What Hoosiers need to know about how tech is changing the workforce

8:38 AM, May 26, 2020
9:53 AM, Oct 01, 2021

The modern workplace is rapidly changing, with key technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality revolutionizing how companies operate. With these coming changes, Hoosiers can prepare for the jobs of tomorrow by learning the skills needed for employers now.

“Today, non-manual work can be performed across the world,” said Dan Clark, vice chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College Noblesville. “Automation and artificial intelligence will perform many current work functions and skills.”

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence have paved the way for more efficient practices in a variety of industries. They are impacting how businesses analyze their company as well as how trainings are conducted. The need for virtual experiences and remote working will only increase as we look forward to a post-COVID-19 world.

Hamilton County is one of the many places across the world with an increase of tech openings and not enough skilled workers to fill them. Of its 210,000 residents, 63,000 of those in Hamilton County have some to no college experience, which is something that will need to be obtained to stay competitive within the job market.

To help connect businesses and jobseekers to education about these technologies, Ivy Tech Noblesville plans to open the FutureWork Lab, a place to experience new technologies and learn new skills. This 4,000 square foot innovation lab will help residents reskill or skill up to meet the needs of their community. It will also provide education to local employers on how they can use emerging technologies to advance their businesses.

The FutureWork Lab was made possible by the Hamilton County Community Foundation and is scheduled to open in August 2020 at the Ivy Tech Noblesville campus. The opening may change if the school is not able to open its buildings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but prospective students and employers can still work with the College to move into this next chapter of our workforce’s history.

Ivy Tech’s classes for the summer semester start on June 8. Learn more at IvyTech.edu/Noblesville.

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