Is Kasamba LEGIT or FAKE? [2023 Review] Know the Truth about Real Psychics

11:54 AM, Jan 23, 2023

Although a lot of people have benefited from consulting online psychics, there are still some people who are suspicious about it.

In the end, everyone wants to visit a trustworthy psychic reading site, right? 

We are familiar with the tales. Not fun at all.

Have you heard the one about the psychic advisor who told a woman who was heartbroken that she needed to buy her a ring with a 9.2-carat diamond to find love again?

That's only one of many terrifying tales. We do not want you to be the next victim.

If you are searching for an online psychic platform that provides accurate readings,  Kasamba psychic network provides reliable readings from top-rated psychics.

In this in-depth Kasamba review, you’ll learn the ins and outs of this online psychic reading site to decide if it's the right fit for your needs.

Let's go! at a Glance

What We Like

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Extensive selection of readings
  • Dependable Kasamba app 
  • Extensive collection of articles 
  • Most accurate psychic love readings

What We Don’t Like

  • Discounts for first-time customers only
  • No video readings
  • Slow email readings

Deals Available


Bottom Line - Unmatched Psychic Love Readings

Kasamba has demonstrated that they can provide accurate readings thanks to their extensive expertise, which spans over 20 years.

In addition, they provide a Best Match Guarantee, which gives you a few free minutes to aid you in finding the appropriate psychic reader.

Add to it a large selection of readings, and you have a psychic network ideal for anyone seeking professional psychic counsel.


HONEST Kasamba Review from Actual Customers Online

This reviewer clearly demonstrates that the best psychic reading online is the one in which you have a seamless connection with your psychic reader.

This is yet another instance in which a psychic and a client have a synergistic relationship.  

The client demonstrates their spiritual development as a direct result of their connection with the psychic advisor.

A psychic reading can, on occasion, defy all rational explanations and leave you in awe.

This reviewer is impressed with the quality of service they got from the different Kasamba advisors they consulted — a true testament that you’ll only find the best of the best on this psychic platform.

Kasamba psychic readings are charged by the minute. This user fell victim to a typical pitfall where psychics go on and on to increase your chat time without really sharing anything beneficial. 

If your counselor improvises and goes off on tangents, discontinue the reading and choose another psychic.

It is always in your best interest to select Kasamba experts who have greater experience. It's possible that new Kasamba advisors are still getting their feet wet and making mistakes, which might lead to terrible sessions with their clients.


Best Kasamba Psychics & Clairvoyants (According to Reviews)

When looking for a psychic reader, it's not always about finding the person with the most experience but an online psychic who resonates with you.

Of course, doing some comparison shopping will be necessary, but in the meanwhile, here are a few psychic readers we believe to be the greatest on Kasamba.


PsychicHermes is consistently ranked as one of the most highly recommended and in-demand psychic advisors on Kasamba.

PsychicHermes fits in with the site's custom of providing love psychic readings, as seen by his almost 23,000 positive Kasamba reviews and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

With a focus on dating and singles, he is dedicated to assisting singles of all ages in finding their ideal partner.

Another Kasamba psychic, who goes by the name Immense Spark n Aura, is the kind of person you should talk to if you have general concerns about your spiritual health.


Immense Spark n Aura is a multi-generational clairvoyant that relies on  Tarot reading and Astrology to help you connect with your true self. 

She has received over 15,000 Kasamba reviews, all of which have given her 5 stars.


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OUR Kasamba Review - Getting Started 

What Is Kasamba?

Kasamba is a renowned psychic reading platform.

The site has provided psychic readings with immense accuracy for more than 20 years, and their psychics have the training and experience to help you find solutions to the complexities of your everyday life.


How to Sign Up and Get Started

There is a wide variety of readings available on Kasamba and numerous authentic psychics at your disposal in a matter of seconds when you select the desired category from the main menu.

If you find that more than one of Kasamba's online psychic advisors piques your curiosity, you may take advantage of their Best Match Guarantee

With this, you can test out different psychic advisors for free for 3 minutes until you find the right one.

After you have chosen a reader, all you have to do is click the Let's Chat button, and you will be taken through the registration process, during which you will choose a username, a password, and preferred mode of payment.



Browsing Kasamba Psychic Advisors for Your First Reading

Although Kasamba has hundreds of psychic counselors, each psychic has their own profile page.

There are sections detailing their years of expertise and professional accomplishments, personal statements regarding their inborn psychic powers, and the kinds of readings they offer on this page.

The list of Kasamba psychic reviews that they have gotten from consumers is, however, the most crucial aspect of this section.

You are presented with an up-to-date understanding of how that particular advisor does in their psychic sessions because each of these evaluations is conducted in real-time. This transparency-focused approach emphasizes how well each advisor does in their readings.


What is a Psychic Reading Session on Kasamba Like?

After registering for a Kasamba account and selecting a Kasamba advisor, you are now prepared to engage in online psychic reading.

Naturally, each reading is unique.

However, most general readings begin with the client posing a question to the psychic. The psychic advisor will then start their task after that.

The most gifted Kasamba psychics typically only need a little time before they can impart valuable wisdom to their clients. 

From the favorable customer evaluations we read, readings on this online psychic network don’t seem to steer away from this pattern.



Do Kasamba Psychics use Physical Tools, Natural Abilities, or Both?

To provide accurate readings, an internet psychic must possess psychic abilities, regardless of whether they employ a tool, their innate talent, or both.

On Kasamba, you may get palm readings, astrology, tarot, and aura readings, among others. 

Each of these accurate Kasamba psychic readings demands a certain level of psychic ability to respond accurately to a customer's inquiry. The only readings that require tools are aura readings.

This demonstrates that Kasamba psychics will utilize tools and talents to guarantee you receive the most precise online psychic services.


Best Psychic Readings Available on 

Compared to other online psychic sites, Kasamba offers one of the best psychic reading collections.

Below are examples of Kasamba psychic readings:


Love and Relationship Readings

Kasamba has a stellar reputation for offering clients some of the best psychic readings on love available anywhere.

Kasamba’s psychics specializing in love psychic readings should be able to help you, whether you're searching for a new love, recuperating from a breakup, looking for your soul mate, or you’re a member of the LGBTQ community.



Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards are arguably the most popular divination worldwide.

For this reason, tarot readings and tarot readers are in high demand.

If you’re looking for a reliable Tarot card reading, Kasamba boasts over 200 experts with expertise in various tarot decks.

You can get an enlightening Tarot card reading that ranges from a one-card spread all the way up to The Temperance Card.


Astrology Readings

Astrology readings have long used correlations between planetary motion and earthly occurrences to foretell future developments.

Kasamba horoscope psychic readings might supply the cosmic guidance you want if you want to see your life take a different path.

There are 100+ professionals on Kasamba that can provide astrology readings around the clock, regardless of whether you are interested in Western, Chinese, or Vedic astrology.



Dream Analysis

As most professional psychics will tell you, the dream and psychic worlds are the same.

In truth, the imagery we experience in dreams is a symbolic language that gives us insight into the existence of spirit on a subconscious level.

The interpretation of these symbols can be achieved through dream analysis, which can greatly assist in re-establishing a connection with our innate intuitive capacity.

Check with the dream interpretation professionals at Kasamba to see what your higher self is trying to tell you if you've been having strange or reoccurring dreams.


Career Forecasts

Are you fed up with your employment but unsure what to do next? Have you lost some clarity surrounding your goal of having a successful career?

More than 200 psychic counselors on Kasamba specialize in career forecasts and may help steer you in the right direction using tarot reading, astrology, and palm readings.

If you don't have a strategy or ambition, Kasamba's career forecasts should assist you in finding your way through whatever professional desert you're in.



Fortune Telling

The capacity to foretell events or look into the future is known as fortune telling. 

If you're feeling down about the days ahead, it might be time to get life readings from fortune tellers on Kasamba.

Kasamba’s psychics assert that they can reveal the future thanks to their clairvoyant fortune telling psychic abilities and profound intuitive insights.


Crystal Readings

Gypsy women gazing into crystal balls is perhaps the most well-known depiction of psychics.

Scrying was the term used in the past for what was thought to be a method of communicating with earth spirits and elementals to get knowledge from them.

40+ experts in crystal readings are standing by at Kasamba, ready to give you the straight scoop on what they see for you in the crystal ball.



Pet Psychics

Everyone has a special place in their heart for their furry family members, but have you ever wondered what they, or any of the other animals in your home, truly think?

If you are unsure of what drives your four-legged companion, the verified pet psychics at Kasamba can provide insight into your loyal companion's mind.


Kasamba Horoscope Reading

Your horoscope might be central to who you are and getting a clear reading every week, month or even day might give you just the reassurance that you need to keep pushing forward. 

At Kasamba, you can get access to free horoscope readings (daily, weekly, monthly), a monthly career forecast, and a yearly love forecast.


Kasamba’s Online Psychic Services - Features & Prices

Communication Methods

After you have selected an online psychic to work with, you will be able to communicate with them through online chat, phone, or email.

Online chat appears to be the method that most people select; nevertheless, phone readings are likely to be more suitable for individuals uncomfortable with typing.

Email readings, which might take up to 24 hours to respond to, appear to be the method that is used the least frequently.


Payment Methods & Costs

Kasamba accepts two payment options. When your reading is finished, you can pay immediately with your credit card or use it to add money to your Kasamba account.

As an alternative, you can fund your Kasamba account using PayPal.

A spiritual reading on Kasamba can range from $1.99 per minute to $30 per minute.

It is possible to look for psychic reading services depending on the price, which is helpful if you are working with a limited budget.

You can sort the results of each web page according to several criteria, including price range, by using a filter towards the top right-hand corner of each page. 

This filter is specific to the reading category that you select.


Free Readings, Deals & Special Offers

The site’s Best Match Guarantee gives you three free minutes of chat time with each new advisor you choose, allowing you to try a few different Kasamba’s psychics before committing to a paid reading.

After you decide to purchase a reading, this offer of three free minutes will also apply to the first three minutes of your first phone reading.



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Kasamba Review - What Alternatives are Available?

Psychic Source: Best Psychic Mediums

Psychic Source has been providing some of the best online psychic readings for over three decades, making it the oldest psychic reading website, and an excellent Kasamba psychic reading alternative.

It’s among the few psychic websites that offer a wide range of readings and some fascinating free-minute bargains to get you started. This is exactly what you would expect from an experienced psychic reading service like this one.

When you go to Psychic Source, though, the thing you really want to do is obtain a reading from one of their exceptional psychic mediums.

If you need to communicate with the spirits, Psychic Source should be able to provide you with the appropriate psychics for your situation.


Learn more >> Psychic Source Review


Keen: Best Spiritual Advisors

Keen is widely recognized as one of the most credible online psychic sites for spiritual readings. 

However, many users seek the site's psychic readers for guidance in all aspects of their lives.

Therefore, if you are looking for something more meaningful to do with your life, one of Keen's spiritual counselors should be able to show you the way to the summit.

In addition, to assist you on your journey, they have an introductory deal that will get you started.

Keen has an incredible deal that gives you access to 10 minutes for $1.99.


Learn more >> Review


AskNow: Best Tarot Card Readings

AskNow is an online psychic website that has been operating for more than 17 years, and it is mostly renowned for two things.

The first is their unmatched Tarot readings, well-known all over the internet for their in-depth and precise nature.

The second reason is their fantastic free minute deals, consisting of five minutes of free consultation time with one of their Master advisors when you buy a particular beginning package.


Kasamba Psychic Reviews - FAQ

What Should I Expect From an Online Psychic Reading at Kasamba?

You should expect an interesting and competent online psychic reading at Kasamba.

This user-friendly website's search engine will put you in touch with a variety of online psychics straight away, and their offer of three free chat minutes will allow you the time to try out a few counselors before choosing the one who's best for you.

And because Kasamba only accepts the most gifted psychics, you can be assured that whichever reader you pick will provide you with insightful guidance and assist you in gaining a deeper comprehension of anything that may be standing in the way of you living your greatest life.



How Is Kasamba Different From Other Psychic Services?

Several factors distinguish Kasamba from other psychic reading services:

  • FREE three-minute chat sessions with every new advisor you test.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction, with a maximum return of $50
  • The most comprehensive selection of psychic reading services available on any web platform.
  • The most accurate relationship readings
  • Save up to $50 on each paid session (that's 70% off) when you sign up today!


Is Kasamba’s Customer Support Helpful?

The Frequently Asked Questions section of Kasamba's Service Center makes up the bulk of the company's customer service.

Even though these inquiries touch on a wide range of issues and the replies are incredibly illuminating, email is the only option to contact Kasamba directly.

Also, if you have a problem, you won't be able to speak to a real person over the phone because there isn't a toll-free number for customer service.


What Is the Kasamba App?

The Kasamba mobile app is an app for your smartphone available free of charge on the App Store or Google Play.

It grants you access to the Kasamba website to get chat and phone readings while you are on the move.

The feedback on this app has been very positive.

It has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 3.43 thousand replies on Google Play, while on the App Store, it has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 10.9 thousand responses.



Can I Request a Refund for Kasamba Readings?

Yes, you can request a refund for your psychic reading services on Kasamba. 

However, your refund request must be within the first week.

All you have to do is visit the Service Center by scrolling down to it from their home page.

When you are on Service Center, scroll down past the heading that says Frequently Asked Questions to the heading that says Knowledge Base.

Under the heading Knowledge Base, scroll down until you reach the Client Payment Questions section. 

When you get there, click there and continue to scroll down the page until you reach how do I go about requesting a refund? 

After clicking on it, follow the on-screen prompts to submit a ticket for a refund.

After submitting the refund request ticket, the Kasamba customer care team will go over it and decide whether or not to issue a full or partial refund to you.

They are also within their rights to refuse to give you a refund.

This satisfaction guarantee is only valid for your initial reading, and it covers any costs up to $50 that may arise.


Is Kasamba Legit? Our Final Verdict

Yes, Kasamba is legit. 

Since Kasamba has been around for a long time, the company has had plenty of opportunities to perfect its service.

Kasamba has its own magic spell that casts the light of awareness on all who need it. 

This can be seen in the company's streamlined and user-friendly registration process, generous free-minute offers, and excellent psychic and tarot readings.

So, what are your thoughts? 

Are you prepared for an astral projection of knowledge and understanding from one of the gifted psychics we have told you about in this Kasamba review?