Can you TRUST Keen Psychics? Honest 2023 Review: Readings, Rates, Refunds & More

11:49 AM, Jan 23, 2023
10:36 AM, Mar 03, 2023

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More and more people are consulting online psychics on platforms like Keen Psychics.

Why? The reason seems to be to gain clarity and understanding on love, money, careers, and more.

But can you TRUST a Keen psychic? Let’s find out.

In this in-depth Keen Review, we’ll look at how it measures up in terms of the quality and accuracy of its psychic readings, pricing, deals, and reputation.

We’ll also compare how it fares against other psychic services and take an honest account of its pros and cons. 

By the end of the article, you’ll be in a better position to judge whether or not this is the psychic website for you.

And you might even learn something you need to know before spending any $$$.

Let’s take a look. 


In a Hurry? A Quick Overview of

What We Liked

  • 20+ years experience
  • Helped over 35 million people so far
  • 1,700+ Keen psychics 
  • Hundreds of affordable psychics
  • Early customer deals
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Helpful tools
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Experienced psychics

What Could Be Better

  • Doesn’t offer video chat
  • Top psychics are expensive

Deals ⭐


Bottom Line - Are Keen Psychics Trustworthy?

Keen is a highly established online psychics website that has been helping millions of customers for over two decades.

We think this, coupled with the fact that they have a strict vetting process in place to ensure they only work with legit psychic advisors, makes Keen a trustworthy psychic service.


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Keen Psychics Review - About Keen 

What Is Keen?

Keen was launched in 1999 as an online psychic service to help people with tricky life questions.

It's home to psychics with experience in love, career, finance, and dream interpretation. There are also tarot readers on here, as well as pet psychics.

You can connect with their readers online before requesting either a phone reading or live psychic readings.


What Abilities do Psychics on Have?

Because many Keen psychics have experience in a wide range of fields, such as love, tarot, and dream interpretations, they will likely use a combination of physical tools, such as a deck of tarot cards, and their natural psychic abilities during a reading.

You’ll be able to gauge whether or not a psychic reader uses tools by reading their profile and checking the Skills and Methods section.

However, it’s worth noting that while not all psychic advisors use tools, all will rely on their natural gifts at some point during a reading.



Getting Started - How to Create your Keen Psychics Account & Login

To join, just pop over to the website and click the Register button. You’ll find this at the top right of the homepage next to the Sign-in button.

Then, you can create a Keen account with one click of a button by using your Google or Apple login details.

Alternatively, you can fill in the short form that requires you to enter your email address and create a password.

Then, confirm you are at least 18 years old and agree to the terms of use.

Once that’s done, you’ll receive a confirmation email that your account is live. 

At this point, you’re free to head back over to the Keen site and start looking for potential Keen psychics.



Booking a Session - How to Navigate Keen Psychics Profile Pages

All of Keen’s psychic readers are available for a phone reading or a live chat reading, and it’s straightforward to arrange, either.

On their profile, you’ll see two buttons; the top one says Call Now if a psychic reader is available for a phone call, or it will say Arrange Call if they’re unavailable. 

Just click the button to instantly start a phone call or arrange one at a later date.

The bottom button will either read Chat Now or Chat Later

If the button says Chat Now, you can click it to launch a live chat with the psychic reader immediately.

If the button says Chat Later, it will be grayed out, and you won’t be able to click it until the reader is online and can chat (you can’t pre-arrange a chat session).

Nevertheless, connecting with a psychic reader on Keen is a simple one-click process.



Public Feedback - How to Find Psychic Ratings & Reviews

All Keen psychics have a star rating on their profile. This star rating is between 1 and 5, and it’s based on customer feedback.

Most of their psychics also have plenty of positive reviews, which you can read by clicking on someone’s profile.

These reviews will go a long way in letting you know whether a psychic reader might be compatible with you, highlighting things a customer liked about a psychic and what they didn’t.

Each profile page also lets you know exactly how many readings a psychic has given so far and how long they’ve been a Keen advisor. 

These are good indicators of how experienced a psychic is.



Keen Psychic Website - How to Connect with a Keen Psychic

Because Keen doesn’t offer video readings, you will either have a phone reading or a live chat reading with a psychic advisor.

For an online chat reading, you must log in at the same time as the psychic reader and start chatting in the text box. 

You can see the psychic reader typing their messages, and it works just like a text conversation in a messaging app like Messenger, with everything carried out in real time.

You must also be logged into the Keen website or Keen app for a phone reading because the calls take place via Keen.

In all cases, the psychics will ask you questions to learn more about you and your issues before providing guidance and insights.



>> Related Articles << Review - Types of Keen Psychic Readings 

Keen is home to well over a thousand psychics fluent in different areas. Here are some of the most popular psychic services you can get at Keen:


Psychic Mediums

A medium is a psychic reader who uses natural abilities like extrasensory perception to connect with energies and worlds beyond our objective range, such as ghosts.


Love and Relationships

Perhaps the most popular category at Keen is love and relationships

Whether you’re going through a breakup or your marriage has flatlined, and you’re heading back into the world of dating for the first time in a while, Keen advisors can provide insights into your love life.



Life Questions

Maybe you have a question that doesn’t fit into any specific box, such as your future or life path. If so, you can talk to a psychic reader who has experience answering life’s most urgent questions.


Tarot Readings

A tarot reading is another hugely popular type of psychic reading online on Keen. 

With this one, you will connect with a tarot reader who uses a deck of tarot cards to provide insight into your past, present, and future.



Intuitive and Spiritual Services

Spiritual readings are relatively broad and can cover mediums, tarot readers, and pet psychics.

Spiritual advisors also include clairvoyants and clairsentients.

In essence, a spiritual reader can see, hear and sense things from the spiritual world, which enables them to receive answers to our deepest questions.


Angel Readings

Angel readings put you in touch with psychics who have a sixth sense and can act as connectors between you and your guardian angels. 



Keen Horoscope has a dedicated horoscopes section that you can find straight from the main page. There you can find daily, monthly, and yearly horoscope readings for every zodiac sign for free. 

If you subscribe for free, you can receive a daily horoscope reading and other exclusive promotions. 


Communication Methods - Connecting with a Keen Psychic

How Do You Contact Keen Psychics?

There are two ways you can contact psychics on Keen:

  • Phone readings
  • Live chat readings


Which Contact Method is Best?

Phone readings are ideal if you feel comfortable talking with a stranger on the telephone about your problems and worries. 

They allow the psychic reader to hear your voice and tune into your wavelength, which can help improve the accuracy of the online readings.

What’s more, the psychic can add their own personal touch to proceedings. 

In contrast, online chat is less expensive than telephone readings and generally more convenient.

However, the psychic reader will have to work a bit harder to get to the root of your problems because a chat is less personal (as they can’t hear your voice).



Prices - How to Save $$$ on Keen Psychics

The starting price for a Keen psychic reading session is $1.99 per minute

You will easily be able to find plenty of well-reviewed psychics at this budget-friendly price range. There shouldn’t be any need to start with a more expensive reading. 

So, don’t be misled by gifted advisors charging above $9.99/minute. 

While usually, the most experienced professionals charge higher rates, a quick look at a few Keen Psychic profiles shows this isn’t always the case. 

Healing Solutions with Iriana has over 2,500 reviews, a 4.3-star rating, and charges only $2.43/min. 

ScarletFlower charges only $2.50/min, has 347 reviews, and has a 4.8-star rating.  

Beyond the $9.99/min price range, we saw quite a few psychics with only a handful of reviews (less than 30) and some with no feedback or star rating at all. 

You don’t need to spend more than $3.00/min to find an experienced Keen Psychic. 

Out of Keen’s 1,700+ psychic advisors, 46 charge $9.99 or more per minute, while 184 psychics are available at $4.99 per minute or less. The rest charge between $4.99 and $9.99.

However, to find someone who fits your budget, you must apply a price filter when searching for a psychic reader.



Trials & Deals - Getting a Free Psychic Reading on

Claiming a free trial on psychic websites like Keen is highly beneficial because it allows you to try a psychic reader for free before committing to a paid session.

This is important because all psychics are different - they have different reading styles and personalities, and not all of them are the right fit for us.

All Keen psychics offer the first 3 minutes for free.

This means you can chat with a psychic reader via phone or online chat for free for the first 3 minutes. 

You can use these free 3 minutes on as many Keen readings as you want until you find a suitable psychic. 

After the 3 free minutes have expired, you will need to pay their regular fee.

But that’s not the only deal available. Instead of a quick free reading, many advisors offer a 10-min reading for $1.99.

In our opinion, this is the better deal. 3 minutes can go by quickly, but a 10-minute reading will allow you to cover more ground and ask at least a couple of questions. 

Just don’t waste it on any psychic. Do your research first. Be sure what type of reading you want and who you want it with. 



Best Keen Psychic Readers to Choose in 2023 

Best psychics is highly subjective. 

Just because a Keen reader is a 5-star top-rated advisor with thousands of positive customer reviews doesn’t mean they’ll be compatible with you. 

This is why it’s crucial to do your own research and use your free minutes.

That said, several Keen psychics consistently perform accurate readings and stand out as the best Keen psychics:


Psychic Amiee - Best Keen Psychic for HONEST Tarot Readings

Psychic Aimee is among the cheapest advisors on 

She has been giving psychic readings on the website since 2009 and enjoys a 4.9-star rating across 277+ customer reviews.

And while her profile is a little basic, the budget-friendly $2.99/per minute rate and positive customer feedback show that she delivers accurate, insightful readings. 


Arnold Heart - Best Keen Psychic for Clairvoyance & Astrology Readings

Arnold Heart is one of the best-rated online psychic readers you can get on Keen at an affordable rate. 

He has a 4.8 rating based on 9,900+ readings and charges $6.99 per minute for his online psychic services.

The psychic has been working with Keen since 2014 and specializes in break-ups, career advice, and family and friends

He’s also a skilled clairvoyant and astrologer providing Western Astrology and other types of astrology reading.


Healing Solutions with Iriana - Best Keen Psychic for Dream Work

Another affordable Keen Psychic, Healing Solutions with Iriana charges $2.43/per minute

While she’s immediately upfront about only offering dream work over the phone, she has a detailed profile page and has been a registered advisor with since 2001.

Yes, her 4.3-star rating is not as close to 5 stars as we’d like, but with over 2,500 reviews and some of the lowest rates on the site, I think we can forgive the odd negative review.

After all, no psychic is perfect, and you won’t connect with every advisor you find. 

At least at less than $3.00/min, you won’t have lost much compared to some psychics who charge $15.00/per minute. 


Keen Reviews from Real Customers - Is Keen Legit?

For the sake of balance and objectivity in our Keen Psychics review, we don’t want you to simply take our word for Keen being a good or average online psychic reading site.

In this section, we’ll share a few customer reviews from real-life people who have used Keen and their firsthand experience with Keen's online psychics.


Keen Psychic Review - Better Than Other Leading Psychic Apps 

This satisfied customer makes it clear that they’re happy with everything about Keen, from the easy-to-contact psychics to the prompt customer service.

Keen Review - Your Team Is Great

One of the things many Keen customers have in common is that they appreciate the excellent customer service, with many, like the above reviewer, commenting on how helpful the team is. 

Keen Psychic Review - The Rate Per Minute Has Risen! 

We found one or two reviews like this that pointed out how some of Keen’s readers tend to raise their prices. 

The good news is that this is unusual. Most psychics on Keen keep their prices within a fairly consistent range.

Keen Review - The Ones I Call Have Been Great

Many Keen customers are happy with Keen's overall service, but if there is one feature they’d like to see, it’s recorded calls. Hopefully, Keen will add this feature in the future.

In the meantime, our advice is to take notes during your psychic reading session. 


What Alternatives to Keen Are Available?

Kasamba - Best Psychic App

Kasamba is a highly experienced online psychic reading service that’s been around for more than 20 years

During that time, it’s helped more than 3 million customers find the answers they’re looking for.

Like Keen, you can get started at Kasamba with a first 3 minutes free deal. 

Kasamba is easy to use; there are almost 1,000 online psychics to choose from, and you can connect with their readers via phone or chat reading.

There’s also a top-rated Kasamba app available that makes it easy to connect with your favorite advisors whenever you want, wherever you are.


Psychic Source - Best for Video Readings

Psychic Source was the first-ever online psychic service. 

It was launched officially in 1989 and was also the first psychic website to offer video calls.

Today, you can choose between phone, chat, and video readings, which makes it an ideal alternative to Keen for those who want to speak with a psychic reader face-to-face. 

There’s also a Find a Psychic tool that makes it easier to find a psychic advisor, and you get the first 3 minutes free.


AskNow - Best for Free Psychic Questions

Instead of giving you the first 3 minutes free, AskNow lets you ask a free psychic question

You can do this as a guest, but once you’re a fully signed-up member, you can enjoy AskNow for as little as $1 per minute for up to 30 minutes.

AskNow splits its readers into three different categories; Elite, Master, and Top-Rated Advisors (most affordable).

There are also video blogs on the website that cover a wide range of topics to help ease you into the world of online psychics.

All of AskNow’s readers are available for phone and chat readings.


Keen Psychic Reviews: FAQs

Is There a App?

Yes, there is a Keen app for Android and iOS on which you can receive Keen psychic readings. 

You can download and install the app to your mobile device and easily browse through Keen advisors, play quizzes, see when your preferred reader is online, and much more.



How Is Keen Different from other Psychic Sites?

Several things differentiate Keen from other psychic sites, including;

  • Keen cost - The greater majority of Keen psychics charge less than $4.99 per minute, making it one of the most affordable spiritual reading services. 
  • Range of psychic experts - Keen has 1700+ psychics, making it one of the most extensive psychic networks. 
  • Ease of use - From an advanced search tool to an intuitive website, enjoying Keen is super easy, thanks to its user-friendliness. 


Is the Keen Psychic Customer Service Helpful?

Yes, Keen offers helpful customer service.

This psychic platform makes good on its promise to be there whenever you need to get in touch, and indeed their advisors and customer support, who can be described as a trust and safety team, are available 24/7 all year round. 

To get in touch with customer support, you need to fill out a simple form that lets them know what kind of answers you're looking for. 

Then, a member of their support team will get in touch with a response, and you can take things from there.

We found Keen's customer support helpful, prompt, and friendly as they worked hard to resolve any issues we had.



Are Keen Psychics Accurate?

Yes, Keen psychics are often very accurate. 

However, the accuracy of the psychics depends on how well you answer their questions and how much information you give them. 

How compatible the two of you are may also determine the outcome of the reading. 

We always suggest upgrading to a phone call to increase the accuracy of Keen readings because this allows Keen psychics to tune into your vibrations more easily. 


What Payment Methods Does Keen Accept?

Keen offers six payment methods;

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Prepaid/gift cards


Can I Get a Keen Refund?

Yes, If you're unhappy with your psychic reading, you can request a refund using Keen's Satisfaction Guarantee. 

However, as per Keen's policies and the user agreement, customers are only allowed one refund via this guarantee every 30 days, and the maximum you will be refunded anytime is $25.

To apply for a refund, you just need to visit the Satisfaction Guarantee section of the website and follow the steps. 


Keen Psychics Review: Final Thoughts 

You’ve made it to the end of our Keen review. 

So, do we recommend Keen psychics? Indeed. 

Keen is a highly established online psychics website that lets you choose from over 1,700 experienced psychics in a safe and secure environment.

From tarot readings to spiritual readings, Western astrology, and love advice to insights into your life path, their psychics should be able to offer you the guidance you need.

The site also provides a first 3 minutes free deal that's worth taking advantage of to ensure you find the perfect psychic. 

There's also 24/7 customer support that you can contact whenever you need extra assistance. So, head on over to the Keen website, use the first 3 minutes free deal, and see for yourself.