Buzzoid Review: Does It Help You Gain Instagram Followers?

1:30 PM, May 02, 2023
1:30 PM, May 02, 2023

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Buzzoid is a social media promotion tool that promises to bring in genuine followers, likes, and views in a flash. The company's focus has always been on the Instagram demographic. Buzzoid is a suite of services designed to help Instagram users become viral sensations with little investment of time and energy on the part of the user. 

Buzzoid began in 2012. For more than 10,000,000 users, it has earned confidence and reliability over the last decade. It credits its 4.9-star rating to its faultless operation and excellent customer support.

But since the profiles it uses for its services are reputable, Buzzoid has established such a strong and favorable reputation. For instance, it ensures that all of its likes are genuine and only works with verified accounts.

 Any user who isn't happy with Buzzoid's services can get their money back in full, no questions asked, within 30 days. It also has support available all the time. Read our Buzzoid review to learn if it can help you boost your Instagram popularity.

Buzzoid review Pros:

  • Genuine engagement with genuine users with verified profiles.
  • A well-established track record in the provision of reliable goods and services.
  • It offers a refund policy of 30 days.
  • 24/7/365 availability.
  • Possibility of attempting for nothing.

Buzzoid review Cons:

  • Instagram does not approve of "bots" or purchased likes, followers, or views, so the services raise suspicion.
  • Each service requires a different bundle purchase.

Purchasing From Buzzoid: Likes, Followers, or Views and What To Consider

Buzzoid claims it may assist prospective Instagram influencers rapidly and with no additional work in increasing likes, followers, and views. Its services are perfect for budding Instagram influencers just getting their feet wet. Buzzoid's services allow you to quickly and easily improve your page visits and audience size.

If you want to expand your Instagram following, you may find Buzzoid's services useful. But remember that purchasing Instagram likes and followers is a short-term solution to becoming an influencer.

After Buzzoid does its job, you must immediately work to keep it going after the first rush. 

Instead of relying solely on Instagram, you must also employ other marketing strategies to promote your official business sites, such as the best dating websites or chat sites.

Otherwise, you run the danger of losing whatever status you attained with its assistance or that you already had before hiring Buzzoid.

Take these things into account before you buy Buzzoid likes, followers, or views:

  • Instagram will remove accounts it catches purchasing likes, followers, or views.
  • Buzzoid claims to employ verified accounts, although it is impossible to know whether this is true.
  • Although Instagram may delete likes, it cannot delete views.
  • Buzzoid promises that your account won't be blocked if you purchase likes, followers, or views.
  • Prices begin at $1.47 per unit, with further reductions for "bulk" purchases.

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Buzzoid Review Features & Benefits

Now that you know about Buzzoid, let's dive into how it works. What precisely do you receive when you hire Buzzoid? Read on to learn more about its best offerings and capabilities as one of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram.

Buying Instagram Likes With Buzzoid

Likes, one of only three items offered by Buzzoid, may increase the popularity, engagement, and success of your Instagram posts. According to Buzzoid reviews, likes are "100% legitimate," meaning they originate from genuine accounts maintained by individuals. With the ability to divide the likes across postings, the organization guarantees to supply likes in minutes.

Buzzoid provides two different categories of likes: Premium and High-Quality. 

Buzzoid High-Quality Likes

Likes from accounts with authentic profile images are considered high-quality likes. These accounts, however, have stopped receiving uploads. You gain the following with High-Quality Likes:

  • A promise of immediate delivery.
  • See videos.
  • Possibility of dividing likes across many articles or photos.
  • Continual or immediate delivery.

 The number of High-Quality Likes you may purchase at once ranges from 50 to 10,000. You save more money the more you purchase. 50 Buzzoid likes cost $1.47, 100 Buzzoid likes cost $2.97, and 500 Buzzoid likes cost $6.99, for example. You save 75% when you purchase the most likes, lowering your final cost to $88.99.

Buzzoid Premium Likes

Though more costly than High-Quality likes, Premium likes are far more genuine. Premium likes are likes from genuine Instagram users who enjoy what you have to say, especially if you have eye-catching promotions about your official sites like backpage alternatives websites.

At $3.49 for 50 likes, Premium likes are more expensive than High-Quality likes. Additionally, you get discounts for these kinds of likes. However, you can only purchase them in quantities up to 500 for $19.99. The following is what you get when you buy Premium likes:

  • Guaranteed quick delivery.
  • Options for immediate or delayed delivery.
  • Options to divide likes over many posts and photographs for videos.
  • Genuine likes from genuine, active Instagram users.

Since its launch a decade ago, Buzzoid reviews reveal that Buzzoid has contributed to the growth of thousands of accounts via its High Quality and Premium products. Additionally, it has a portfolio of more than 100,000 loyal clients.

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Purchasing from Buzzoid: Instagram Followers

It's a little strange to have likes, but no follows. Buzzoid is aware of this and gives Instagram users the option to purchase both Buzzoid Instagram likes and Buzzoid followers for their accounts. Similar to its likes, Buzzoid asserts that all of its followers are genuine users. 

Additionally, it provides High Quality and Active followers.


Buzzoid High-Quality Followers

High-quality followers originate from inactive accounts with legitimate profile photos. For a price ranging from $2.97 to $39.99, you may purchase anything between 100 and 5,000 followers. 

The discount you get increases as you buy Instagram followers in bulk. For instance, 500 High-Quality followers cost $6.99, while 100 cost $2.97. High-Quality followers come with round-the-clock service. 

Buzzoid Active Followers

If you opt for Buzzoid's Active Followers feature, you'll receive followers from real people who have active accounts, as the name implies.

These plans help influencers and up-and-coming influencers committed to growing their Instagram following and who desire little to no decline in their purchase price.

Active user followers will cost you a bit more. You're looking at spending $11.99 for 500 Buzzoid followers. It costs $19.99 to purchase 1,000 Buzzoid followers, saving you about 50%. You pay $84.99 to get 5,000 Active followers.

While Buzzoid focuses on Instagram, you can buy TikTok followers and likes on other social media platforms.

Managed Growth Through Buzzoid


The Managed Growth services from Buzzoid aim to assist you in growing an active and engaged Instagram following. Look into the brand's Managed Growth option if you want to build a following of real people interested in what you have to say, do, or offer without putting in significant work. The creators provide this service under a different name called GrowthSilo.

Growth Silo provides two Managed Growth programs. The launch is the first and costs $49 a month. Accelerate, the second option, costs $99 a month.

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Purchasing from Buzzoid: Instagram Views

Views are the third and last offering from Buzzoid. If you publish videos regularly, views are crucial. You need views more than likes if your Instagram account heavily features or depends on videos. 

More popular profiles on Instagram get more attention than those with fewer likes. It favors videos with a large number of likes but few to no views over those with fewer likes but longer views because it deems these postings "worthy of people's attention."

Views also provide less danger. Instagram has the right to delete any likes or followers from your account if it learns that you bought them. It cannot, however, take away views from your films.

Additionally, even if you don't have a huge following, you might still get hundreds to thousands of views. This signifies two things for you. For one, Instagram is less likely to flag your account for further investigation. Second, unlike with likes, you won't need to shell out anything to get traction with viewers and fans. Instead, you may fake authenticity by purchasing views.

InstaViews may be purchased in increments ranging from 500 to 50,000. 500 views start at $1.99 and go up to $74.99 for a large bundle. Within five minutes of making a purchase, you'll see results, but Buzzoid will begin to work for you immediately (within 60 seconds).

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Quick Delivery


Now that we've covered everything Buzzoid has to offer, let's look at how it differs from the competition. Buzzoid's "Instant Delivery Guarantee" is only one of several advantages the company is pleased to brag about.

 Except for the Managed Growth service, all of Buzzoid's other features come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promise instantaneous likes, follows, or views. As soon as 60 seconds have passed, it guarantees that your movie or videos will begin to get views.

Buzzoid Affordable Pricing

When compared to its rivals, Buzzoid's pricing is competitive. It's one of the first services of its sort, and it has thousands of happy consumers to vouch for it. Only a select few businesses that provide Instagram likes, followers, and video views can make that claim.

Buzzoid Money-Back Guarantee


Longevity alone may not be enough to convince you to use Buzzoid, but the company's promise of a refund just could. Buzzoid offers a money-back guarantee on any of its services if you are dissatisfied with them for any reason. You have 30 days from purchase to obtain a refund. The reimbursement will be issued without further inquiry.

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Buzzoid 24/7 Support

Buzzoid's offer of round-the-clock customer service is another way in which it stands out from its rivals. Any time of day or night, when you buy your plan, you'll start reaping the benefits. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a loyal client with queries, you may reach out to the team online, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Buzzoid Free Trial


Yes, it's nerve-wracking to consider spending money on a product that may make or ruin your company. Buzzoid is cognizant of this and employs the utmost sincerity in its pursuit of making you comfortable with entrusting your brand to it. That's why they provide a free, risk-free demo. 50 genuine, active Instagram users will like your post for free when you join up for the trial. You will gain faith in Buzzoid's abilities as you see the steady stream of outcomes it generates.

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Buzzoid Review: Instagram Views, Followers, and Likes as Social Proof

Buzzoid's website and other sites have hundreds of consumer reviews that have been checked for authenticity. For a product in this category, its 4.65 average rating on independent sources is rather good. If you compare it to other social media platforms, it comes in at number 7.

Buzzoid's evaluations consistently rave about how helpful, reasonably priced, quickly it produces results, and always available its customer service team is. Check out what some of the best customers have said about the brand be

In this 5-star review, this consumer purchased 250 premium likes from Buzzoid and confirms he got value for his purchase. He had this to say: 

I have to say that I am quite pleased with the purchase, as I received high-quality, real accounts with stories uploaded"

Many potential consumers are concerned and want to know if the likes and followers generated are genuine, not bot-generated. An answer to that is captured in this review, “ bots are involved in the process."

The headline of this review is about the delivery and support from Buzzoid. This user raves about how quick the process was from buying to receiving the likes, he said, “ took in total about 3 minutes." He goes on to comment about the customer support of Buzzoid and how quick the response from them was, he got a response within 40 minutes. 

This happy user got premium value for his purchase and promised to switch to Buzzoid to purchase followers and likes. He gives them a 5-star rating and 10/10 for their wonderful service and recommends them to other users

A 4-star review from a consumer who also praised the efficient support team of Buzzoid. He advises consumers to contact the support team and describes them as friendly.

This reviewer had a bumpy start to purchasing followers but was quickly resolved by the efficient support team. This, he says, is the reason for the 4 stars. 

In the end, he got what he wanted, 1000 followers with real accounts. He previously tried to purchase followers from another website but didn’t get value for his purchase. Luckily, he came across Buzzoid and said, “...Buzzoid did a good job."

A 5-star review of Buzzoid from a consumer who didn’t purchase many followers but still got a premium service. This reviewer purchased 50 non-premium Instagram likes from the site and had issues with the authenticity of the likes. 

He contacted the support team to complain and was swiftly attended to and compensated with 100 premium likes. He goes on to recommend Buzzoid and says:

“All I can say is that if you ever buy from this site, opt in for the premium version of their packages. It makes night and day difference."


This is an honest review from a 2-year user of  Buzzoid. He describes Buzzoid as heaven-sent for his marketing agency and has helped over 1000 clients in their marketing campaigns. He said:

“I will continue to use Buzzoid until the very end of Instagram."

He tags Buzzoid as the best site for Instagram marketing.

Each review comes from someone who made a confirmed purchase, as you may have noted. What further sociological evidence do you need?

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Aside from Buzzoid, it's easy to find businesses from whom to buy Instagram likes, followers, or views. Make sure you do your homework and examine the price plans, services, features, and user ratings of various social media platforms before entrusting your brand or image to any business. Here is a list of some of Buzzoid's main rivals.


Kenji In essence, Instagram is an Instagram bot. You may already be aware that bots do repetitive chores for you, including liking, following, and engaging with other people's postings. What you may not be aware of—or perhaps you are—is that Instagram does not like bots. 

So how does Kenji remain in operation if the basis of its services is what Instagram considers "illegal" activity? 

A good query when it comes to Instagram bots is if Kenji is one of the "safe" ones. It analyzes your regular Instagram interactions with other people using artificial intelligence, after which it copies your gestures. It doesn't exaggerate any actions, like excessively liking or sharing information, which keeps you from being discovered.

Although Kenji is an Instagram tool that aids in audience growth and follower development, it operates differently than Buzzoid in that it does the liking, following, and watching on your behalf. 

The more you engage with other users on Instagram, the more probable it is that you will gain a loyal following. We've included the following table so that you may more clearly grasp the distinctions between the two businesses.


  • Provides views, follows, and likes.
  • Offers Premium Packages of High Quality, with the latter being from actual, live accounts.
  • beginning at $1.47 for one-time purchases


  • Also unfollows and automatically replies to other people's stories; makes likes, follows, and views on your behalf.
  • Use audience targeting to connect with users who are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Prices per month start at $47.

Visit to find out more about Kenji and its services.

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A startup called Upleap specializes in selling just Instagram followers. It most substantially varies from Buzzoid, which buys followers, likes, and views, in this area.

It costs $3 for 100 followers, $5 for 500 followers, and $9 for 1,000 followers, which is essentially the same as Buzzoid's price. Additionally, Upleap does provide premium followers.

Although Buzzoid's ordinary products are marginally more affordable, depending on how many followers you buy, its premium options are far more costly, costing an additional $7 to $10.


  • Sells views, likes, and follows.
  • Price points begin at $2.97 for 100 followers and go up to $11.99 for 500 premium followers.
  • You may buy as many as 5,000 followers right now.


  • Simply followers for sale
  • 100 regular followers cost $3, while 100 premium followers cost $9, and 500 premium followers cost $19.
  • may buy up to a thousand followers

Visit to see the available packages.

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Like Upleap, SocialFollow is a platform without bots that assists Instagram users in growing their followings. It does not sell views or likes either, just like Upleap. All following are from genuine, live accounts with live content and live photos. 

According to the brand's site, the business was founded by actual individuals who wish to improve the lives of other companies and influencers.

With a price of $3 for 100 followers, it is roughly comparable to Buzzoid's and Upleap's pricing structures for regular followers. However, its premium follower price is more in line with Upleap's.


Ssells views, likes, and follows.

Price points begin at $2.97 for 100 followers and go up to $11.99 for 500 premium followers.

5,000 followers are available for purchase.


  • Views, likes, and following for a price.
  • 100 normal followers cost $3, while 100 premium followers cost $9. For 500 premium followers, you must spend $19.
  • May buy up to a thousand followers

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Buzzoid Review Conclusion: Is Buzzoid Legit?

It's not easy to amass the kind of Instagram followers that help you reach more people and exert more influence on their followers. Buzzoid is just one example that may help you get a head start. Buzzoid is a simple and cheap way to boost your Instagram popularity and exposure.

You also don't risk getting in trouble with Instagram since the likes and comments come from genuine users. Buzzoid may be the answer you're looking for; visit now to learn more about their plans and prices. 

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