Phone Psychic Readings - 7 Best Hotlines to Call for Guidance & Support in 2023

11:52 AM, Jan 23, 2023
10:35 AM, Mar 03, 2023

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You're tossing and turning in bed, trying to fall asleep, but your mind just won't shut off. 

You've been worrying about your job, your relationship, and your finances for weeks now, and you can't seem to find any relief. 

Suddenly, it hits you: maybe a phone psychic reading could help!

You're not sure if you believe in psychic advisors, but you figure it can't hurt. 

Besides, you've heard all the benefits. From finding out your future to gaining closure on a loved one who has passed, people say that phone and chat readings can do it all. 

So, you start Googling "best psychic readings over the phone" and find yourself with a long list of options. 

How are you supposed to know which psychic hotline is the best? And more importantly, which phone psychic is the best for you?

Don't fret.

After hours of research (and a few readings of our own), we've compiled the ultimate list of where to find the best phone psychics in 2023. 

And trust us, after reading this article, you'll be one step closer to finding the answers you're looking for. 

So without further ado, let's get started!


Best Phone Psychic Readings - First Look 

  1. AskNow - Best psychic readings by phone [1-888-815-1999]
  2. Kasamba - Cheap psychic phone readings [70% OFF]
  3. Psychic Source - Variety of psychic reading over the phone
  4. Keen - Best DEAL on psychic phone readings [$1.99/10-mins]
  5. Oranum - Gifted phone psychics by VIDEO CALL


Best Psychic Hotlines to Call a Psychic - Our Reviews

1. AskNow - Best Phone Psychics [1-888-815-1999]

  • Detailed psychic reader profiles
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free psychic readings by phone (5-FREE minutes*)
  • Discount packages available
  • Established and solid reputation
  • One free question after package purchase
  • Numerology readings
  • 📞1 (888) 815-1999

AskNow offers telephone and online psychic readings from their network of skilled psychic advisors. Everyone on their network has been screened for talent to ensure clients receive consistent, highly accurate readings. 

AskNow’s online psychics have a reputation for providing excellent readings, particularly in the fields of money, career, relationships, and love. But this psychic hotline is mostly known for convenient readings by phone, which comes in affordably priced package deals.

Moreover, their network is sortable, so you can find a psychic reader specializing in the area you are most interested in exploring. Examples of specializations include love, relationships, careers, tarot, and spiritual readings.

If you’re looking for help explaining the meaning behind a dream, numerology, or tarot readings - AskNow has you covered.  

The site also features a free daily horoscope section that can be sent straight to your email. Furthermore, this section also provides a daily love and friendship compatibility reading and a short lunar phase analysis.

Should you want any further help understanding your horoscope, psychic readers can be contacted for a private psychic reading online. 


Promotions & Deals on Psychic Readings by Phone

New customers also have access to a 30 minutes package for $30 plus - 5 FREE Elite/Master minutes!



Depending on the psychic advisor in question, regular prices range from $6.99 - $13.00 per minute, meaning users have a good selection of different prices to choose from.

With its easy-to-use layout and a large list of online psychics, AskNow is one of the best psychic reading online sites around. 

What's more, all psychic advisors are easily sortable, highly-screened, and each one comes with a highly detailed profile section allowing you to easily decide which psychic medium is the best fit for you. 


2. Kasamba - Most Affordable Psychic Hotline

  • Psychic reader profiles
  • Easy to navigate
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Many psychics to choose from
  • Discounts available + free online psychic readings
  • Up to 200 tarot card readers

Kasamba’s range of readings includes astrology readings, tarot reading, fortune-telling, and even sessions designed to promote healing energy.

Of all services offered, we found Kasamba's collection of dream analysis psychic readers to be very impressive. Many people consider dreams to be our subconscious mind's way of relaying important information to us through symbols, metaphors, and even dialog.

Other people believe dreams can act as a source of clairvoyance and divination in some cases. Unfortunately, understanding dreams can be difficult and often requires professional help.

Fortunately, Kasamba has over 100 qualified dream interpreters, some of which can be accessed for as little as $3.99/minute!

Like AskNow, Kasamba has a detailed profile for each reader where you can compare their specialties and the types of readings they do and gauge their experience to find your needs.

While the profiles are not quite as in-depth as on the AskNow site, each reader has reviews from previous customers included right in their profile so that you can see their track records.


Promotions & Deals on Over the Phone Psychic Reading

If you sign up to become a client of Kasamba, you are eligible for a free 3-minute psychic reading session, and you will receive a 70% discount off the standard price.



Better still, Kasamba has nearly 200 tarot readers ready to do a tarot card reading listed on the network. 

And you can even sort them by their overall ranking on the site if you can’t find one that appeals to you. 

Compared to other psychic readings online, Kasamba has an excellent selection of affordable chat and phone psychics, some of which charge as little as $3.00/minute. 

However, those thinking of accessing more experienced or advanced psychics can expect to pay as much as $18.00/minute.

If you’re looking for a quality network of affordable and gifted psychics, Kasamba certainly fits the bill. Moreover, the site offers several services not provided by other psychic websites, including paranormal, occult, Kabbalah, and eastern philosophy readings/analysis. 


3. Psychic Source - Best Variety of Phone Psychic Reading

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free psychic reading online (3-minute offer)
  • Established track record
  • Phone, video & online psychic chat readings

Psychic Source has offered accurate and insightful readings for more than 30 years. 

They can boast of thousands of satisfied and loyal customers who are happy to state that the readers at Psychic Source have helped them. 

Their network of psychic experts has the expertise and offers varying fields of online psychic readings. So if you want to read tarot cards, have your dreams interpreted, or you’re seeking astrology information or healing energy -  Psychic Source is a one-stop-shop. 

They offer online chat and live video readings as well as traditional psychic phone readings. Simply sort through their extensive collection of online psychic readers to discover which one might be best for you.

But if you’d prefer not to sort through the list yourself, you can also allow them to choose a few gifted psychics  for you based on how you answer a short quiz. Then, their top 3 suggestions will pop up, and you can get started quickly without searching. 

They even offer an app for iOS and Android devices!


Promotions & Deals on Psychic Telephone Reading

Psychic Source guarantees your satisfaction with every psychic session, stating that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied.

Best of all -  the first 3 minutes are free!



Psychic Source also stands out because they donate a portion of their customer’s purchases to charity. What they call their ‘Kindness Initiative’ - allows users to choose from an array of preselected charities.

Each donation comes at no additional cost to the customer, and so far, Psychic Source claims to have donated more than $500,000 to various charities.

Besides standard readings by phone, chat, and video call, Psychic Standard offers several psychic services not often found on other psychic websites. Two of the best examples of this include cartomancy and angel card readings.

Cartomancy uses a standard deck of playing cards as a divination tool from which insights and solutions to past, current, and even future problems can be derived. Additionally, cartomancy can be used to conduct past life readings.

Angel cards work on the premise that we all have angels or spirit guides watching over us. With the right cards, a talented psychic medium can connect with these entities and ask them for help, guidance, or insights.

Psychic Source has a good range of prices, and the average phone psychic will cost anywhere from $4.9/minute to $11.99/minute. Rates might be a bit more expensive for video readings and highly specialized services.

Still, if you're looking for a psychic reading online service with a large selection of readers and specialties to choose from, Psychic Source is a great option. 


4. Keen - Best Deals on Psychic Readings over the Phone 

  • Great reputation
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Read real reviews
  • Free psychic reading (3-minutes on select psychics)
  • Plenty of discounts
  • Pet psychics

Keen has been offering readings to its customers for more than 20 years

They offer accurate readings from advisers who specialize in the following categories: psychic mediums, love & relationships, financial outlook, life questions, tarot card readings, spiritual readings, and astrology advice.

Moreover, they offer their services via phone or chat!

Or, if you prefer, you can receive a reading directly to your email inbox. Keen Psychics also boasts a network of more than 1700 readers, which makes it highly likely you will find a reader who is a good fit for you.

Lastly, you can also take advantage of their interactive database to browse and filter all psychics through other user ratings, the price for their services, or their availability. 


Promotions & Deals on Psychic Reading over the Phone

The site also hosts a good selection of free psychic-related articles for users to browse. These articles cover topics like astrology, love readings, tarot reading, and others.

What’s more, the first 3 minutes of your phone reading are free, and Keen Psychics offers a 10-minute reading for $1.99. This is one of the best deals for phone readings on the market right now. 



Another interesting feature offered by the site is a quick, free tarot reading. This reading is fully automated and works by having you pick 3 cards, which are then displayed to you with a short explanation.

Along with standard phone readings, Keen also provides aura cleansing, Feng Shuai, and even pet psychic services, making them one of the more eclectic phone psychic reading services in operation.

Pricing is more affordable than other online psychic reading sites we have looked at, and very few Keen psychics charge more than $5.55/minute, with many options in the $2.99 to $3.99 range.


5. Oranum - Best Phone Psychics with VIDEO CALL Option

  • New user credit
  • Weekly public sessions 
  • No charge for an introductory chat
  • Excellent website

Oranum is an online psychic reading service focused on video chats. 

While their readers offer their expertise via WebCam videos - they don’t have any phone psychics. However, if you decide to keep your video turned off, it does resemble one!

Interestingly, each psychic reader performs a weekly public session so that you can see how they operate and judge for yourself if you’d like to have a psychic reading done by a certain psychic.


Promotions & Deals on Phone Readings

Oranum also has a different financial model than some of the other psychic reading websites we have discussed. Before you spend any money at all, you have a chance to chat with the psychic you were thinking about using. 

Best of all, new users are eligible for free credit when signing up!



Users looking to undergo a sound bath session will be able to do so on Oranum. A sound bath is the practice of meditating under the supervision of a guide while the practitioner is 'bathed' in sound waves.

The items used to produce these sound waves may include gongs, tuning forks, chimes, the human voice, or anything else the guide feels to be appropriate. Should you engage in a sound bath session on Oranum, a good sound system or headphones are recommended.

To access online psychic services on Oranum, users must purchase credits which can then be used to pay readers for their services - a process some users may find overly complicated compared to straight credit card payments.

Still, if you're looking for a psychic service that focuses exclusively on video readings, we strongly recommend Oranum.


6. Mysticsense - 5-min FREE Phone Psychic Reading

Mysticsense has a network of about 500 readers and psychics. They offer 5 FREE minutes when signing up for your first session.

Mysticsense has a collection of nearly 15,000 reviews by paying customers. So you can gauge how much to trust them upfront and hold them accountable if you’re unsatisfied after a reading.

Their network of readers provides services specializing in tarot readings and crystal balls, and they also have psychic medium services for connecting with those who have departed from this earth.

You can also get your questions answered about your love life, relationships, family, pets, careers, life paths, and spirituality.

Since their readers offer so many diverse services, they have a custom tool to help you sort and filter through their network to find the best psychic for you.


Promotions & Deals on Phone Readings

Rates for psychic phone readings are quite low, and most readers charge between $1.99 and $3.99/minute.

Mysticsense has proven to be a good budget option for those seeking chat, video, or psychic readings over the phone. What’s more, first-time customers can get a five-minute tarot reading for free. 



Mysticsense’s network of online psychics is somewhat limited compared to other mainstream psychic reading websites offering online psychic reading services (like Kasamba). That said, they still offer a fairly diverse set of psychic predictions, with notable mentions including runes, toxic relationships, and crystal ball readings.

If you're struggling to find love, it may be worth booking an appointment with one of the several psychic mediums that specialize in soul mate work

More often than not, this type of reading is focused on pinpointing and removing any blocks impeding you from identifying a soulmate when you meet one.


7. Life Reader - 4-min FREE Chat Psychic Reading

  • Very affordable rates
  • The first call is discounted
  • Free psychic readings (daily horoscope)
  • Gifted love psychics & tarot readers
  • Specializing in spiritual advice, tarot readings & more

Life Reader is an online psychic service specializing in psychic advice, tarot readings, break-up advice, soulmate consulting, and general relationship advice. 

You can also get a unique weekend love forecast, as well as daily and monthly horoscope readings.

While they have many very new psychic readers on their network, many are very highly rated. 

All you have to do is look on their website to see a profile of each of their psychics currently available. Then, if you find one you like, simply click either the phone or chat box under their name and instantly connect with them.

Life Reader stands out for its list of psychics that specialize in LGBTQ and twin flame-related topics. For those unaware, a twin flame is similar to the concept of a soul mate and is someone who, once met, will change your life forever.


Promotions & Deals on Phone Readings

Additionally, you’ll only be charged $.19 per minute for the first 10 minutes. You will also receive 4 free chat minutes with every new reader you try, and you can purchase packages with pricing as low as $.50 per minute. 



Most psychics on the site charge between $4.50 and $6.50/minute, and both chat and phone readings are available.

Unfortunately, Life Reader seems to have the smallest network of all the online psychic reading platforms we reviewed. However, it still holds plenty of positive user reviews.


How We Ranked These Best Phone Psychic Readings 

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a psychic online or psychic reading service is by examining reviews of past customers. 

To do this, we visited online communities centered around online psychics and related topics.

We also looked at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if there were any complaints or negative reviews filed against these services.

Ultimately, we focused on five main criteria when determining which online psychic reading websites offered the best phone psychic readings:

  • The number of reviews and ratings each service had
  • The average customer rating for each service 
  • Whether the service offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee 
  • The variety of reading types offered by each service 
  • The price range of readings offered


Quality of Phone Reading

The reputation of any particular psychic online is determined by the quality and accuracy of their psychic reading abilities.

With this in mind,  we took a close look at the customer reviews for each of the psychic phone reading services on our list.

We paid attention to both positive and negative reviews, looking for any common themes or consistent complaints.

We also looked at the average customer rating for each service to get a general sense of how satisfied customers are with the readings they received.

We settled for nothing less than a four-star average rating.


Variety of Psychic Readings over the Phone

Whether it be chat, video, email, or psychic readings by phone - we've made a point of recommending online psychic reading sites that cover a wide range of services.

This way, you have a better chance of getting accurate psychic readings.

Each online psychic reading platform has a different selection of online psychics to choose from, so you're sure to find one that's right for you.

Some of the services we looked for include:

  • Love and Relationship Readings
  • Career and Finance Readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Readings by Psychic Mediums
  • Tarot Card readings


Affordability of Psychic Telephone Readings

As with any service, some phone psychics will charge more than others. Because of this, we've made sure to include both premium and affordable online psychic reading services on our list.


Promotions & FREE Phone Readings

Some online psychic sites have attractive promotions available to new customers. 

While these promotions typically come in free psychic readings, some also offer large discounts for first-time visitors.

Every psychic reading site we’ve included in our list offers enticing discounts that will allow you to test drive different online phone psychics at a low cost to increase your chances of getting accurate psychic readings.



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Best Phone Psychic Readings: FAQ

Can You Get a Free Psychic Reading by Phone?

Completely free online psychic readings are pretty hard to find. 

However, plenty of psychic websites like AskNow offer free psychic reading minutes for your first session. And, there are some circumstances where if you are not satisfied, you won’t have to pay at all. 

But, it’s much more likely you will receive credit towards another psychic reading session instead, which you can use on different psychic readings online like astrology or tarot readings online.



Are Psychic Phone Readings Accurate?

There are plenty of psychic sites like AskNow and Kasamba that have garnered thousands of positive user reviews relating to the accuracy and insightfulness of the readings.

This is no surprise since psychic readings over the phone have one advantage for customers. The reader cannot see you, so their ability to read you is limited to what they learn in conversation, making it more likely that you will receive an honest and accurate reading. 

For instance, if you receive a psychic reading in person where you ask for relationship advice, the psychic can see you and tailor their answers to your appearance, kind of taking a shortcut. 


How Long Do Telephone Psychic Readings Usually Last?

Psychic readings by phone don't have a set time limit and will last for however long the psychic needs to do an accurate reading.

In some cases, this could be as little as 5 minutes or as long as 40 minutes. For example, an online tarot card reading can be as long as an hour.

Of course, some people are on a budget and are limited to the number of minutes they can afford.

If you're in this boat, always let the phone psychic know beforehand what kind of time constraints you're operating under. 

Doing so will allow them to better focus their energies on the most pressing matter, meaning you get the most out of your psychic reading.


What Should You Know Before Getting a Psychic Phone Reading?

Before you get a psychic phone reading, you should know if it’s worth it to you. 

First, make sure you understand the pricing as best as possible and decide if the psychic reading suits your budget. Then prepare a list of questions to ask the psychic readers, so you are ready when the time comes.


How to Spot a Fake Psychic Over the Phone?

In the world of psychic phone readings, not every reader is legit, and it's important to know how to spot fakes when you encounter them.

Of all dishonest behavior carried out by phone psychics, the curse scam is one of the most common. 

The way this works is simple; at some point during the reading, the psychic will inform you that a curse has been placed on you, which they will remove for money. This same scam can be done by citing a love spell instead of a curse.

While in rare cases, this may be true, more times than not, it's simply the lies of a fake phone psychic.

Another thing to look out for is too many leading questions. A leading question is any question that's phrased in such a way as to prompt a specific response.

The best online psychics will mostly ask questions that require a yes or no answer, and they don't go fishing for information to make themselves seem legit.


When or Why Should You Call a Psychic Hotline for Guidance?

It’s best to call a psychic hotline for guidance when you want specific questions answered. These can relate to any area of your life, such as relationships, finances, career, or anything else that’s weighing on your mind.

But there’s no rule against getting a psychic reading, even when you’re not exactly sure what your doubts or concerns are about. An experienced psychic reader may help discover what’s truly causing you frustration in your life.


Where to Get the Best Psychic Phone Readings? Verdict

All of the psychic hotlines and services in this review are highly reputable

If you have your doubts about the effectiveness of online psychic readers, that’s fine. 

But, the psychic hotlines above are where you will have the best chance of finding the best psychic readings, and many host the best phone psychics. 

AskNow offers screened online psychics in different fields of expertise with detailed psychic reader profiles. 

Same as Kasamba, which has been around for decades and comes with plenty of positive reviews that you can check out for yourself.

Moreover, Psychic Source is very flexible, has an app, and a stellar reputation that spans over 30 years.

So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or click your mouse, connect with the best online psychics and receive online psychic readings over the phone today!



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