Free Psychic Reading: Online Chat, Phone & Email Readings By Best Free Psychics

11:52 AM, Nov 21, 2022

Free Psychic Reading: Online Chat, Phone & Email Readings By Best Free Psychics

When the going gets rough, have you ever considered getting a psychic reading to help you get through it?

When times are tough, most individuals seek solace and direction from a variety of places. For some, this may involve seeking support from those closest to them. Some people could find comfort in their faith.

However, psychic readings are the solution for an increasing number of individuals. When you feel as though there is nowhere left to turn, free online psychic readings may help you pull through. If you’ve hit rock bottom and can't make it through this difficult moment on your own, what is holding you back from consulting a trusted psychic?

 A mystic reading from an expert psychic might shed light on your situation and explain the reasons for its unfolding. They can also provide glimpses into the future to assist you in making better choices. The choices you make now will impact your future, so you need to seek the assistance of a psychic.

While the idea of seeking help from a psychic may seem new to you, psychics have been offering help for generations! Psychic predictions can help you avoid countless problems. Best of all, you can now access real psychic readings online.

You no longer have to visit a psychic and feel uncomfortable telling your story to a person. With numerous psychic hotlines and live psychic chat, you can now contact reputable psychics from the comfort of your home!

If you’re interested in making the right decisions for the future, you’ll need to consult the best psychic online reader. However, finding the right psychic may be difficult. But don’t worry; we’ve got you sorted!

So, if you're looking for free psychic reading online to help you sort through a personal issue, a financial dilemma, or anything else that's throwing off your balance, keep reading to discover our picks for the top 5 best free online psychic reader websites!

Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Websites


MysticSense isn't the flashiest website but provides some of the best rates for online psychic readings. MysticSense provides a wide spectrum of psychic reading services, including astrology, fortune telling, and tarot readings. It also provides many ways to get your psychic reading, including phone psychics, chat psychics, and live video readings.

MysticSense provides an excellent system that allows you to choose your psychic based on multiple factors. You can pick psychics based on their ratings, specialty, reading style, or divination equipment. Love readings, tarot readers, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology, and many more services are available on the MysticSense website.

 MysticSense specializes in offering psychic readings that affect work and career. If your major goal in life is to advance in your job, Mysticsense may be the best online psychic site for you. A psychic reading is an extremely intimate event that you should not get into unless you are confident that you are in excellent hands.

Currently, Mysticsense provides the greatest online psychic readings by phone, online chat, or video call. This psychic business offers a range of pricing options to suit any budget, so you don’t have to worry if your budget is not large.

MysticSense was founded in 2020 and has already provided trusted services to over 19,000 people. Their platform houses over 500 of the top psychics, each with their own skills and expertise, so there is something for everyone.

You must first create an account to speak with an online psychic from Mysticsense. When you create an account, you can claim five free psychic reading minutes on your first session! After scrolling through their page of countless psychics, you can choose one that matches your needs.

Mysticsense , like other online psychic reading services, has a screening process to verify that each psychic in its network is competent and wise. Every internet psychic has a complete profile page with a personal video introduction, a thorough biography, and customer evaluations.

This website is perfect if you’re just getting started and need economical psychic readings. We’re sure they’ll help you get on the right track with countless psychics, wonderful customer support, and satisfaction guarantees.


  • Multiple ways to chat with your psychic
  • Psychic readings are offered in over 10 different languages
  • The ideal site for people who have work-related concerns
  • Offers five minutes of free psychic chat and free phone psychic reading
  • Legit psychics that have been vetted and have complete profiles
  • Best for people who want affordable psychics
  • Plenty of $1 Psychic readings are available
  • Helpful search bar that lets you find a psychic that specializes in your problems



  • It does not have the best website
  • Some users do not like their UI
  • Not all advisors use multiple conversation methods; some only consider chats or calls


Kasamba has been delivering internet psychic readings for over a decade, making it one of the more experienced websites on our list. When it comes to love and relationships, Kasamba's top psychics are the ones to go to for advice. Whether you need advice for your first date or marriage, you should aim for their psychic services.

If you're heartbroken because of a breakup or betrayal, don't worry! Kasamba's psychics can evaluate your pain and help you find meaning through your heartache. Don't let your efforts go in vain, consult their psychics so they can put you on the right track!

Many of the psychics listed on Kasamba make bold claims about their knowledge of love, relationships, and healing from the heartbreak that always follows. Kasamba also provides a wide range of additional psychic readings. While they may specialize in love, their psychics are more than capable of handling a large variety of problems.

Kasamba provides more techniques to interpret the mysteries of the universe than just about any other online psychic service, ranging from astrological readings, fortune telling, and tarot card readings. They also offer angel card consultations and spiritual readings, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

Once you’re ready to start your psychic journey, Kasamba ensures you face no hurdles along the way! They offer a free reading offer that is truly irresistible! Finding the perfect psychic reader is the most difficult aspect of being a newcomer to online psychic readings. You’ll be delighted to hear that the website has you covered.

Once you have chosen a psychic reader, Kasamaba offers free the first three minutes of the session, so you’re sure about your choice. You will also receive an additional 3 free minutes with your first paid reading. That’s right, you can get a love psychic reading for free!

You’ll have smooth sailing through your psychic evaluations with offers like these! A skilled internet psychic should be able to swiftly figure out what you want to know and how you feel about it. Kasamba wants you to benefit from their services, and their offers are a great way to get started.


  • The number one choice for love and relationship readings
  • Economical psychic readings with unmatchable offers
  • First three minutes of every session are free
  • Up to 70% off psychic services when you create an account
  • Additional free three minutes when you opt for a paid session
  • Multiple ways to contact their psychics
  • All psychics are vetted, so you won’t have to deal with inexperienced individuals
  • Offer a wide range of services apart from love, including careers, astrology readings, and spiritual readings


  • Not as quick as other psychic services
  • Some psychics take over a day to reply to queries
  • It May be pricey once the offers are availed

Purple Garden

Despite competing with some of the industry's greatest names, Purple Garden carved out its own place and earned a devoted fanbase. Clients from all around the world may get psychic and tarot readings from the organization. It's one of a kind because of how seriously it takes providing accurate readings at a reasonable price.

You may learn about human nature and how to handle difficulties with the assistance of Purple Garden’s platform, which has countless psychic readers. Life isn't easy, but you can make it through any challenge with its support.

In order to find what you’re looking for you may use the site's search bar to type in their query and filter the results by choosing certain criteria. Psychics on their website specialize in various fields, so we’re sure you’re going to find the right match!

If you go to accurate psychics with an open mind and no expectations, you can benefit much from their services. Purple Garden understands this and wants you to benefit from their services. With their search tool, you can narrow down your selection to a psychic that is specialized in your needs.

Purple Garden is a great website to start if you're searching for customized analysis! Their custom search tool is a great way to meet clairvoyant readers. You can enter your birth data and be matched with a psychic who matches your horoscope. By entering your details, your reader can connect to you better and understand your problems.

Purple Garden seeks to offer cheap psychic services to individuals. If you’re looking for premium services or something more affordable, the website houses psychics at different prices and also offers palm psychic reading. Just make sure you’re talking to the right person.

As a new member, you may take advantage of 10 free minutes to help you understand the entire procedure. Aside from that, a $1 psychic reading is also available with a free psychic question. Can it get more affordable than that?


  • 10 minutes of free online psychic reading
  • Vetted psychics to ensure you don’t get scammed
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
  • Psychic readers are available in numerous languages
  • Numerous communication methods
  • Promotions and deals for new users


  • It does not have as many psychics as other websites
  • It might not be as affordable as other sites


When it comes to getting psychic advice for major choices in life, Keen is one of the best websites to visit. Keen provides a venue for psychic advisers to connect with clients and provide precise readings. An early pioneer in the field of internet psychic readings, this site has been around since 1999.

Keen’s platform has countless psychics who provide a wide range of services. You may avail of their services through email, chat, or phone. Phone psychics may seem old school to you, but it’s a great way of communicating!

You have access to over 1,700 legit psychics to pick from. Keen’s psychics specialize in multiple fields. Its popular psychics specialize in love, spirit medium readings, palm psychic reading, and astrology psychic reading.

If you’re trying to look for a psychic medium reading, there is no better platform other than Keen! They have a range of online psychics that specialize in the topic, so you won’t have to search through a lot of online psychics. Get your spirit readings by the best psychic reader to get an answer to all your question.

Compared to similar services, Keen's online psychic readings platform has several benefits. Keen provides a number of filters to help you narrow down your selections. You may find reputable psychics on Keen by browsing their profiles or by using the site's search filters for service types, prices, ratings, and availability.

On the go? No problem, just download the free Keen app on your smartphone, and consult a psychic whenever you choose. When you have a psychic reading with Keen, you can be assured that everything you share will remain private and off the record.

Keen is the best online psychic reading service to use if you seek reliable insight into your future. To help you acquire a reliable psychic reading regarding the choice you face, Keen provides ratings and reviews for all of the psychics who provide their services online.

As a new member, you may have a 10-minute psychic reading for $1.99, which is one of the best prices in the industry. Free online psychic readings for the first three minutes. Besides the savings and discounts available, Keen also regularly offers specials to lower the price of phone readings.


  • 3 minutes free psychic chat or free phone psychic reading
  • Trusted psychics on a platform that has been around for over a decade
  • Cheap psychics are available
  • A good platform to find true psychics
  • Online psychic mediums and spiritual psychics are also available
  • They have the most gifted psychics


  • Slightly pricier than other authentic psychics


To make sure you're making the best choices for your life's most crucial concerns, it's always a good idea to get the aid of individuals who have more experience, knowledge, or skill in the area. AskNow is an internet psychic reading service that started in 2005 and has gathered a devoted network of psychics.

Like many psychic websites, AskNow allows you to browse its list of psychics; however, the firm is unique for its experience. AskNow's filters let you locate precisely what you're searching for in good psychics, so you don’t have to waste your time. You may filter psychics by availability, reading, experience level, cost, and specialism.

AskNow makes it easy to contact a psychic reader around the clock, from anywhere on the globe. A quick and easy way for customers to get in touch with a psychic is through its online chat psychic reading service. You can access AskNow's psychics from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

AskNow's price is quite attractive, especially the introductory deals. New clients may obtain a 15-minute reading for $10 and 5 complimentary minutes with any of the site's Elite or Master psychics. You can find a psychic for as low as $1 on this platform.

 Do you know the best part? If a consumer isn't happy with their psychic reading inside the first five minutes, AskNow will credit their account so they may try another psychic at no cost.


  • Free trials to ensure you find a psychic you like
  • Highly experienced with over 15 years in the industry
  • Large network of psychics all over the globe
  • Psychic services are offered in numerous languages
  • Money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with its services
  • All psychics are vetted


  • It does not offer a lot of promotions

What Is Psychic Reading?

Whether at a crossroads in your romantic or professional life, a free psychic reading online may help you find clarity and direction. A psychic reading can answer any question you have, from love and work to travel and success. The key to success is trusting them and following their recommendations.

Everyone has those days where life might seem to be spiraling downward.

You must realize that we always seem to bring into our lives the very challenges we most dread and that only we have the key to changing that. Accurate psychic readings online may help you identify the mental barriers that you have set up and layout methods to help you overcome your challenges!

You can't anticipate the future, but you can shape it by making the right decisions. To prepare for the future, a psychic’s advice can help you make certain life choices that will benefit you. Clairvoyant psychics can offer you crucial information pertaining to your future so that you can plan accordingly; while love psychics can help you discover the magnitude of your passion and renew your desire for it. After going through tough times, some people may become dull. A free psychic love reading may add that spark in their lives, and this kind of motivation may change their life!

Getting a free psychic reading might help you find peace of mind after experiencing loss or distress due to an unexpected tragedy. A vague circumstance usually raises various questions. If you leave them unanswered, it might constantly affect you. Spiritual readings may be helpful in clearing all of your concerns, providing closure, and rebuilding your trust in love and hope.

So, how did we find these famous psychics and free psychics who can help end your plight?


How Did We Pick The Best Free Online Psychic Reading Sites?

The internet is full of free psychic reading services, but how do you know which one will be beneficial to you? Most services offered on the web are a sham; however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t legit options out there. That’s where we stepped in and made a list of the best psychic reading websites in 2022!

Finding the best websites wasn’t easy because we had to conduct extensive research to ensure no subpar websites sneaked up on our list. We skimmed through countless websites to get an idea of how they worked.

First, we created a list of all the possible websites. After shortlisting a handful of the best websites according to customer reviews, we set certain criteria for the best brands.

Here are some of the factors that we considered before choosing the top 5 brands:

Company’s Reputation

If you’re planning on getting free psychic readings, you need to make sure you’re working with a top company! This is why their reputation is important because you wouldn’t want to risk dealing with a fake psychic.

If you search the web for free psychic readings, a lot of options will come up. Even if they spend large funds on advertisements, you cannot verify if they are authentic without trying them out. Don’t succumb to cruel marketing strategies and only deal with trusted psychic websites.

We scanned through numerous independent review pages to ensure only trusted websites made our list. We also skimmed through websites such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and the BBB. The websites in our article had near-five-star reviews by countless customers.

Deals And Promotions

Before starting a new program, it isn't unusual to look at how much it is going to cost you. Feeling cautious is normal if you haven't tried something before. The pricing works slightly differently with psychic services, but we've simplified it for you.

Psychic services are usually charged by the minute, which may cause your bills to add up quickly. The best psychic websites usually offer tons of deals and promotions to make their services lighter on your wallet.

Most websites on our list have a wide range of deals and promotions for people who create new accounts on their platforms. Some offer trial periods of a few minutes to allow you to get test the psychic’s sessions before you start paying for sessions.

If the deals aren’t enough for you, some websites on our list provide $1 psychic readings that are great bargains! The best firms don’t overcharge for their services, so ensure you’re not overspending.

Satisfaction Guarantees

It might be difficult to determine if a free psychic you contact by phone, internet chat or video conference is legitimate. There is no guarantee of an accurate reading, even if you choose a trusted psychic.

The best psychic reading websites typically provide a money-back guarantee to protect consumers from losing money. If you are not happy with your reading, you have the option to request a refund within the terms of the guarantee.

Every psychic website has its own policies regarding money-back guarantees. In some cases, you may only have 30 days after the reading to request a refund. You may also be required to explain why you were dissatisfied with the service.

Each of the recommended free psychic reading services in this directory has a money-back guarantee to ensure your complete pleasure. If you want to reduce the likelihood of losing money, you should study the site's refund policy before becoming a paying member.

Psychic Screening Process

Websites are a great place for psychics to meet paying consumers. They can also promote their services to people all over the globe.

However, con artists frequently target those who are most in need of protection. Customers who seek online consultation have no means of knowing if the psychic they are working with is genuine, making them easy prey for frauds.

In order to protect their reputations, upscale psychic reading websites employ a number of safeguards to weed out fake readers. Psychics who want to advertise their services on one of these sites need to pass a screening procedure before they can join the platform.

Each site has its own criteria for vetting psychics. Applicants are expected to give evidence of their claimed skills, experience, and track record of accomplishment. Some websites may also require applicants to have trial sessions with their team to ensure they only allow real psychics onto their platform.

If you’re interested in accurate psychic services, don’t forget to check out our list of the best psychic websites. Every website on our list extensively vets its psychics to ensure you only work with the best in the business.


If you’re looking for psychic services, you will want to work with someone who specializes in your problems. If you’re worried about your financial future, a psychic who specializes in love and relationships won’t be helpful to you. Specialties are an important factor if you plan on contacting a psychic reader.

If you're looking for free psychic readings online, you probably have some specific questions or concerns you'd want to have answered. To ensure you’re dealing with a trusted psychic website, it must be able to handle different specialties.

Here are some areas psychic readers specialize in:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Financial advice, guidance, and planning
  • Mediumship
  • Astrology
  • Tarot card reading

To find someone that suits your needs, you’ll need to look for a cheap psychic reading. Some may even offer a free physic question for you to trust their legitimacy. Only choose the best psychics that can cater to you.

Look into a psychic's background first before you make contact with them. Some psychics have formal counseling or training, while others may not be as experienced. To avoid wasting time and money on a psychic who can't provide the reading you're looking for, it is important to assess your own demands first.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-     What can you discuss with a psychic?

Although there is no particular reason for a person to consult a psychic, there are some common ones. You may be in a dilemma in some aspect of your life and wonder if it's significant enough to warrant consulting a psychic. The following are just some of the many potential subjects of conversation with a psychic:

  • Love
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Career
  • Future
  • Closure

Psychics are able to handle a wide range of issues. If you have a problem and are not sure how to solve it, consulting a psychic may be your best bet to make it through!

2-     Should I have a session online or visit a local psychic?

Both types of sessions have pros and cons, but we suggest you consult an online psychic. By hiring an online psychic reader, you won’t have to spend hours searching “psychic near me”. Have a session remotely and save yourself the hassle of traveling!

Most people have a hard time opening up to people if they are there physically. Taking an online session may act as a cover, helping them be more transparent about their problems.

However, free online psychic readers come with the risk of fraud. You need to ensure that you only deal with trusted websites to ensure you’re not being conned!

3-     How much does a Psychic Reading session cost?

The best part about online psychic readings is that they are super economical! Sessions may start at as low as $1 per minute, and in many cases, you can take advantage of countless deals and promotions.

A psychic expert will never overcharge you for their service. The average rate for psychic medium reading is about $1.5 per minute.

You don’t have to worry about spending tons of money; go through our list of psychic websites to get the best promotions!


We're all here to serve a purpose, but do you know what that is? If not, psychic readings can help you on your journey of self-discovery. When you discover your true self and discover your life's mission, the life you lead from then on will be satisfying and content.

Because psychics charge by the minute, their sessions can get pricey quickly! If you’re worried about blowing your budget, you don’t need to! Consider what you need and how much you can spend before hiring a psychic service. While paying extra for a quality read may be worthwhile, there are various methods to save your reading expenditures.

The websites mentioned in this article offer free online psychic reading for the first few minutes. Afterward, their rates are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank! They also offer astrology psychic reading for those interested.

Psychics may see into the future and assist you in making decisions that will improve your life because of their strong connection with natural forces. Make your appointment today. Consulting a psychic may be the next best thing if you're having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Go to one of the recommended sites in this article right now to discover a real psychic or get a legit psychic reading.