2023’s Best Kratom Products to Buy from Top-rated Vendors [Potent AND Cheap]

9:44 AM, Jan 23, 2023

Do you want the best kratom products?

Ones that give you great effects with just a little dose?

And if possible… kratom that doesn’t taste like sh*t (pardon my French).

Well, in this article, we’ll tell you where you can get high-quality kratom products at reasonable prices.

Specifically, we’ll recommend products that are organic, lab-tested, AKA-certified, and with thousands of good reviews.

We’ll also mention available deals and ways to save money.

Ready? Let’s start.


Kratom Products: First Look

  1. Kats Botanicals - Best kratom products (20K+ reviews)
  2. Golden Monk - Popular AND affordable ($8.99/100g)
  3. Super Speciosa - Unique kratom powders
  4. Kratom Spot - Fair Trade policies
  5. Kraken Kratom - Pioneering kratom company
  6. Kingdom Kratom - Convenient sample packs
  7. Just Kratom - Cheapest option ($7/100g)
  8. Top Extracts - Potent kratom drinks


1. Kats Botanicals - Best Kratom Products


  • 20,000+ positive reviews
  • Third-party lab tested
  • 70+ kratom products
  • Organic kratom
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Great loyalty program (spend $10 get $1)


  • Shipping is only free over $100

Kats Botanicals is simply the best kratom vendor at the moment.


Because they provide organic kratom products at reasonable prices, and their reputation is second to none, with 20,000+ positive reviews.

Additionally, all their products are subjected to third-party lab tests that check for just about everything — including purity, pathogens, contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Perhaps more importantly…

The company puts its money where its mouth is by providing a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products — whether opened or unopened.

In other words, if you think their products aren’t up to par, you don’t have to pay a cent. Sounds fair enough.

Speaking about their products…

Kats Botanicals also has one of the largest selections of kratom products. These include the typical kratom powders and capsules but also uncommon options like kratom extracts, kratom gummies, and even kratom shots.



When it comes to kratom strains, they stock all colors (red, green, white, and yellow), and the most popular strains — including Maeng Da, Thai, Bali, Borneo, Sumatra, etc.

Want to save money?

We recommend registering for Kats Botanicals’ loyalty program. Besides getting $1 worth of points for every $10 spent, you get extra points for other things like leaving a review, creating an account, following them on social media, etc.

You can see how that can quickly add up to a nice discount.

Finally, Kats Botanicals is certified by the American Kratom Association — which basically means their products really are high-quality, and it’s not just us saying so.


Learn more: Kats Botanicals Review


2. Golden Monk - Popular Kratom Products


  • Cheap kratom from $8.99/100g
  • Popular kratom strains
  • AKA-qualified brand
  • Spend $100, get $10
  • Free shipping over $49.99


  • Fewer products than Kats Botanicals

If money’s tight, Golden Monk is worth looking into.

Indeed, the vendor has very low bulk prices at just $89.99 for a full kg of kratom powder.

(By comparison, other kratom vendors generally sell 1kg of kratom powder for $130-140).

What kind of kratom powder can you get?

Fortunately, Golden Monk stocks all the most popular options, even though they have fewer choices than Kats Botanicals.

Specifically, you can get Maeng Da, Bali, Thai, Borneo, Indo, and Sumatra kratom in various vein colors.

And yes — Golden Monk does sell kratom capsules if you don’t like the taste of kratom. And also yes, they’re cheaper than competitors.



What about lab testing?

Glad you asked! Golden Monk is quite good on this front, as they actually perform 6 lab tests per ton of kratom powder to make sure it really is pure and as safe as possible.

Speaking about safety, Golden Monk is an AKA-qualified vendor, so they adhere to the best manufacturing practices in the kratom industry.

Any deals?

Yes. Like Kats Botanicals, Golden Monk has a good loyalty program that lets you get $10 in points for every $100 spent.

Additionally, they provide free shipping on all orders over $49.99.


Learn more: Golden Monk Review


3. Super Speciosa - Unique Kratom Products



  • Slightly more expensive than Kats

Are you bored of the same old kratom products and want to try something new?

If so, Super Speciosa is right up your alley.

They sell more than a dozen of unique kratom powder blends, including Signature Reserve, Super Red, MIT Diesel, and others.

And yes — these kratom powders are very popular, with some having 500+ reviews.

That said, they also sell “normal” kratom powders and capsules if that’s what you’re into, with the typical Maeng Da, Bali, Malay, Borneo, etc.

Interestingly, you can also get kratom tablets, which are more concentrated and therefore stronger than kratom capsules or powder.



What about quality?

Well, Super Speciosa is certified by the American Kratom Association, and they subject their kratom products to third-party laboratories.

Additionally, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t take any risks by giving them a shot.

Still not convinced?

Well, maybe their 20% discount for newcomers may help sweeten the deal. In fact, you’ll even get access to exclusive discounts and free shipping if you register.


Learn more: Super Speciosa Review


4. Kratom Spot - Fair Trade Kratom Products


  • Fairly treated farmers
  • No additives and fillers
  • Time-saving website design
  • Small-scale plantations
  • Free priority shipping


  • Fairly expensive

Do you care about how kratom farmers are treated?

Indeed, they’re far away in remote countries, but we don’t want them to suffer, right?

That’s what makes Kratom Spot an interesting choice.

All their kratom comes from small-scale farmers that are treated fairly and receive good wages.

Additionally, their kratom products are all-natural with zero additives or fillers. They’re also strictly lab-tested and AKA GMP-certified.



What products do they offer?

Besides kratom powders and capsules, Kratom Spot sells tablets, shots, and even pure kratom leaves (for brewing).

It’s also worth noting the website is quite easy to use, and choosing a specific kratom strain (in any form) only takes a few clicks.

Any ways to save money?

Yes, we recommend checking out the several variety packs. With these, you can get 3 different strains at a discount.

Additionally, all orders over $50 qualify for free priority shipping.


5. Kraken Kratom - Pioneering Kratom Brand


  • First AKA-certified brand ever
  • Innovative kratom product
  • High-quality kratom
  • Free shipping on ALL orders
  • Free return policy


  • High price tag

Kraken Kratom is most known for being the first brand to be approved by the American Kratom Association. In other words, they’re one of the oldest (and most trusted) kratom vendors.

In fact, even many years later, they keep innovating and developing new products.

That’s why you can find not only kratom powder, capsules, tablets, gummies, and liquid kratom… But also kratom honey sticks (!) and 10% kratom extract capsules (much stronger than standard kratom capsules).



What about quality?

As you can imagine, being such a trustworthy kratom vendor means they provide the highest quality kratom — with thorough lab tests to back it up.

Still, this also means prices can be quite expensive… but you can make it more affordable by leveraging the reward program.

(And all orders get free shipping, no matter how big or small).

Last but not least, all purchases are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


6. Kingdom Kratom - Kratom Sample Packs



  • No free shipping deal

Kingdom Kratom sells a wide variety of kratom products, including capsules, powder, extract, and more, all of which can be found on their official website.

Not sure which strain to choose?

Try their kratom sample packs. These convenient packs let you sample 4 different strains and get a nice 40% discount while you’re at it.



Good to know: the brand’s organic kratom powder is selected specifically for potency and maturity, which means you should get pretty good effects with low doses.

Any discounts?

Yes, Kingdom Kratom offers different promotions every month. As of this writing, you get 25% OFF all kratom product, but this might be different when you read this article.


7. Just Kratom - Cheapest Kratom Products


  • Low prices from $7/100g
  • Good refund policy
  • Free shipping over $35
  • High-quality kratom product


  • Limited variety
  • Little-known brand

Just Kratom is a high-quality Kratom vendor that offers unbeatable prices — at just $70 for a full kg of kratom powder.

Additionally, if you spend more than $35, Just Kratom will ship your order for free.



Besides sourcing kratom leaves from small farms in Southeast Asia, you should know that their products are manufactured in the USA. If nothing else, this means better quality control.

You may purchase Just Kratom items directly from their website, where they sometimes offer special discounts. Also, if you're not happy with your purchase of Just Kratom, the seller will refund your money.


8. Top Extracts - Many Products (Even Drinks)


  • AHPA and AKA-certified
  • Potent kratom drinks
  • Cheap kratom samples
  • Convenient travel sizes


  • New-ish brand
  • Not many discounts

Another newcomer in the kratom industry is Top Extracts. Top Extracts is a certified American Kratom Association vendor and an accredited American Herbal Products Association member (AHPA).

More interestingly, Top Extracts sells a plethora of products, including

  • Kratom extract
  • Kratom capsules
  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom tea bags
  • Liquid kratom

The latter – liquid kratom – is especially interesting if you want a very strong (and convenient) product.



Top Extracts also offers good bulk pricing and provides kratom samples for anyone interested. White Borneo, Green Kali, and Red Dragon Kratom are some of the most popular kratom strains available.

Top Extracts also offers convenient travel sizes of most of their products so that you can take them with you on the go.


Kratom Products − How We Choose the Best 

How did we decide on the best kratom vendors? Is there a specific way in which we were able to exclude potential candidates? How did we efficiently evaluate many Kratom vendors online and settle on the finest one?

The job certainly wasn't easy. However, we developed a system to evaluate all of the kratom brands on certain criteria, and only those who satisfied the standards made the cut.

We ranked online kratom vendors based on the following criteria.


Safety and Side Effects

It is crucial that a Kratom vendor online provides only safe formulas and makes the potential for adverse effects obvious since the substance is very delicate. For this reason, we also place a high value on testing conducted by impartial parties. The aforementioned manufacturers all claim to be completely safe for human consumption after extensive testing and experiments.

Overdosing is more likely with this product. Thus we made sure that only the most secure choices were shown. We also picked kratom vendors that are certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA), an organization devoted to protecting people's health via the responsible use of Kratom.


Reputation and Standing

You should only buy Kratom online from a reputable vendor. Because the FDA does not closely monitor the sale of kratom, it is up to the consumer to make an informed decision when purchasing the medicine. The authors also caution the readers about using an unknown internet store when you buy kratom.

We want you to make an informed selection, so we've narrowed the list of Kratom merchants to just those that have earned a solid reputation in the industry, with thousands of user reviews.



Many Kratom Strains for Sale

The best kratom vendors sell many kratom colors, including red vein kratom strains, green vein kratom strains, white vein kratom strains, and even the elusive yellow vein kratom.

When it comes to actual kratom strains, they also provide a wide range of options, including

  • Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Thai Kratom
  • Maeng Da Thai Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • And more

These vendors also stock quality kratom powder, kratom extract tablets (more potent), and high-quality kratom capsules.



Many kratom vendors fail to provide clear information regarding the formulation, contents, effects, or adverse effects of their goods, which has led to consumer confusion. Due to the substance’s extreme fragility, this results in many accidental overdoses and other incidents around the nation.

As a result, we were careful to include only kratom brands that are transparent with their clients and earned their confidence in providing such details. For our audience, no errors can be tolerated.


Rare Kratom Strains

It's harder to get your hands on certain strains than others. In most cases, though, rare strains are more potent. That's why it's crucial that any Kratom mix you choose has a wide variety of unusual strains.

We've done the legwork to guarantee that the Kratom capsules and other forms of Kratom from the sellers we've listed are made from the highest quality, rare Kratom leaves.



Many Kratom Products

You can buy kratom online in a variety of oral consumable forms, including capsules, tea pills, powder, and softgels. Depending on their capacity for manufacturing and research and development, kratom suppliers may simply manufacture a single variety or a wide range of variations.

(Kats Botanicals, for instance, manufactures 70+ different products.)

In compiling this list of the best kratom vendors, we made sure to include companies that manufacture a wide range of different products so that you could find something that suits your needs, whether it be a certain product form or a specific strain.


Delicious Flavors

Kratom capsules and other items are now widely available, and many kratom brands provide a wide variety of tastes. Customers may enjoy the items without worrying about how they'll taste. Unsurprisingly, chocolate Kratom powder is a fan favorite.

As a result, we investigated the range of Kratom flavors offered by each supplier.


Good Prices and Money-Back Guarantee

Pricing is, of course, a major consideration when you buy kratom online. We know that many of you are on a budget, therefore we worked hard to provide you with Kratom brands that cover a broad variety of prices.

There is a satisfaction guarantee on all Kratom items, which is a nice added bonus. A reliable Kratom vendor is one that offers both competitive pricing and a satisfaction guarantee on their wares. In this manner, you know that the Kratom capsules you purchase will be of high quality or your money back.


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What Are The Different Kratom Strains?

Consumers may buy kratom online in many different strains. A few examples are as follows:

Maeng Da Kratom

When it comes to kratom, Maeng Da is a top pick. The reason for this is the very stimulating impact it produces.

After ingesting Maeng Da, many kratom users report feeling revitalized. On the other hand, some kratom users have reported feeling anxious and paranoid, so we advise taking it slow.

Mitragynine is what makes Maeng Da Kratom extracts work. The chemical's effect is due to its ability to boost dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that triggers our pleasure and reward centers.

Dopamine is released more quickly than normal while taking Maeng Da Kratom. It's possible that you'll feel more alert, happy, and focused as a consequence.



Indo Kratom Strain

Another well-liked Kratom leaf variety is Indo. The name "lord of all kratoms" is commonly applied to this specific strain. Alkaloids such as 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and 7-keto-mitragynine are abundant in the plant.

They combine to provide a potent stimulant that is sure to keep you on the go all day. Most people who use Indo Kratom extract report feeling energized and sharp afterward.

In certain cases, the stimulating effects of Indo kratom might be too much for the user. While consuming kratom, some kratom users report hallucinations. Reduce your dosage if you have this negative effect.

Thai Kratom

Thai Kratom is another favorite among kratom users. As the name suggests, the Thais are responsible for cultivating this kratom strain. It has more mitragynine per serving than other kinds. This makes it incredibly powerful.

As a result, the recommended dosage is a very low one. Beginning with 1 gram daily is OK. The recommended dosage is 5 grams per day, which may be reached by increasing the initial quantity. Don't forget that this Kratom is more long-lasting than others.



Bali Kratom

Unsurprisingly, Bali Kratom comes from the island nation of Indonesia. The island's history is commemorated in the species' moniker.

Lots of leaves come off of these kratom plants, which have a very high mitragynine content (one of the alkaloids that promote relaxation).

Dopamine levels in the brain are up when you take Bali kratom capsules. Happiness and calmness may follow as a result.


Borneo Kratom

Borneo Kratom is another popular selection. Malaysia is the origin of this plant. It has a long history of usage in alternative medicine, and many individuals are now reaping its advantages.

Kratom capsules are the most popular delivery method for this kratom strain, mainly because the taste is quite bitter for most people.

Serotonin production is what this does to make you feel better. The neurotransmitter serotonin regulates emotions and behavior. Additionally, it may aid in normalizing one's sleeping habits.

By increasing dopamine and serotonin levels, Borneo kratom may help alleviate depression. You will feel calm and content as a result of this.



Sumatra Kratom

Another well-liked kind of kratom is called Sumatra kratom. This particular cultivar was first found in the nation from which it takes its name.

The leaves of the Sumatra kratom tree have a nice flavor when chewed. They may be used in the same ways as other green vegetables. Alternately, they may be used to brew a soothing cup of tea.

Like other types of kratom extracts, the Sumatran variety has multiple active alkaloids. Of them, mitragynine is the active ingredient responsible for its energizing properties.


Buying Organic Kratom Strains: What to Consider

You should think about things like product quality and whether or not it was made with chemicals while searching for the finest kratom brand to purchase.

There are many firms out there whose only goal is to maximize profits at the expense of quality; finding one that lives up to your expectations is essential.

What follows are some criteria for selecting the most suitable manufacturer:


Is the Brand Transparent?

Not all kratom brands are the same, and that's something to keep in mind.

For that reason, it's crucial that anybody looking to purchase kratom do so from a reputable source that will provide the correct dosage every time.

Despite the fact that there are reputable companies selling high-quality products, unscrupulous sellers may adulterate their products with additional ingredients (fillers).

If you want to be sure you're getting the greatest product available, check for the following qualities in the brand you buy: transparency regarding the components used, product purity, and dosage consistency.



Are Kratom Capsules Safe?

The people of Southeast Asia's lush jungles have been using kratom leaves for thousands of years. However, it's becoming more mainstream in Western society, which means some bad online kratom vendors have also emerged.

One must be careful while purchasing kratom extracts and capsules since certain brands may include harmful levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals that may have devastating effects on the health of its consumers.

Finding out which manufacturers are reliable and which ones aren't required reading internet product reviews. You'll learn about the many items offered by various retailers and the quality of various brands thanks to these reviews.


Are the Kratom Capsules Strong?

One of the most important criteria in determining the finest kratom brand to purchase is the product's strength. Both 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine, two alkaloids found in kratom leaves that bind to opioid receptors in the brain, are responsible for kratom's effects.

These are made from premium kratom strains that are particularly rich in alkaloids that provide the characteristic relaxation or euphoria.

That's why checking the powder's alkaloid content is crucial for improving the outcome. It's not just about how many different kinds of alkaloids there are; the ratio between them is just as important.

The ideal ratio for 7-hydroxymitragynine to mitragynine is 10:1, although you can't always discern that just by looking at a product.

Online user evaluations may provide useful information since many people comment on the strength of a strain and if it has euphoric or sedating effects.


Do You Get Fast Shipping and Discounts?

When making an online purchase, factors like delivery costs and promotions are crucial.

Since there are expenses connected with packing and transporting an item, shipping is not inexpensive.

Consequently, if the price of an item drops, it's because the seller has found a way to cut down on some of the ancillary expenses associated with selling it.

Free delivery and quantity discounts are common perks offered by retailers when you buy many items at once. By doing this, you may reduce your expenditures on both the products and their transportation.



Are There Good Customer Reviews?

Many individuals report that kratom has helped them manage chronic pain and other medical disorders, including anxiety, depression, and even drug addiction, despite the fact that its usage is illegal in certain countries.

As more and more people start using it, more and more brands of it will start popping up in cybershops.

As a result, you'll have several selections while shopping for the highest-quality kratom brand.

Checking out kratom brand reviews might help you choose the most effective product.


Benefits of Kratom - The Science Behind the Powder 

Even though kratom powder hasn't been extensively studied, its usage is supported by science. Learn more about Kratom powder's advantages, including its use in treating opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Several kratom extract products are suitable for oral ingestion. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, two essential chemicals, are absorbed into the body upon consumption. These chemicals have a weaker but similar effect on your nerve cells than other medications.

Few adverse effects have been reported while using these substances. Accordingly, it has the potential to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms in the same way as nicotine patches are used to treat cigarette addiction. Kratom has been shown to have an effect in the short term. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse claims that its long-term effects are still mostly unknown.

Kratom has not been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for any medical purpose, although it has been the subject of several studies that claim to have shown positive results in treating a variety of medical issues, including opioid addiction.

Kratom comes in a wide variety of strains, each with its own set of characteristics. Many Kratom users attest to its effectiveness in alleviating pain, calming nerves, and mitigating the effects of withdrawal.

Different Kratom strains have different effects; whereas white vein Kratom is great for increasing energy and gaining focus, red vein Kratom is recognized for improving mood and reducing anxiety. The green vein Kratom strain has similar effects on self-esteem and nervousness around new people. The potential painkilling and energy-boosting effects of Maeng Da Kratom are also well-documented.

Many kratom users claim that Kratom powder has several uses. A few examples are as follows:

  • Lowering stress and anxiety
  • Boosting libido
  • Dealing with opioid withdrawal symptoms
  • Relaxing muscles and pain
  • Lifting one's spirits
  • Relieving fatigue and exhausting

Although the risk of overdosing on kratom is far lower than it is with opioids, it is still not completely eliminated. Kratom should be used at the discretion of the user.



Kratom Products - FAQ

Is Kratom Safe?

Yes, kratom is generally considered safe as long as you follow the proper dosage instructions.

It’s recommended to take small amounts of kratom at first (just a few grams) to help avoid any negative side effects.


How Does Kratom Work?

There is no difference between the different kratom strains in terms of the active components. Nonetheless, they all use their own special blend of these components. This implies that the effects of kratom are completely unique depending on the strain.

For instance, some kratom strains can help boost energy, while others promote relaxation.

Kratom may have an effect in two ways. The first way is to activate the brain's opioid receptors. You'll feel a surge of feel-good endorphins as a result of this. The end outcome is a state of tranquility and peace inside your consciousness.

Second, kratom functions by stimulating serotonin receptors. The neurotransmitter serotonin is crucial in maintaining equilibrium in both mental and physical states. Kratom stimulates the body to produce more serotonin than normal. Feeling joyful and full of energy is the result of this.



Does Kratom Have Side Effects?

Though Kratom is considered safe when used properly, there are certain dangers linked with overdosing. The list of potential adverse effects includes

Agitation - If you take too much kratom, you may feel fidgety and agitated.

Headaches - Mild headaches are a common side effect of kratom.

Frequent urination - kratom has diuretic properties, which may lead to releasing more water than usual.

Dizziness - It's possible for Kratom to make you feel faint. Stop taking the herb and visit a doctor right away if you have any signs of low blood pressure.

Additionally, the extent to which Kratom works effectively with other drugs has not been thoroughly studied. There is also a lack of information on the effects of mixing Kratom with other drugs, such as alcohol. It might be difficult to determine if Kratom would interfere with the medications you are already taking.

If you are currently using any prescription medications, including those listed above, please consult your doctor before using Kratom.


How To Use Kratom?

There are several methods to ingest kratom leaves. You may eat them raw in gum form, dehydrate them, boil them, or make tea out of them. For optimal results, ingesting or smoking them is not recommended. What you should do instead is either make tea out of the leaves or chew on the dried ones.

If you decide to eat the leaves, chew them well before swallowing. Put the pieces in your mouth in tiny chunks. Make sure you chew them completely before swallowing.

Kratom is often sold in powder or tablet form for ease of use. This is due to the fact that advocates of this method of consumption claim it allows for more moderation.

Kratom powder is sold by a variety of sources, and some of those suppliers may sell it in pre-blended forms. Each dosage of these mixtures is guaranteed to be the same thanks to their carefully crafted composition.

Kratom powder is quite convenient. Drop a couple of them onto your drink or meal. As an alternative, you may use boiling water to dissolve the powder.

It's best to ease into utilizing kratom powder by taking a small amount at first. Here, you may track your progress and see the effects of kratom firsthand. Amounts may be raised gradually as desired.


Best Brands to Buy Kratom - Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you probably have a much better idea of which products to pick.

On the whole, Kats Botanicals seems like a no-brainer. Their products are very high-quality and backed by 20K+ user reviews.

The satisfaction guarantee is also important, and prices are quite good overall.



Still, Golden Monk might be more appealing to those of you who are on a budget. And true, it’s a pretty good option if you can’t afford Kats Botanicals.

In any case, all the kratom vendors we’ve mentioned provide great products, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.


Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice.

The information, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, and other material contained in this article, are for informational purposes only. No material within this article is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.