7 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites and Services to Search for Numbers

11:47 AM, Jan 31, 2023
9:43 AM, Mar 03, 2023

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Discovering the origin of a spam call through reverse phone number lookup is easy and quick. If you're interested to know who called you from a particular number, a reverse phone number lookup service is a good option. The most reliable reverse phone lookup websites, with their respective benefits, are shown below.

  • Intelius - Starts at $0.95/search – Reputable company – Results are available quickly
  • Instant Checkmate - Starts at $35.12/month – Access to a large number of public records – Advanced search filters
  • TruthFinder - Starts at $4.99/month – Affordable phone lookup service – Unique dark web scan 
  • Spokeo - Starts at $0.95 to $1.95/search – Affordable – Smooth service
  • PeopleFinders - Starts at $1 to $1.95/search – Quality service – Easy to use
  • US Search - Starts at $19.86/month – Oldest database – Affordable options
  • BeenVerified - Starts at $17.48/month – Has an easy-to-use mobile app – Provides social media data

Our curated list of reverse phone lookup services is fast, affordable, and reliable. Most of their data is sourced from reliable and official government sites, and the services boast a large user base. 

Let's take a closer look at the features of each one.



Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Here’s a detailed analysis of each reverse phone lookup service to help you find a reverse phone number lookup service that’s best suited to your needs.


1. Intelius – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service Overall

Intelius has been around since 2003 and is an outstanding reverse lookup service that customers widely praise for its accurate results. 

With a simple user interface, all you need to do is type in a phone number and select "Phone" above the search field to uncover the caller's identity. Intelius' algorithm is faster than competitors making it an excellent option for checking multiple numbers rapidly. 

Once you use Intelius to look up a phone number, you'll get access to an abundance of information apart from the caller's name. 



  • Provides fast results
  • It is a well-established firm
  • No cap on phone number searches


  • US-only results
  • Pricing is unclear
  • Other reverse lookups may cost more

Intelius Pricing

Intelius’ cost breakdown is not straightforward. 

An individual Intelius reverse phone lookup report is priced at $0.95. You have to pay an additional fee to get extended details in addition to a large number of reverse phone number lookup searches. To access all search functions, pick one of the Intelius Premier plans.

  • Intelius Premier: Starts at $19.95/month
  • Intelius Premier Plus: Starts at $29.95/month



2. Instant Checkmate – Most Extensive Phone Lookup Directory

Instant Checkmate is the most complete reverse phone lookup directory. It is distinctive from other reverse phone number lookup websites because it has access to a wide range of public data.

By looking up a phone number, Instant Checkmate can give a user information on the caller and their current location. Further, the service also offers a comprehensive report about the person linked to the phone number. 

Instant Checkmate allows you to check any landline or mobile phone number included in a public database. The service is professional and maintains user confidentiality, and you'll never have to worry about your identity being disclosed when you use this reverse phone number lookup service. 


  • Precision ensures quality results
  • Many public documents are available
  • Advanced search filters exist


  • Subscriptions are costly
  • no single reports
  • Finding what you want takes time

Instant Checkmate Pricing

Instant Checkmate is the most cost-effective reverse phone number lookup service. Every service, including reverse phone lookups, is available for a monthly fee of $5.99 for full membership.

  • One-month unlimited reports plan: $35.12/month
  • Three-month unlimited reports plan: $28.09/month



3. Truthfinder – Best for Ease of Use

Few reverse phone lookup services are as trustworthy and reputable as TruthFinder. This background check business searches many databases to get precise data on any phone number. 

TruthFinder links names from several public databases, including court documents, police records, social media platforms, and many more. This helps users get access to a lot of information on any person. 

If you are interested in getting more information from a phone number, TruthFinder will search the deepest, darkest recesses of the internet to determine the caller's identity. You can also use the self-monitoring tools to check who called you and what others can find online about you. 


  • Unique dark web scans
  • In­for­ma­tion­al summaries
  • Cheap phone lookup services


  • Detailed reports cost extra
  • US-only 
  • Report preparation takes a while

TruthFinder Pricing

TruthFinder's reverse phone lookup service is accessible for a fee of $4.99 every month. With this subscription, you can get basic information on a single phone number. Further information on a phone number is subject to an additional fee.

The full membership plans are as follows:

  • One-month unlimited reports: $28.05/month
  • Two-month unlimited reports: $23.28/month (Billed at $46.56 every two months) 



4. Spokeo – Best Budget Phone Lookup Site

Spokeo is a popular choice for email address or reverse phone lookup services  as it is more cost-effective than many other options on the market. 

Spokeo has a massive database of 600 million court documents, 130 million property records, 120 billion social network IDs, 6 billion customer files, 89 billion company records, and 89 billion business records. The service is easy to use and generates quick results. 



  • Easy to use
  • You may download PDF files
  • It is cheap


  • Exclusive to the US
  • Government records are few
  • Sometimes data is lacking

Spokeo Pricing

Spokeo's monthly memberships and one-off searches for reverse phone number lookups are reasonably priced. Reverse phone lookups cost somewhere between $0.95 and $1.95 each. A discount from Spokeo may reduce the price.

The monthly subscription fees are as follows:



5. PeopleFinders – Best for Professional Service

PeopleFinders is a reverse phone lookup service that is exclusive to the United States. In addition, to reverse phone lookup, they also offer name searches, background checks, and reliable reverse address searches. 

The company has been in operation for over two decades, allowing them to build expertise to provide customers with a positive experience.



  • Over two decades of expertise
  • Exceptional client service
  • Simple to use


  • US-only operations
  • No social media search


PeopleFinders Pricing

PeopleFinders provides different packages that are economical for both short-term and long-term users. A single reverse phone number lookup report can be accessed for as little as $1 to $1.95 per report.

Additionally, PeopleFinders offers multiple monthly packages with varying prices for customers who want to use the service for longer. 



6. US Search – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site for Beginners

US Search has been helping people for two decades by providing reverse lookup services. In terms of popularity, this is one of the most sought-after services of its kind. 

Besides being a great way to look for old friends and family members, US Search also has an attractive website with a user-friendly interface. 

It's an excellent tool for beginners since it helps them to start their search based on the information they already possess and the details they are trying to find.


  • Fast results
  • Simple to use
  • Low price


  • US-only
  • Full background checks cost more
  • A straightforward presentation

US Search Pricing

It can be tricky to figure out how much US Search and other reverse phone search services will cost you since their pricing isn't always straightforward. Customers have said that the fees change often and that if you want to use an extra feature (not part of your subscription), you will likely have to pay extra charges.

US Search Pro has two membership plans that include unlimited reports and no extra costs:

  • Monthly subscription: $59/month
  • Annual subscription: $599



7. BeenVerified – Best for Mobile App Accessibility

BeenVerified provides comprehensive reports that include the subject's full name and any other aliases they may be using. The service can help verify if the person is honest about their real name.

Additionally, BeenVerified can give you details like the person's age, location, and phone usage, as well as information about their social media activity. You can get a list of other phone numbers beside the one you initially checked out on the phone lookup website.

By making calls to these additional numbers, you may be able to gain more insight into the unknown caller and the people they are connected to.



  • Simple cancellation
  • Social media data
  • Simple smartphone app


  • Searching takes time
  • Limited report use
  • No free trials

BeenVerified Pricing

BeenVerified does not have an individual reverse phone number lookup function. You must sign up for a paid subscription to use the reverse phone lookup feature. Plan options from BeenVerified are as follows:



What You Need to Know About Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

A reverse phone number lookup can help determine who is sending you spam messages. It can also help you figure out what details others can find about you with a reverse phone lookup. In some cases, it may even be used to conduct market research.

Here are a few things you should know before using a reverse lookup website. 

Most Reverse Lookup Sites Are Not FCRA Compliant

The reverse lookup sites we've identified are completely free to access. However, they are not compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, so employers, lenders, and landlords cannot use them to assess applicants for jobs, loans, or rentals. Nevertheless, you are free to use these sites for your own purposes.

You May Have To Hand Over Personal Information

Most websites offering reverse phone lookups require users to register with their personal details, like name, email, or contact number. They will also likely record the user's whereabouts and IP address.



Can You Do A Free Reverse Phone Lookup?

While there may be services that perform free reverse phone number lookups, they are unlikely to be dependable. Advertisements may lead you to believe that reverse phone number lookup sites are free, but in most cases you’ll need to pay a fee to get the report.

A reverse phone lookup should only take a few seconds. If the website takes much longer to do the search, you have reason to be suspicious. They probably hope that you are heavily invested in the result and would be willing to pay for it. Never give away your email address or any personal information on sites that require a reverse phone number lookup. Be especially cautious of sites that have a long progress bar.

How Do Reverse Phone Lookup Services Work?

A reverse phone number lookup service can verify the phone number and the persons connected to it by searching through numerous public documents. Landline numbers may easily be located via a public records search.

However, a free reverse phone search service may need to acquire information from private networks and other businesses to check the phone number.

Are Free Phone Number Lookup Sites Reliable?

There are plenty of free reverse phone number lookup resources to help you check the phone number that called you. However, keep in mind that even if you discover a single free reverse phone number lookup site, it's unlikely that the information it offers will be up-to-date. On the other hand, premium reverse phone number lookup providers offer reliable results at a fair price. 

How To Check The Phone Number to Find Someone’s Name

You can use a reputable reverse phone number lookup service to quickly find a caller's name and identity. We've streamlined the process into three easy steps:

1. Copy Unknown Number

Be sure to copy the desired lookup number exactly, including all digits.

2. Put the Phone Number in a Lookup Site

You may check for a person's phone number using one of two popular reverse lookup services: TruthFinder or Intelius. Copy the number and enter it into your chosen reverse phone number lookup service. Enter the number into the search field, hit "search," and wait a few seconds for the results to load. Depending on the site being used, it could take up to a few minutes. 

3. Get Results

To use the reverse phone number lookup feature, you will need to check a few boxes to indicate that you accept the terms of service. Once the reverse phone lookup is complete, you will discover the name of the individual connected with the number.



Phone Lookup Services Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few responses to frequently asked questions about reverse phone lookups. 

Is There a Free Way to Lookup a Phone Number?

Using websites that provide a free reverse phone number lookup is not the smartest idea. On free reverse phone number lookup websites, inaccurate information and fraud are commonplace. We recommend that you use a reputable service like TruthFinder or Intelius. 

How Can I Figure Out Who a Phone Number Belongs To?

You can check who a phone number belongs to by using a website that does reverse phone lookups — such as Intelius. Check the phone number online and see what comes up. You will soon learn more about the caller, including their name.

Can I Search for My Own Number on a Phone Lookup Site?

With self-monitoring tools like TruthFinder, you can learn what information others can find about you. Some websites also provide the option to remove your data from their databases.

The Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites: Verdict

Intelius is popularly regarded as the best reverse phone lookup and background check service. It offers clear outcomes and the ability to explore the dark web. Although TruthFinder may not be the most affordable option, it is worth it if you plan to use it for a while.

A reverse phone number lookup website is a great option if you need to identify who is behind a strange phone call. It is essential to keep in mind that the services mentioned in this article are intended for personal use.



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