Best Psychics for FREE Psychic Chat, Phone & Email Readings (Insightful Answers)

11:41 AM, Jan 23, 2023

It’s life. 

Sometimes you’re up. Sometimes you’re down, and sometimes you feel unsettled when things don’t seem to work out.

Things don’t have to stay that way.

Psychic chat readings can help you get insightful spiritual perspectives and direction. The only problem is that most psychic readings are pricey.

But what if we told you that you could get a free psychic chat reading with a genuine psychic?

That’s right.

We scoured the internet for free psychic chat platforms with tender-hearted and qualified psychic advisors who can treat you with utmost care free of charge.

Our top picks have stringent screening criteria for psychics, offer satisfaction guarantees, have hundreds of psychics, and, most importantly, offer incredible free-minute deals.

Let’s take a closer look.


Where To Get a Free Psychic Chat Reading Online - First Look

  1. Kasamba - Best psychic readings (FREE chat with every advisor*)
  2. Keen - Go-to-site for money readings (10 mins for $1.99)
  3. AskNow - Online chat via email (1 FREE question + 5 FREE* minutes)
  4. Psychic Source - Career-focused readings ($1/min readings)
  5. Oranum - LIVE free psychic readings (10,000 FREE coins)


1. Free Psychic Chat About Love at Kasamba - 3 FREE Minutes


  • Trusted since 1999
  • 4M+ 5-star ratings
  • 200+ love psychic experts
  • Extensive psychic profiles
  • Free psychic love readings (3 free minutes)
  • Up to 70% off
  • LGBTQ-friendly platform
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction


  • No online psychic readings via video

Kasamba has stayed committed to the cause of helping humanity for over two decades.

Through its existence, the psychic reading site has guided millions to the path of happiness and love.

Kasamba has also attracted over 4M 5-star ratings, which should give you confidence in its quality.



Facing trouble in your love life? Divorce, marriage, or a breakup, perhaps? Kasamba has more than 200 love psychics to help you discuss your concerns and offer actionable, accurate psychic predictions.

The psychic site gets its experts from all over the world, and all must meet strict qualifications requirements to be accepted.

However, Kasamba is not just about romantic relationships. The online psychic reading platform also helps you work through other platonic relationship troubles.

We also love that Kasamba is also sensitive about inclusivity.

Many of Kasamba’s best online psychics are available to help with questions about LGBTQ+ relationships.

How To Get a Free Psychic Chat About Love

To welcome you, Kasamba gives you a Best Match offer of 3 free minutes and up to 50% OFF to give you time to find a befitting psychic. You can use this to get a free love psychic reading. 

Furthermore, you can get as much as 70% OFF your first psychic reading when you use our link. This massive discount greatly helps beginners find their way around online psychic readings affordably.

We also appreciate that Kasamaba has comprehensive psychic profiles to give you clarity when choosing a psychic reader.

The fact that you can see advisor expertise, rating, short bio, and their rate from the mini-bios means you don’t even have to open full psychic profiles when browsing.



Private Communication Methods

  • Chat psychic reading
  • Phone psychic reading

Depending on what’s comfortable for you, you can talk to a live psychic expert on chat or phone.

Currently, Kasamba doesn’t offer psychic or spiritual readings via video. However, many people who visit online psychic reading sites value anonymity, making chat and phone readings appropriate.

Moreover, if a psychic you want isn’t available, the website lets you turn on alerts so that you are promptly notified when they are free.


Free Media

Kasamaba further shows care by giving you free self-help articles.

The articles don’t just help through issues around love. You can also learn more about spirituality, energies, horoscopes, and much more.


Diverse Divination Tools

You’ll like that most Kasamba psychic counselors are versed in multiple divination tools, giving you the flexibility to choose the one you prefer.

Some common tools used are:

  • Tarot cards
  • Crystal balls
  • Pictures
  • Birth charts
  • Horoscope charts

Satisfaction Guarantee

You need assurance that you’re getting value for your time, right?

If you’re not impressed with your first psychic reading, Kasamba would be glad to offer you a refund.


2. Free Psychic Chat About Money on Keen - 3 FREE minutes


  • Helps you find a compatible psychic
  • Over 35M online psychic readings
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • 1700+ psychic readers
  • Astrological readings
  • Free online psychic reading (3 free minutes)
  • Regular promos and discounts


  • Limited satisfaction guarantee

Keen is an old-timer online psychic reading platform that has amassed over 35 million successful psychic readings.

Reputable publications like Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health have even recognized the platform for its efforts to help others.



With about 1700 psychic advisors, Keen boasts the most extensive psychic network and is available round-the-clock. 

This means you will always find an available psychic.

Additionally, most Keen psychics have done tens of thousands of psychic readings, which gives you an advantage in getting informed and experienced advice.

Keen is particularly great at assisting with money and finance issues. 

Furthermore, many psychic readers on the platform are widely educated, therefore cementing their ability to give informed financial advice.

You’re entitled to one reimbursement every 30 days in case of an unpleasant online psychic reading session. 

Seeing that Keen is built on high-quality free psychics, you might not even need to use the satisfaction guarantee.


How To Get a Free Psychic Chat About Money

Keen grants you 3 minutes of free psychic reading online.

There are psychic filters like price, tool, topic, communication, availability, and more to help you locate a tailored psychic expert.

Once you adjust the specialty filter to money and prosperity, you will get a complete catalog of the most experienced money specialists.

After using the site and building rapport with a psychic reader, you can search for them directly or even schedule a prior appointment for easy consulting.



Best Psychic Match

Sometimes browsing through Keen’s enormous psychic selection can be tiring, and the site realizes this.

For this reason, the site has a best psychic matching tool to help you find the best online psychics faster. 

Basically, you’ll take a short quiz on your psychic needs and preferences, and the site will recommend the most suitable match.


Seamless Mobile App

To add to the whole user-friendliness, the website has a highly-rated iOS/Android app to help you with on-the-go free psychic readings.


Regular Promos

Keen also runs frequent promos that you can take advantage of to save some money.

For one, you can receive 10 minutes for just $1.99.


Wide Price Ranges

Keen’s best psychics also offer wide price ranges.

You could get accurate psychic readings online starting from as low as $1 a minute. There are also premium and super-experienced advisors as well.


3. Free Psychic Chat About Family on AskNow - 5 FREE* Minutes



  • Only iOS app

AskNow is a compilation of some of the most reputed psychic experts in the USA. The psychic service has received thousands of awe-inspiring customer ratings and comments to show for it.

AskNow has hundreds of online psychics advisors working 24/7 to see that you consistently access the help you need.



Most importantly, all psychic counselors are meticulously screened to ensure they are empathetic and also give accurate psychic readings.

It’s reported that AskNow reviews its advisors every 6 months to ensure that you’re constantly accessing skillful online psychic readers.

While it offers various spiritual readings, including tarot readings, AskNow provides incredibly insightful family advice

So, whether you’re battling family issues or anything along that line, including past life readings, you can receive assistance here.


How to Get a Free Psychic Chat About Family

AskNow welcomes you with 5 free minutes with your first paid psychic reading. You won’t have trouble getting a free psychic since you can pick one from the site’s main menu. 

If you don’t find a good match, you can narrow down your search by filtering advisors on category (family, in this case), price, and type.

There are also Spanish-speaking and bilingual (English and Spanish) advisors on the site to give Spanish speakers a more pleasant time.

You can even get the site’s app if you want a convenient mobile experience. However, the app seems to only be available on iOS.



$1/minute Packages

  • 30 Minutes for $30
  • 40 Minutes for $40

AskNow gives you a super affordable $1 per minute introductory deal to start your sessions.

On top of the cheap psychic reading, you also get 5 minutes of free psychic reading with the service’s most gifted psychics.


Personalized Psychic Categories

  • Top rated
  • Elite
  • Master

By categorizing its psychic providers into three categories, AskNow saves you time in selecting a psychic expert that fits your budget.


Video Guides

The site also has a selection of educative video tutorials around free online psychic readings and more.

If you’re a little new to psychic consultation, these videos can give you a good psychic bearing and guide you on getting the most value from your sessions.


24/7 Support

To close it off, AskNow has 24/7 customer support to provide timely answers to any questions you might have about the service.


4. Free Psychic Chat About Career on Psychic Source - 3 FREE Minutes


  • 30+ years of experience
  • All major communication options
  • $1/min intro rate
  • Free online psychic reading (3 FREE minutes)
  • Personalized psychic selection
  • Video call for tarot card readings
  • Android/iOS app available
  • Save psychic profiles


  • Limited video psychic readers
  • Quite brief psychic profiles

Boasting 30 years of guiding people to satisfaction and serenity, Psychic Source has the most experience in the online psychic industry.

Psychic Source has hundreds of talented psychics to listen to you. Moreover, many customer reviews point out the good-natured approach of online psychics here.



Careers are a significant cause of angst for most people; job stagnation; confusion about making a career decision; getting back into the workforce after a break; and the like.

You’ll find career psychic experts to lead you to good decisions on Psychic Source.


How To Get a Free Psychic Chat About Career

Psychic Source offers new customers 3 free minutes, and from the onset, you can search for a psychic based on their specialty and psychic reading tool. 

You can even choose the message delivery style, which tells you how much Psychic Source wants to see you get a personalized experience.



$1/Minute Readings

You can get started with your reading for just $1 per minute for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. 

The special introductory rate further attracts 3 free psychic reading minutes to add extra value to your consultation.


Find a Psychic Tool

More on personalization, Psychic Source has a psychic connecting tool that suggests the best possible psychic reader for you.


All Communication Methods

Complementing online chat and phone psychic readings, you can also talk to a reader on live video for a more close-up experience. 

However, video psychic readers are in high demand, so they might not always be available. The good thing, however, is that you can schedule a free psychic reading session, so you don’t always have to come looking.


Save Reader Profiles to Favorites

If you opt to look up online psychics on your own, Psychic Source allows you to save psychic reader profiles so that you can find them easily on later visits.


5. Free Psychic Chat About Self Healing on Oranum - 10,000 FREE Coins


  • Free live videos
  • Free psychic reading online ($9.99 credits on registration)
  • Bonus credits on every purchase
  • Free psychic chat room
  • Considerable number of languages
  • Freebies on every purchase
  • Video call for tarot readings


  • No phone psychic readings
  • Psychic searching can be overwhelming

Oranum prides itself on using ancient reading tools to address problems of the modern world. 

Oranum has more than 100 qualified psychic readers. The psychic reading site goes all out to give you options by bringing together online psychics from all regions of the world



If you have a specific regional preference, then Oranum will fit your bill.

Most of the experts on the site are gifted in spirituality and energy, which means this is a great place to seek self-healing interventions.


How To Get a Free Psychic Chat About Self-healing

When you register, Oranum will give you free credits worth $9.99, which you can use to get a free psychic chat session.

However, you will have to look for a psychic on your own, as Oranum doesn’t offer automized psychic matching. 

However,  the platform has a line of filters, e.g., price, experience, topic, and specialty, to help you maneuver psychic profiles better.


Free Live Streams

Oranum might be the only site that lets you join live video psychic streams for free. 

With free video live streams, you can check out if a psychic is the right one for you before requesting a private online psychic reading session.


Language Variety

Because there are psychic readers from all over the world, Oranum can be accessed by people of many major and even minor world languages.



Top Expert Section

Psychics on Oranum are pretty pocket-friendly. Thus, you can take more time during a reading.

However, if you want the premier experience, you can go to the site’s top experts and find the best psychics of the day, week, and even month.


Free Credits

For registering alone, you receive free credits worth $9.99, which you can use during your psychic chats.

Moreover, every purchase comes with bonus credits to add more minutes to your live psychic sessions.


How We Choose Our Free Psychic Chat Platforms

There are a couple of things we considered to give you the most optimal experience with free psychic reading services.

They include;


Psychic Screening Processes

Psychic platforms devoted to giving their clients a pleasant and insightful time will ensure to provide the most talented and best free psychics.

With this in mind, we checked out how psychic platforms picked their psychic readers and only chose those that conducted thorough screenings.

All the psychic websites we finally selected assessed their psychic readers for skill and accuracy to give you the best chance at accurate psychics.

We gave an edge to platforms that ran continuous quality assessments to ensure they only hired real psychics.


Number of Psychic Readers Available

It would be quite disappointing to have a pressing problem and visit a psychic platform only to find all the advisors are busy.

To help give you more accessibility, we chose the best psychic reading sites with an extensive list of online psychics.

All our recommended psychic reading sites have hundreds of free psychics, and they are available 24/7 so that you can book a session anytime.



Privacy and Discretion

No one would want to visit a psychic platform that puts their personal details at risk.

Your information is extremely sensitive.

We picked accurate psychic reading services with robust security systems, e.g., encryption, to protect you from identity theft and hackers.

We also read through the platforms’ privacy policies to ensure that the psychics honored privacy and customer discretion.

Additionally, we made sure that the free psychic reading websites also employed secure payment methods to protect your financial information.


Communication Methods Available

Different people prefer different communication channels. 

Therefore, the psychic sites we chose needed to offer you the flexibility to select the communication method you were comfortable with.

All the psychic reading services we selected have at least two communication options, usually psychic live chat and phone.

Some also provide three options: free online psychic chat, phone, and video.


Specialties Covered

Apart from the number of psychics, we also paid attention to psychic sites with a wide selection of reading specialties and topics.

We also ensured that the psychics offered varied reading tools to make people choose what they’d prefer.



Psychic Site Convenience

How a psychic website is organized goes a long way in giving you an effortless time finding and talking to a psychic expert.

Therefore, we chose online psychic reading websites that have simple interfaces to give you a trouble-free website experience.

We further ensured that the free psychic reading sites had search filters to aid people in browsing psychics quickly.

We were also keen on selecting psychic platforms with mobile apps for on-the-go free psychic readings online.


Additional Helpful Media

Lastly, we went for platforms that offered extra avenues for you to seek help and learn more about online psychic readings.

All psychic reading services in our lists provide some form of guide and informative articles on psychics and common topics that people have issues with.

We reviewed the articles provided to ensure that they actually offered helpful information to visitors.


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Best Free Psychic Chat Websites - FAQs

Where Can I Ask One Free Psychic Question?

You can ask one free question from a psychic on Kasamba and AskNow.

On top of offering free reading minutes, Kasamba and AskNow let you ask one free question, which will be replied on email.



Are Free Psychic Chat Readings Accurate?

Yes, free psychic chat readings can be very accurate.

Nonetheless, you have to choose a reputable free psychic reading online site like the ones we’ve reviewed so that you aren’t misled by a fake psychic.

Reputable free psychic reading online platforms test their psychic readers and pick the most experienced.


How Long Do Free Psychic Chat Readings Last?

Free psychic chat readings often last for a couple of minutes.

Most online psychic reading sites give you 3-5 free psychic reading minutes to test out a few psychics before committing to a paid session.


Are Free Chat Psychics All-knowing?

No, free chat psychics are not all-knowing. No human is.

The best free psychics are guided by spiritual gifts to interpret and give you messages from the divine world.

Many people make the mistake of asking psychics to solve their problems. Psychics do not necessarily solve problems but give you the advice to help you conquer an issue.



What Type of Questions Can I Ask During a Free Psychic Chat Reading?

You can ask any question during a free psychic chat reading if it's a genuine concern.

It can be about your career, love life, loss, spirituality, and family, just to mention a few.

You want to feel better and be happier, right? 

So, don’t hold back with the questions. Embarrassing or not, all your queries need to be heard.


How Can I Prepare for a Psychic Reading Online?

Some people usually end up not optimizing their time with a psychic well because they don’t know the right approach to take.

Here’s how to prepare for free psychic reading online.

Make a List of Your Questions BEFORE the Session: You want to ensure you’re making the most of your time in a psychic chat reading. Therefore, prepare your question before the meeting, having the most important ones top. 

You can even have something like a top 3 list. This way, even if you run out of time, you’ll have touched on some important points.

Clear Your Mind and Energy: Your mind and energy can affect your psychic readings because some online psychic readers sense energy and mind. 

To be in a state of calmness, you can do some meditation or breathing exercises to free your mind.

Be in a Comfortable Space: Set up in a silent and comfortable place where you will have minimal to no distractions.

You don’t want a kid yelling in the background and interrupting your line of thought, yes?



Keep an Open Mind and Be Realistic: Be open and free to go with the flow and make the reading feel natural. Also, make sure to manage your expectations and don’t expect a 100% solution. 

Be patient and give the psychic reader time to deliver what they have to say.

Be Direct With Your Questions: Straightforward questions give you a better footing to get accurate psychic readings because there’s less room for miscommunication.

Frame your questions in a way that they’d be like you’re seeking advice. 

Instead of asking, “Where will my career be by the end of this year” ask, “What should I do to be at a good place in my career at the end of this year.”

Don’t ‘Test’ the Psychic Reader: Some people feel tempted to ‘test’ the psychic reader to measure if they’re getting a legit psychic reading.

As long as you choose a good psychic reading platform, you will mostly get a real psychic reading. Testing the psychic might seem rude, and some might cancel the consultation altogether.

Take Notes: If your psychic reading online is important to you, taking notes or recording the session might provide a better perspective as you run it back later on.


How Can You Tell if Your Free Chat Psychic Is Legit?

You can tell your free chat psychic is legit in several ways;

  • If they are registered on a top psychic platform, they are likely authentic
  • Positive reviews and ratings are also a good sign of a skillful free chat psychic
  • They treat you gently and are patient
  • They take time to listen to your concerns
  • They ask reasonable questions and respond to yours with depth
  • You feel at peace around them because intuition is quite powerful
  • Legit free chat psychics don’t spread fear and instead offer guidance


Where To Get Real Free Psychics Online - Wrapping Up

We all face challenges that we may not have control over sometimes. Above are the best psychic sites for free readings that can give you a reliable perspective to triumph over your troubles.

Kasamba has more than 200 love psychics to guide you on a free psychic love reading.

You could also opt for Keen for ultimate convenience when seeking divine guidance on your finances.

AskNow also proves to have deeply thoughtful psychics to help you with family-related questions.

However, before starting a free psychic chat, remember to prepare your questions and prioritize your time.

We wish you a fulfilling and illuminating psychic consultation.



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