minute psychic reading for only $1.99 (in total, not per minute).

Unique Features

  • Handy mobile app
  • Career readings
  • Dream analysis
  • Life questions
  • Spiritual readings

Best Tarot Card Readers

Tarofica on Keen is a tarot reader and empath with 28 years of experience.

 With a 4.8 out of 5-star rating - it’s easy to see that she is popular amongst her clients. Her specialties mainly lie in infidelity, relationships, family, and divorce. That said, she’s known to tell you only the truth, even if it’s hard. If you’re not prepared for this, pick another psychic instead.

>> Get a 10-minute reading for only $1.99 on Keen’s official website >>

5. Oranum – Best for a Free Tarot Card Reading Session (10 Minutes)


  • Best online tarot readings: Live
  • Readings in multiple languages
  • Excels in dealing with life issues 
  • Dream interpretation services
  • 10,000 free coins for signing up
  • Online video streaming & chat options

Readings Available

  • Cartomancy
  • Angel Cards


  • No phone readings

If you want to receive a tarot video reading instead of one by text or phone, Oranum is a smart option. You can obtain detailed information about each psychic to choose the one best suited for your needs.

The site features a bit of a "funky" vibe, which helps it stand out from the competition. While this is true, the ratings from actual users aren't stellar. However, Oranum is considered one of the biggest spiritual communities today and offers many professional tarot card readers.

New customers are entitled to as many as 10,000 free credits, which essentially equates to 10 free minutes with a tarot card reader that charges 1000 credits per minute. 

It’s also worth mentioning that Oranum is home to readers who speak a variety of languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese. 

Best Tarot Card Readers

LightOfDestiny uses her extrasensory perception and tarot cards to offer detailed and accurate readings on Oranum. 

You can also pop in on her live channel and start up a conversation before getting a full reading.

>> Get 10,000 free coins on Oranum’s video-based platform (official site) >>

6. Mysticsense – Best for Customized Online Tarot Card Readings 


  • Best online tarot readings: Customization
  • Variety of online readings
  • 5-minute free tarot reading
  • Psychics are thoroughly vetted
  • 24/7 availability

Online Tarot Card Readings Available

  • Angel Cards
  • Tarot


  • Some popular psychics are only available by chat

If you want a customized tarot reading, MysticSense is a great option. Only registered psychics provide services, and their background information is available to the public. This means you can feel better about who you're talking with because you know their background.

There are around 600 trusted readers in total, and there is an advanced search filter on the website that makes it easy to find a suitable tarot reader.

There’s a useful live chat feature, too, which you can use to ask general questions before committing to a professional tarot card reader.

You also can enjoy a full 5 minutes FREE to speak with one of the site’s professional psychics.

Unfortunately, this tarot reading site is quite new in the industry. Still, with its rigorous vetting process, you can feel confident that the readings will be accurate and reliable.

Finally, it’s one of the best tarot reading sites when it comes to prices, and we’re not talking only about introductory deals here. Indeed, even the most popular tarot card readers charge only $1-$3 per minute.

>> Get cheap tarot readings with Mysticsense’s 600+ psychics (official site) >>

How We Chose the Best Tarot Card Reading Sites

We Scrutinized Customer Reviews

Usually, customer reviews suggest the general reputation of a site. The idea is that the best online tarot reading sites have the most positive reviews from clients because they provide accurate tarot readers that help you get precise answers to all your questions.

On the flip side, poor reviews imply that the tarot reading website is either hard to use or doesn’t have good online tarot readers.

We went through page after page of tarot-reading threads on Reddit, Quora, Facebook, and Twitter. Plus, we even looked at reviews on apps on the App Store and Google Play - to ensure that we only picked sites that had the highest average positive reviews on all platforms. 

And since a few negative reviews are not a major cause for concern, we also considered sites that had improved their service in light of a few previous negative reviews.

We Confirmed Each Site Hires the Most Experienced Psychic Advisors

Online tarot card readers are the important link that will determine how effective and accurate your reading will be.

Knowing that there have been cases of dodgy psychics giving fake readings to customers, the most reputable online tarot reading websites are keen on vetting and verifying psychics before admitting them to their sites. 

This is to give customers the best psychic readings possible. These verifications vary and might check for skill, talent, professionalism, communication skills, and more.

We browsed through tons of online tarot reading website sections to determine those consistent in offering thorough screenings and verification to their sites. All so that customers have a chance to get the most accurate reading and have a general pleasant psychic experience. 

We Ensured There Are Great Welcome Offers for New Clients

Welcome offers are a nice way for a good tarot reading site to introduce new customers to their website. These welcome offers come mostly in the shape of free minutes like with Kasamba or discounts on readings like you’ll find on Psychic Source.

However, some sites offer poor welcome offers that do not really give the customer much of a chance to explore the sites.

We went through all the sites we had shortlisted, piece by piece, gauging their welcome offers to prove that they indeed offered reasonable free minutes and reading discounts for new customers.

We Double Checked the Satisfaction Guarantees Offered

An online tarot card reading website that is confident in its services and psychics will almost always provide a satisfaction guarantee to give some assurance to their customers.

These satisfaction guarantees can be a monetary refund, a minutes refund, or a waiver of the total cost of the reading.

That’s why we made sure to include tarot card reading websites that offer good satisfaction guarantees. And offer the customer the opportunity to get compensation in the unfortunate case that they had a problem during their reading or were not impressed by the overall service.

Secure Payment Methods

When you get a tarot card reading online, you need to make sure to use a secure payment method, such as credit/debit cards or PayPal.

This is why we only included websites that protect your payment information.

Additionally, these websites are clear about their prices per minute so there are never any bad surprises.

Wide Array of Specialties

You may not know this, but readers always specialize in one or a few psychic reading specialties. These include love, career, life, and even pets.

This is why we made sure to include tarot card reading services with a wide array of professionals and specialties − so you can always find the right tarot card reader for your specific situation.

Additionally, if you need something other than a tarot card reading (like an angel card reading, past life readings, fortune telling, numerology readings, or anything else), you’ll also find these options on these websites.

We Actually Read the Fine Print

Fine print refers to the Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, and even Warnings that an online tarot card website has in place as a guidebook and terms of service.

But let’s admit it, no one really reads the fine print because, understandably,  they want to get right into the psychic services. But, some websites try to sneak in the odd rule that does not work to serve the best interest of their clients.

For example, while some websites offer a refund, you may not receive the full amount if they don’t see fit since they can state something like “We reserve the right to refund the Customer partially or in full and also to refuse a refund request.”

So we did the heavy work and read through the fine print for all these online tarot card reading websites - to make sure that you’re truly getting the best experience possible.

Online Tarot Readings vs Other Psychic Readings (Astrology, Psychic Mediums…)

On online psychic websites, you can choose from a variety of reading types. These include online psychic readings, astrology readings, psychic mediums, fortune telling - and more. 

A tarot reading can generally be performed by any type of psychic, while certain kinds of readings - and especially dream analysis and astrology readings - must be performed by specialists who have years of experience

It’s therefore important to understand what each reading entails before you start paying money. You should also research each reader to make sure they’ve got the required experience needed in order to give you an accurate reading. 

You can get a feel for each reading type by taking advantage of free minutes, too, and this will certainly help you decide which one is right for you.

>> Get 3 free minutes with each new psychic on Kasamba (official website) >>

What Is a Tarot Card Deck? (Online Tarot Cards)

A tarot deck is a deck of cards that originated in the 15th century and is used for divination purposes to help a tarot reader learn more about their client. 

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards and is split into two sections: Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 tarot cards). 

Each card contains a picture that represents a vice, a virtue, a character, or a force, and each card has a meaning that reveals insights into a person’s spirituality, destiny, and life questions. 

Online Tarot Card Readings vs In-Person Readings

Thanks to the Internet, you can now have a tarot reading online. But is it really better than an in-person tarot card reading?

Online tarot readings have obvious benefits. They’re convenient, they’re available 24/7 whenever you want them, and you can either have a live chat reading, a phone reading, or a video reading.

In-person readings have their benefits as well. You can greet the tarot reader and form a stronger bond with them, and you can see everything they’re doing with the tarot cards.

However, online tarot readings are generally more affordable because they’re regulated by the psychic website. What’s more, a tougher screening process ensures that all the tarot readers are legit.

And while in-person readings can be more expensive, it’s also unlikely that they will offer free tarot readings - unlike the best psychic websites, which also offer deals and discounts.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites: FAQ

What Is a Tarot Card Reading and How Does it Work?

A tarot card reading is when an expert psychic analyzes your past while revealing subtle details about your present. It also helps you make better decisions in the future.

Most people prefer a tarot card reading because it can help them take control and make better decisions. You can access psychic readings online and IRL. However, online tarot readings are preferred because they are readily available, convenient, and cost-effective.

Are There 100% Free Online Tarot Readings?

Yes, there are a few 100% free online tarot readings available. However, these free tarot reading websites are generally AI-powered - so they won’t be as accurate as sites like Kasamba or Psychic Source.

All in all, we’d only recommend these 100% free tarot reading sessions if you’re just looking to have “fun” or to see if you have psychic skills.

But for true advice, you should get a free tarot reading online by taking advantage of introductory deals on paid websites. This free tarot card reading will be accurate and actually helpful to solve your problems.

How Accurate Are Tarot Readings Online or Over the Phone?

Live tarot readings online or over the phone are generally very accurate. However, all successful readings are dependent on how open you are to the psychic reader, the bond you have with the reader, and the skills and experience of the psychic expert.

Don’t expect an accurate reading if you resist being open and honest with your phone psychic during your reading.

Can Anyone Do Tarot Card Readings?

No, not anyone can do a tarot reading. While everyone has some level of psychic powers, only a few actually know how to use them. These individuals are often called "gifted." Also, tarot readers usually work with their inner psychic abilities and strengths to connect to you.

They will also continuously research the art to improve their abilities. Put simply, experienced, reputable, and accurate tarot readers spend several years studying tarot cards, exploring psychic powers, and interpreting meanings.

How Can I Get The Most Out Of A Tarot Reading Online?

To get the most out of a psychic reading, it is good to ask open-ended questions. Examples include:

  • What should I change in my life?
  • What can I do to get a promotion?

If you ask questions such as "Will I pass an upcoming test" or "Will I get married," the details of the reading will be limited. 

These questions can be answered with a simple yes or no, but if you’re looking for a tarot card reading online, chances are you want more in-depth answers.

Open-ended questions help ensure your psychic reader has the chance to make the best interpretation possible of the cards they pull for your reading.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tarot Reader

When you are searching for a tarot reader, there's a good chance you want to find the best option for your needs. There are a few tips that can help you find that person. These tips include:

  • Read reviews from other users on the psychic's profile
  • Take advantage of free psychic reading deals like free minutes offered by Kasamba, Psychic Source, and AskNow
  • Avoid software readings
  • Try to avoid the absolute cheapest psychics
  • Try out more than one psychic site

Taking time to get to know some of the top sites to consider will help you choose a psychic and tarot card reading service that meets your needs and expectations.

Can Tarot Card Readers Make Mistakes?

Yes, tarot card readers can make mistakes, especially if they’re just starting out. Although there’s no wrong way to read tarot cards, the accuracy of the reading can sometimes be disturbed by some of these mistakes:

  • Failing to prep the deck
  • Asking the tarot everything you want to know
  • Only reading from the manual
  • Trying an overly complicated spread
  • Using powers as a power play

Because mistakes can happen, it is good to research the tarot reader before choosing whose services and expertise to use.

When Should I Get a Tarot Reading?

You should get a tarot reading online whenever you want to. That said, a tarot card reading can be especially helpful in all of the situations below.

  • You reached a crossroads in your life
  • You need some perspective
  • You want to “take over the world” (or do something big)
  • Life took you by surprise
  • You are looking for cosmic confirmation
  • You need to get out of your own way

Best Online Tarot Readings − The Takeaway

When it comes to any psychic reading, there are more than a few factors to consider. The information above will help you choose the best online tarot card reading service and understand the many benefits of these psychic readings.

Just remember, not all tarot readers are created equal.

It is up to you to research the options and know which online tarot reading service provider best meets your needs. While choosing the right tarot reader can be challenging, it will be worth the time and effort when you get information about and insight into your life and any issues you are experiencing.

Overall, we highly recommend Kasamba due to its experienced tarot card readers, stellar reviews, a wide variety of readings, and extra minutes for a free tarot reading.

At the same time, Psychic Source offers in-depth online tarot card readings at an affordable $1/minute price for new customers.

All that said, we sincerely hope you have a successful first session so that you can solve your problems and be yourself again.

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