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5:32 PM, Jan 13, 2023
8:42 AM, Jun 26, 2023
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Life’s pressing questions plague our minds every day. 

Is he the one? Will I get that job? How long until I get a financial breakthrough?

Good thing there are free psychic readings now being offered online. 

We found the five best psychic websites where you can ask a free psychic question to ease your worries and live your best life. 

Kasamba comes first with its famous psychic services on love and romance. 

Read on for more of our top picks that can enlighten you about money matters, careers, family, and self-healing.


Where to Get a Free Psychic Question - First Look

  1. Kasamba - Best psychic reading services (70% OFF + 3 FREE mins)
  2. Keen - Go-to site for money inquiries (3 FREE mins + 10 mins for $1.99)
  3. Psychic Source - Best family advisors (3 FREE mins + $1/min deals)
  4. AskNow - Unmatched career guidance psychics (5 FREE mins + $1/min deals)
  5. Oranum - Accurate self-healing guidance (10,000 FREE coins + FREE live chat room) 


1. Ask a Free Psychic Question About Love at Kasamba


  • 20+ years of experience
  • Free psychic love readings (3 FREE minutes)
  • Up to 70% OFF
  • 24/7 services with live psychics 
  • Mobile application available
  • Psychic reviews available
  • Unmatched love readings


  • Video and phone psychics not available 

Kasamba has been providing psychic reading services since 1999

With over two decades of experience, they have attracted over 3 million people as a regular audience. 

They offer a range of psychic services, such as tarot card readings, dream interpretations, psychic medium services, and astrological readings

But they’re most known for their detailed psychic readings on love. 

While Kasamba doesn’t offer video or phone readings, they have 300 online psychics specializing in psychic love readings to answer your burning question 24/7. 

Once you open Kasamba, you can immediately see the roster of love psychic advisors in its own tab. 

Kasamba’s top-rated psychics usually have decades of experience guiding people with their qualms about love. 

They deliver quick and accurate readings that have received positive reviews from thousands of people. 

What we love best is that these top psychics put your emotions and confidentiality. 

They are caring and supportive without sugarcoating the signs they receive from their spirit guides. 



How to Ask a Psychic a FREE Question About Love 

Kasamba is the best place to get a free psychic reading online about love.

On this site, your first 3 minutes are free, and you can get 50% off of the original psychic rates or 70% off with our link.

Quickly scroll through psychics who are available and send them a live chat. 

Kasamba has psychics specializing in the following:

  • Breaking Up & Divorce
  • Cheating & Affairs
  • Gay & Lesbian relationships
  • Marital Life
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Single & Dating
  • Soulmate Connections 

Before getting in touch, you can read the psychics’ detailed profiles and some reviews to help you decide if they are the right ones for you. 

Remember that you’ll need an account before you can send a message to your chosen psychic.



Impressive Features 

Helpful Love Reading FAQs

Kasamba provides helpful FAQs at the bottom of their love psychics page to offer some guidance on choosing a psychic and getting a free psychic reading online on love. 

They define what free psychic readings can and cannot provide to a customer to level everyone’s expectations. 

Love Forecasts

Love Forecasts are available for each Zodiac sign from Kasamba’s best love psychics. 

Blog Articles on Love and Relationships 

For customers who just finished their free psychic reading online and want to take action immediately, blog articles are available on Kasamba for that added guidance. 


2. Ask a Free Psychic Question About Money on Keen


  • 20+ years of experience
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Free psychic readings online (First 3 minutes FREE)
  • iOS and Android app available
  • Featured in many reputable magazines
  • Best readings about money


  • Long lines and waits

Keen is a veteran of online psychic reading. 

They have served people in need of spiritual readings and guidance for more than two decades

Even so, their website designs put them in the same league as newer psychic reading sites, appearance-wise.

They are home to many world-renowned online psychics who use tarot card readings, numerology, life readings, crystal gazing, and many more in their free psychic readings.

In addition, Keen can lead you to an experienced reader specializing in Money and Prosperity. 



Keen’s Psychic Network boasts over 1,700 psychics

Out of these, there are 26 Money and Financial Outlook advisors that might have the answers to all your questions. 

Most offer guidance in manifesting financial gain, which is what many of us need right now.

They also provide a psychic Match Quiz, so you won’t have to browse through this long list of professionals before deciding on someone who may help you.

Psychics on Keen have the cheapest rates out of all psychic readings online. 

You can get 10-minute sessions with them for only $1.99 and 3 free minutes if you’re a new member. 


How to Ask a Psychic a FREE Question About Money 

Register for an account and head to the Advisors tab. 

Select the Money and Prosperity or Financial Outlook filter and any tools or skills you prefer your advisor to have. 

Once you are led to the filtered list, browse and read their profiles thoroughly. 

Call highly-qualified professionals who can answer questions about businesses and investments, worthy purchases, and more. 

Your first three minutes are free so make the most out of it.



Impressive Features

Advance Appointments  

The Keen psychic queue can be quite long and you may have to wait in line quite a bit.

Fortunately, you can save yourself the hassle. 

If the reader you want to book is unavailable, you can set an appointment with them in advance to ensure you have a slot the next time you come in.

Satisfaction Guarantee 

Keen offers money-back and free sessions to people unsatisfied with their original free psychic reading minutes in a paid online psychic reading session. 

Specific Filters 

On Keen, you can use filters to narrow down available online psychic readers according to price, skills, specialties, tools, and rating.

Quick Tips 

Keen provides a list of tips people can use to make the most out of their free psychic reading online, what to expect, and what details to disclose and not disclose to the advisor.


3. Ask a Free Psychic Question About Family on Psychic Source


  • 30+ years of experience
  • Cheap psychic reading ($1/min)
  • Free psychic readers (3 FREE minutes)
  • Screening process for psychics
  • Best online psychics for family
  • Satisfaction guarantee 
  • Find a Psychic interactive tool 


  • Some advisors don’t offer video readings

Psychic Source’s 30 years of experience shine through when it comes to giving almost every type of reading. 

However, they specialize in Numerology and online tarot readings about relationships between family, whether related by blood or not. 

Psychic Source’s interface is clean and easy to navigate, so looking for a psychic reader of your choice won’t be too hard as long as you know what you want out of your session. 



Filters on Psychic Source further categorize their online psychic readers under Relationships & Family. 

Some categories include Sibling/Parental Issues, Social Media Influence, and Toxic Relationships.

Hundreds of psychics specialize in these three categories, so chances are, your question about a distant sibling, a lost father, or any family conflict will receive a proper answer.


How to Ask a Psychic a FREE Question About Career 

Make an account on Psychic Source and start browsing through online psychic readers under the Relationships & Family category. 

Their profiles display the types of readings they offer and their appointment scheduler for easy access. 

Ask yourself what you want to know specifically about your family.

 Information like your family member’s birthday and initials will come in handy in case the psychic reader needs it. 

You’ll get 3 free minutes on your first paid reading, so have your questions ready to get the value of your free and paid minutes.



Impressive Features

Satisfaction Guarantee

You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee or money-back if your free psychic reading and paid minutes do not give you reassurance or clarity. 

Video Readings 

Many psychic sites don’t offer video readings. 

However, while not all psychics on Psychic Source offer video readings, the site has a long list of psychics and tarot readers that prefer this format for a better face-to-face connection. 


Psychic Source also offers quizzes that give you information about your spirit animal, and astrological signs and spiritual readings are available for entertainment and insight.


4. Ask a Free Psychic Question About Career on AskNow


  • 17+ years of experience
  • Free online psychics (5 FREE minutes)
  • Introductory packages at $1 per minute
  • Most strict psychic screening process
  • Great profiles with availability schedules 
  • 24/7 access to psychics 


  • Advisor lists are a bit cluttered 

AskNow is the best site to visit when you’re a little bit lost in your career path. 

Though they offer astrology readings, love readings, and dream interpretation, the readings that relate to professional endeavors are their most popular offering. 

While the list of psychics on AskNow is a bit cluttered, it’s reassuring that the advisors on AskNow undergo strict screening processes.

For this reason, you can rest assured you’re getting career guidance services from expert psychics and tarot readers. 

The clairvoyant psychics are categorized into tiers: Top-rated, Elite, and Master.

If you want to start with low-cost services, some top-rated advisors accept however much you are comfortable paying. 

The first five minutes are free with your first paid reading.



How to Ask a Psychic a FREE Question About Career 

You receive a free five-minute reading on your first session. 

Just use AskNow’s filters to see online psychics under your preferred type (Top-Rated, Elite, Master), price, availability, reading type (phone psychic reading or chat), and select the Careers and Goals category. 

After you’ve found a psychic reader that you think can answer your question on your profession and personal goals, discuss if you want a same-day reading or an early appointment. 

AskNow also provides a satisfaction guarantee for your money back or a reading with another psychic if your first psychic reading online was unsatisfactory.



Impressive Features

Introductory Package 

AskNow offers a $1 per minute introductory package that may come in 30 or 40-minute variations. This is only available for new users.

Available in Spanish 

The site can be translated into Spanish for users who are more comfortable with this language.

Video Guides 

AskNow provides video guides on how to get a free psychic reading and the different purposes they can be used for.


Blog articles can be accessed if a customer wants more insightful psychic readings into astrology, spiritual readings, and psychic topics.


5. Ask a Free Psychic Question About Self Healing on Oranum


  • 10+ years of experience
  • FREE LIVE chat room
  • 10,000 FREE coins
  • Unmatched video readings
  • FREE readings demonstrations


  • No reviews available 

Oranum calls itself the world’s most visited online psychic reading platform for video chat. 

It’s indeed something worthy to pride itself on, as only a few free psychic reading websites offer video chat psychic readings. 

They can be contacted 24/7 and have accurate psychics and tarot readers from around the world.



Oranum’s online psychics are the best at making your free online psychic readings as immersive as possible on video. 

Part of the experience is sensing your energy to give more accurate psychic readings online, interpretations, and advice for your situation. 

For people who are not yet able to book an appointment, some psychic readers post recorded videos for free viewing if extra clarity and direction on personal development are needed. 


How to Ask a Psychic a FREE Question About Self-Healing 

You can receive online psychic readings from Oranum after signing up and purchasing your credits which will serve as your currency on the site. 

Oranum will offer you 10,000 free coins, which you can use towards your absolutely free psychic reading sessions.

Then, select the Healing category and begin a live chat with your preferred psychic reader if they are marked as available. 

They have a ranking system to help bring you to their best psychic readers, who are given the most points. 

Tarot readings and crystal healing are popular methods to guide people in their short- or long-term physical or mental healing decisions.



Impressive Features

Live Chat  

You can immediately chat with your reader after clicking on their profile. See if they are marked available and ask away. 

Live Sessions 

Readers do live sessions and do readings for viewers on the spot, a fast way to get your readings in no time. 

Favorite Reader List

Like a reader? Save them for future sessions on a favorite reader list and get notified when they are online.

Social Media Linking

Readers often connect their content from social media so customers can get to know them better.


Finding FREE Psychic Questions by Phone - Selection Process

As you can expect not all FREE psychics are legit - or actually 100% free. That’s why a number of factors went in to our selection process when finding psychic websites that truly allowed offer one free psychic question. 

Are The Free Psychic Questions Real?

We've selected only online psychic reading sites where you can really ask a free psychic a question. Sometimes the free minutes are so long that it seems more like you're receiving a full reading.

Does The Site Have Legitimate Specialties?

Does each site have the receipts to back up its professed specialty?

How many love or career psychics does a site have? Do the customer reviews support that these readers are really the best online psychics in a particular category?

Any Free Features Available?

How many of a website's functions are available at no cost?

For instance, does the site offer horoscopes? If so, are they available daily, weekly, monthly, and annually? Does the site have free interactive elements, such as artificial intelligence oracles?

In short, what about this website makes you want to stick around and explore further?

Does The Site Screen Its Psychics?

When looking for a psychic, how can you tell whether they're genuine?

It's only fair that you find out whether the site you're on does any kind of reader screening. We think it's crucial for every psychic website to test their readers' psychic talents periodically.

How Much Experience Does The Site Have?

Our list includes online psychic reading websites ranging in age from 10 to 30, with 30 being the oldest.

Both have been around long enough to be termed established, having weathered the "flash in the pan" and "fashionable" phases.

All our recommended free psychic reading sites provide high-quality readings from genuine psychic readers and some kind of free trial or discount to try them out.



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FAQs - Must Read Before Asking ONE Free Psychic Question

Why Should You Avoid Yes or No Free Psychic Questions?

You should avoid yes or no free psychic questions as they don’t provide detail and necessary precautions. 

It’s better to have open-ended readings done with tarot, runes, and the like, which draw stories that are easy to internalize.


How Should You Prepare for a Free Psychic Reading?

Prepare for online psychic readings by listing down specific questions you want to ask, knowing your final intent, and being open to any results. 

Visit AskNow for video guides on making the most out of your first free psychic reading session. 


What Topics Can You Discuss With a Free Psychic?

You can discuss almost everything with a free psychic. 

Money, career, family, and self-healing are common topics customers discuss with advisors. 

Kasamba does the best in free psychic readings on the most popular topic, love. 



Where Can I Ask One Free Psychic Question?

The following are websites where you may get a free psychic reading and ask a question:

  • Kasamba - The best of the psychic for questions on love and relationships.
  • AskNow - The top site for tarot readings and career questions
  • Psychic Source - The best site for psychic mediums and questions about your family and ancestors.


Is a Free Online Psychic Reading Accurate?

Yes, a free reading can be accurate.

That's because many paid psychic reading websites use free readings as an advertising tactic.

Therefore, professional psychics will make an effort to be as precise as possible in their free readings in the hopes that clients will sign up for a more in-depth paid reading.

However, free psychic readings given by amateurs on social media sites like Facebook are often inaccurate due to their inexperience, but it's possible to get some useful insight from them.


Are Psychics All-knowing?

No, psychic readers cannot don’t know everything.

It's important to remember that even the most gifted psychic readers are still human and, as such, may make mistakes just like the rest of us.



What Type of Questions Can I Ask During a Free Psychic Reading?

Any question is fair game during a free psychic reading, but bringing up something close to your heart is preferable.

For example;

  • Will I fall in love in the coming year?
  • Will there be any future opportunities for me at my current job?
  • A close friend has been acting weird lately; can I still trust them?

However, getting answers to your specific inquiries is not always the point of a psychic reading.

Instead, they should provide you with psychological and spiritual insight to aid in your decision-making and further your development.


What Are the Things To Avoid When Getting a Free Psychic Reading Online?

Here are several things to avoid when getting a free psychic reading. They include;

Talking Too Much

Only a little window of time is allotted for free readings. 

Therefore, if you're going to see a psychic, it's best to come up with questions ahead of time and stay silent and listen.

Limit Your Expectations

It's easy to miss what may be intelligent and insightful advice from your psychic reader if you're hoping for miracles instead.

The best online psychic readings don't always offer psychic predictions; sometimes, they just help us better understand ourselves.

Check Your Equipment

Make sure everything is in working order before you get a free psychic reading online.

If you’ll be having phone psychic readings, make sure your headphones work, and your internet connection is stable.

Be sure your phone has enough juice if the conversation will take place online.

And last, be sure to save a record of the psychic reading session by either taking notes, keeping a transcript of the discussion, or recording what was said.



What Are the Benefits of Free Online Psychic Readings?

A free reading provides a fresh viewpoint on external events and motivates you to do some serious introspection.

Some of the upsides of getting a free online psychic reading are listed below.

See Your Life from a Better Perspective

How often have you let your thoughts spiral out of control, causing you to feel down and depressed?

The ancient adage "Don't sweat the small stuff; it's all small stuff" is true, and a psychic may help you recognize this and free your mind.

Feel More Connected

The idea that we are all interconnected and have a greater purpose forms the basis of many spiritual traditions.

When experiencing negative emotions like anger or sadness, it may be easy to feel alone, helpless, and hopeless.

Psychic readings done online may help us create a future that we never imagined was conceivable.

Be More Empowered

Do you think you can make your life what you want it to be?

A clearer picture of your own strength may be gleaned from the greatest online psychic readings.

Saying "no" to what dishonors you and "yes" to possibilities are both miraculous feats.

As holy rituals,  free psychic readings have the power to unlock your ultimate potential.



Which Are Better, Phone Psychics or Chat Psychics?

Phone psychic readings and online chat readings are equally effective; it all comes down to personal preference.

A phone psychic is the way to go if you like talking on the phone and learning from lectures.

The converse is true for individuals who enjoy reading and writing. In this case, a chat reading is the best option.

And if you want something that mimics an in-person reading, a video reading is the way to go.


Is Fortune Telling Real?

Yes, it is possible to know the future or predict certain events for another individual.

Psychic readers have been making psychic predictions about the future using crystal balls, Tarot cards, tea leaves, and even shells for hundreds of years.

Some of the most famous fortune tellers in history have amassed massive followers who swear by the advice they received from their readings.


Where Can I Ask a Psychic Question Free of Charge? Verdict

You can ask a free psychic question at any of the sites listed in this review one way or another!

Kasamba, the dating pros, is our #1 selection in general.

Their Best Match Guarantee, in which you get three free chat minutes with every new psychic you try, and the three free minutes you get with your first reading are both legit.



The 1,700 psychics and professional advice givers Keen came in second.

Not only do you get the first FREE minutes free, but their 10-min deal for $1.99 is better value than any other deal available. In 10-mins you could easily ask a couple of questions and possibly get an in-depth answer to your worries.  

In third place is Psychic Source, which has been providing online psychic readings longer than any other service and is an authority on subjects related to your family and ancestry.

For new customers, they provide three free minutes of reading time, and they have the most affordable $1 per minute bundles of any website.

Regardless of your reasons for seeking out a psychic, we hope that you find the finest possible online psychic reader and pricing at one of the sites listed above.

Cynics believe that "you can't get anything for nothing."

Idealists have faith in the possibility of a utopia in which everyone has complete freedom and material plenty.

We fall in the center of the spectrum.

Free psychic readings online are a reality. We have proven it in this article.

When we say "free readings," we're referring to free live chat, readings by email, and free minutes.

There are also partially free readings, such as $1 per minute for online psychic readings.

We've compiled a list of the top places to receive a free psychic reading and maybe even a priceless solution to your burning question.