How To Use ChatGPT and the Best Essay Writing Services Alternatives

2:50 PM, May 01, 2023
2:50 PM, May 01, 2023

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Using ChatGPT is a growing trend that may leave you scratching your head if you need help figuring out where to start. Here we look at six easy steps you can follow to achieve suitable results with ChatGPT.  

While ChatGPT is a useful language model that many people use to generate articles, the resultant text can be detected by programs like GPTZero.

So we also look into some established essay writing services, like 99Papers, Dissertation Guru, and Essay Box. Such services are suitable ChatGPT alternatives that won’t be caught by plagiarism and AI-essay detectors.

How To Use ChatGPT

Is ChatGPT good for writing essays? The answer depends on how you use it and how much you’re willing to edit the final piece. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use ChatGPT to write an essay:

1. Access ChatGPT

ChatGPT is available through the OpenAI API, so you may know how to use ChatGPT to generate text immediately. There is no fee to register to utilize the service, but there is now a ChatGPT Plus subscription service for $20 a month with faster response times and access to new features.

2. Provide a Prompt

ChatGPT requires a prompt that specifies the article's subject and general framework before it may produce a paper for you. "Write an essay on the virtues of renewable energy," is an example of a prompt.

3. Fine-Tune the Model

Depending on the depth of your subject and the expected quality of the generated content, you may need to tweak the model. 

Simply feeding it a large enough dataset composed of similar texts will do the trick. Or you might instruct it to write like a specific author.

4. Generate Text

When it comes to how to use ChatGPT, once the model has been established, you can ask it to generate text in response to a given prompt. It is essential to adjust factors like message length and tone to regulate the amount of originality in the created text.

5. Edit and Revise the Generated Text

ChatGPT's output may need more polishing and editing before it's ready for prime time. This may entail reviewing grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as well as ensuring that the material flows effectively and is logically constructed.

6. Insert Your Own Thoughts

You may take the produced content as a starting point for your essay and then add your thoughts and concepts to make it unique. This is essential when still learning how to use ChatGPT.

If you're composing an academic essay, this is of paramount importance. Putting your personal spin on the essay is essential. It must sound like you wrote it.

What Is ChatGPT?

OpenAI's ChatGPT advances language models. It is a transformer-based language AI trained on a vast corpus of human interactions.

Poetry, discourse, and computer code may be created with a surprisingly human quality.

ChatGPT aids natural language processing by producing, translating, and answering questions. It may be tailored for specific uses by training it on a reduced dataset relevant to the purpose.

How To Use ChatGPT for Essay Writing?

Can I use ChatGPT for school essays? ChatGPT may produce essays when provided with a subject or thesis statement to the model and then asking it to produce prose. The article might be guided by your queries and the arguments you wish to make.

After learning how to use ChatGPT, you may make the information the model produces your own by editing and revising it. In order to be regarded as a completed essay, the produced material will likely need extensive editing and fact-checking.

How To Use ChatGPT: Why Human Essays Are Better

Undoubtedly, every applicant wants to submit the best essay possible to increase their chances of attending their ideal university or passing their course. 

Because of this, many are willing to use extreme strategies, such as using AI to produce content. At first, this looks like a very great idea. Rapid results, no expense to you, and less labor on your side are all enticing.

Then, why wouldn't you benefit from this modern method of "writing"? However, it's not as simple as it initially seems. Let's evaluate the probable risks.

Factually accurate and thorough information creation is a challenge for ChatGPT. It has to do with how it responds to the command. The software attempts to predict the next word that should be used by looking at the phrase or paragraph's context.

Therefore, although the admission paper must be of very high quality, have a clear and logical structure, and include many precise facts, the content may have some errors.

Because ChatGPT's output is so standardized, it is challenging to stand apart. The only person who can explain what makes you unique is you.

Artificial intelligence ignores your identity and what makes you special. Additionally, you are unable to provide detailed instructions or specifications. Thus, the request is limited.

Plagiarism is quite likely. Assume that many applicants are seeking the same thing: an outstanding personal statement or essay. Multiple users will likely receive outputs that are similarly themed, according to ChatGPT's present algorithm.

The chatbot can only produce a certain kind of content as a consequence.

When it comes to presenting and summarizing new content, ChatGPT has trouble. The entire design and structure might suffer as a consequence. Completing it or improving the result may require a great deal of additional effort.

Best Essay Writing Services Alternatives To ChatGPT

Despite ChatGPT's widespread adoption, the AI chatbot isn't always accessible, which is a huge drawback for users. Alternatives like 99Papers, Dissertation Guru, and Essay Box are available if you're interested in experimenting with AI chatbots and writers.

99Papers - Best Essay Writing Services Alternatives To ChatGPT

If you need an excellent essay quickly at a reasonable price, go no further than 99Papers. It is one of the cheapest rapid services for essay writing out there, with pricing starting at $9 a page.


  • Writing services that are both affordable and open to the public.
  • Endless rewrites. 
  • Help with writing from scratch 15% back in cash for all purchases.
  • Exemplary client relations.


  • An additional fee for a plagiarism report.
  • There is no way to talk to customer support by phone. 

Why Choose 99Papers?

If you are a college student seeking a cheap choice with a quick response time, 99Papers is the ideal essay writing service. You have limitless changes on each essay till it satisfies your needs.

Dissertation Guru

Students working on their dissertations may get a variety of help from the website known as Dissertation Guru. This firm, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, started operating in 2014.

This company offers various services, including editing, proofreading, formatting, and consultation for dissertations. Dissertation Guru furthermore offers a money-back guarantee.


  • The business provides a money-back guarantee.
  • You may get dissertation assistance from the company's staff of specialists.
  • The business provides a range of services.


  • The webpage might need some work on usability.
  • Both live chat and telephone help are unavailable.

Why Choose Dissertation Guru?

Students may get editing, proofreading, and formatting help from Dissertation Guru, a reliable business.

Both the job quality and the level of customer service are inconsistent. All of the organization's services come with a money-back guarantee.

Essay Box

The best spot to go for all of your essay needs is Essaybox. You may get an essay on just about any subject studied in schools for grades k–12 and above. In addition, the website could be useful for master's theses and doctoral dissertations.


  • 100 percent unique content.
  • Quick delivery.
  • A broad range of educational levels and topic areas.


  • When you place an order last minute, prices increase.
  • A plagiarism report is available for a fee.

Why Choose Essay Box?

Customers that are happy with Essay Box often praise the business for its excellent customer service and high-quality goods. 

How To Use ChatGPT: FAQs

Still wondering how to use ChatGPT? We may be able to help.

How To Use ChatGPT To Write My Essays?

Ask ChatGPT to produce text after providing it with a subject or thesis statement to use as the basis for your essay. 

Additionally, you may direct it by posing particular issues or concerns that you want the essay to address. We strongly advise using services such as 99Papers for accuracy.

How To Use ChatGPT To Write Essays in Other Languages?

ChatGPT can write essays in other languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, and German. Also, it can generate content in over 40 languages, such as Russian, Korean, and Arabic. 

How To Use ChatGPT Essay Writing Alternatives?

For human writing services such as 99Papers, Dissertation Guru, and Essay Box, you simply get in touch with your order, review it once it’s complete, and ask for any revisions if necessary.

How To Use ChatGPT: Conclusion

The use of AI technologies to write essays, reports, and other business-related materials is growing in popularity.

The advantages and disadvantages of employing AI for writing should be considered, even if these technologies may speed up the production of material for those with hectic schedules. 

AI systems may aid with spelling and grammatical mistakes, come up with content ideas, and save time and money. It also makes us question how artificial intelligence will impact education.

However, AI writing tools can only produce things within the bounds of what they are designed to accomplish, and they may not always be completely correct. They have yet to grasp human complexity.

To make sure your essays won’t be caught by AI-text detectors like GPTZero, consider using inexpensive essay writing services like 99Papers.

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