Best Sacral Chakra Healing to Revitalize Your Sexual Energy (Easy Guide)

11:07 AM, Jan 23, 2023

Have you been feeling cold and alone lately, even with a partner? 

You might want to look into sacral chakra blockage

The sacral chakra is one of the energy centers in the human body believed to be responsible for certain areas of our life. 

The sacral chakra governs our sensuality, intuition, and creativity

When this chakra is blocked, your creative energy and sexual and emotional self will be affected.

For this reason, you need a psychic seasoned in the art of sacral chakra healing to awaken your sacral chakra and open you up to a life with more intimacy, imagination, and pleasure.

But where do you start? That’s where we come in.

We’ve done the research and identified the top psychic reading platforms where you can heal your blocked sacral chakra.

You can get the first few minutes of your healing session for free and enjoy additional discounts on our top picks. 

So join us as we explore the basics of how the sacral chakra awakens and provide your best bets for an affordable healing session.


How to Heal Sacral Chakra with Expert Help - Quick Look 

  1. Kasamba - Best sacral chakra healing (70% OFF + 3 FREE mins)
  2. Psychic Source - Personalized sacral chakra healing ($1/min rates)
  3. Keen - Sacral chakra healing on the go (10 mins for $1.99)


What Is The Sacral Chakra?  

In ancient Indian tradition, chakras are energy centers located on different body parts along the spine's axis. 

These energy centers are represented by wheel-like symbols and are supposed to play a role in a person’s overall well-being. 

The sacral chakra is the second chakra or energy center

Also known as the sex chakra or the Svadhisthana chakra, it controls how a human being behaves concerning their sexuality. 

With sexuality being closely related to a person’s feelings, the sacral chakra is associated with pleasure, emotions, and intuition

The sacral chakra is said to be located below the navel or around the perineal area of any man or woman, which is closely connected with the function of the genitals of both sexes and the kidneys. 

Therefore, any disease of the sex organs and the kidneys are considered an imbalance or sacral chakra blockage. 

Some examples may include urinary infections, kidney stones, infertility, and the like. 

Meanwhile, emotional and physical health, particularly within the sexual and renal regions, indicate a balanced sacral chakra.

Other symbolisms used for the second chakra are the water element, the color orange, lotus flowers, crescent moons, and Hindu goddesses

All seven chakras are based on spiritual texts from Buddhists or the Hindus that date back centuries. 

Unfortunately, until the present, there is insufficient scientific research on chakras and chakra work to prove that this practice is backed by objective evidence. 

How the sacral chakra relates to sexual satisfaction and happiness is all based on anecdotes and traditional material.


Why Sacral Chakra Healing is Important! [Must Read]

Chakra healing is important because it addresses deep-rooted problems that may affect how we connect with ourselves and others. 

For the second chakra, in particular, healing can encourage confronting sexually repressive feelings, guilt, confusion, and fear of intimacy. 


Don’t Ignore An Unbalanced Sacral Chakra

There are two possible imbalances that a sacral chakra may be inflicted with: an overactive sacral chakra or an underactive sacral chakra.

An overactive sacral chakra is characterized by excess uncontrolled emotion, emotional damage to others, and sexual expression bordering on the explicit or the extreme opposite; for example, apathy with anything related to sex, love, intimacy, and the like. 

Meanwhile, an underactive or blocked sacral chakra may be associated with a lonely disposition, lack of interest in sex and other people, depressed emotions and connections with loved ones, and voluntary or involuntary isolation. 


Find Balance with Meditation, Yoga, or Crystals for Sacral Chakra Healing

After sacral chakra healing, a person may be more drawn to express healthy emotions, have the courage to reveal their sexual selves alone or to a worthy partner, have better dreams, and influence others to do the same. 

Healing of the second chakra may involve using:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation techniques
  • Diet changes
  • Sacral chakra crystals
  • Regular affirmations
  • Manifestations

These practices properly channel a person’s sacral energy and lead them into a thriving state. 

Despite no scientific proof, many have said sacral chakra healing can complement other treatment methods for stress and anxiety. 

Consequently, it has become a famous online service offered by psychic platforms. 

Psychics use different tools like the tarot, crystals, ritual cleansing, oracle reading, and other spiritual work to initiate sacral chakra healing. 


Where to Go to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

Below are three of the best platforms to visit for legit sacral chakra healing services, with opportunities for free psychic readings and generous discounts

All this is for readings from some of the best spiritual advisors in the world. 


1. Kasamba - All-Round Best Sacral Chakra Healing 


  • 20+ years of experience
  • 80+ intimacy advisors 
  • 3 FREE minutes on your first paid reading 
  • Up to 70% off
  • Mobile app
  • Thousands of customer reviews per advisor
  • Experts in love and relationships 


  • No video or phone readings offered 

As an online psychic service with more than two decades of expertise, Kasamba gives millions of its loyal audience what they need in every stage of their life. 

Those who seek healing and seek to create intimate relationships can come to Kasamba and find over 80 intimacy advisors, 30 of whom specialize in chakra work. 

Kasamba houses chakra experts who also do best in love and relationship readings. 

They use various divination and healing tools, such as tarot cards and crystals, to read your situation and provide the necessary steps. 



Spiritual advisors may give mantras and activities such as yoga and chakra meditation techniques that focus on your Svadhisthana to achieve an open flow of energy through the sacral center. 

To welcome you, Kasamaba gives you the first 3 minutes FREE and up to 70% off paid readings. 

So have your chat session, and afterward, head to their blog page to read articles on chakra meditation techniques, crystals, and mantras to start opening up that sacral chakra.


2. Psychic Source - Personalized Sacral Chakra Healing


  • 30+ years of experience
  • 150 psychics for energy healing
  • 3 FREE minutes
  • Readings as low as $1/min
  • Screens psychics thoroughly
  • Advanced filters to find the perfect psychic match
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 


  • Not all advisors offer video readings 

Psychic Source is more known for numerology and tarot readings, but we were surprised at the wide array of psychics that offer personalized energy healing as one of their services. 

They have established themselves as one of the best platforms of sacral chakra healing out there, and this is just one of their other strong suits. 

After narrowing down their psychics with advanced filters like Energy Healing as a specialty and Reiki Healing as a tool, we were shown almost 150 advisors



These warm and honest professionals are ready to give you the highly-personalized, no-fluff, and no-sugarcoat evaluation of your sacral chakra balance. 

In addition, they use their gifts of tarot reading, clairvoyance, etc., to encourage you to take a holistic approach to open up the Svadhisthana

A combination of a balanced diet, exercise, meditations, and manifestations are some of the things they advise clients to do as a sacral chakra remedy. 

Get your first 3 minutes FREE, get a steal-price deal of $1/min on readings on Psychic Source and see which chakra advisors are available for phone, chat, and video readings. 


3. Keen - Best Sacral Chakra Healing On-The-Go



  • Full bookings for good advisors 

Spiritual readings are something Keen does best. 

For more than 20 years, they have been dedicated to providing only the best psychics and healers. 

And their clean and modern website design is meant to exude clarity, too. 

Their highlight? An app compatible with both iOS and Android makes your readings accessible wherever you may be. 

With close to 10 advisors specializing in chakra healing, customers can choose from a handful of reading approaches they are drawn to rid their sacral chakras of any blocks and imbalances. 



Visit the advisors’ profiles and see the ‘Skills & Methods’ portion. 

Look for an expert skilled with “Chakra Cleansing” and the method of your choice. Choose whether you want to balance the sacral chakra through tarot, aura cleansing, crystals, and more. 

Readings on Keen go for as low as $1.99 for 10 minutes, and you get your first 3 minutes FREE

Advisors also have personal Keen blogs if you want more information on how they can help you live a more fulfilled and romantic sex life. 


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Opening a Blocked Sacral Chakra - Meditation, Yoga, & Crystals

How Do I Stimulate My Sacral Chakra?

You can stimulate the sacral chakra through practices involving visualizing the flow of energy to a specific direction toward the navel and the perineal region. 

These practices may be in the form of yoga, meditation, crystal healing, affirmations, and manifestations

Other techniques that can be incorporated to stimulate the sexual chakra are controlling the diet and increasing physical activity. 


How Do You Relieve Tension in the Sacral Chakra?

You can relieve tension in the sacral chakra by going through healing rituals that involve affirmations, healing crystals, and stones, as well as manifestations. 

These are usually done by psychics or spiritual advisors specializing in chakra cleansing. 

With some guidance, you can perform such activities even if you don’t currently have a sacral chakra imbalance. 



The saying “prevention is better than cure” also applies to the seven chakras. 


What Yoga Poses Open the Sacral Chakra?

The yoga poses that may help open up the sacral chakra include the goddess pose, camel pose, bound angle pose, and garland pose

Below is a quick guide on how to do each of these poses;

Goddess pose

Bring the palms together and go down slowly in a wide squat, with toes pointing outwards and tailbone downwards. 

Camel pose

Kneel with both legs straight under either hip. Lean back and let the tailbone move towards the knees, and reach each palm to your heels. 

Bound angle pose

Sit on the floor with the knees to the sides and bottoms of the feet facing each other. Interlace your fingers with the toes and press the chest forward and knees downward. 

Garland pose

Do a deep squat while pressing your shoulders away from your ears. Use the elbows to keep the knees open. 


What Essential Oil Is Good for Sacral Chakra?

Essential oils good for the sacral chakra include sandalwood and jasmine oil

These essential oils are known to have relaxing properties that may help during healing and meditation. 

Meditation guides are available on Kasamba’s blog for beginners who want to incorporate this into their daily practice. 



What Is the Mantra for Sacral Chakra?

The mantra for the sacral chakra is VAM

It is chanted while visualizing water and the color orange, both symbols of Svadhisthana chakra. All seven chakras have a mantra that is chanted to heal the corresponding area.


What Foods Open the Sacral Chakra?

Foods that open the sacral chakra are those associated with birth and fertility, such as eggs and seeds. 

Foods shaped like the vulva or an elongated shaft, like bananas or eggplants, as well as aphrodisiacs, are also said to have the same effect on the sacral chakra. 


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Healing an Unbalanced Sacral Chakra - FAQs

What Does Sacral Energy Feel Like?

Sacral energy feels like a perfect amount of positivity about yourself, a deep emotional understanding of others, and the motivation to maintain habits like a safe and healthy sex life, a balanced diet, and physical activity. 

You feel charged down there as you balance the sacral chakra, and it radiates throughout the whole body. 


What Organs Are Affected by the Sacral Chakra?

The organs affected by the sacral chakra are the ones closest to its location, such as kidneys and the sex organs of both sexes, including the penis, testes, vagina, uterus, and ovaries. 

Symptoms involving these organs may indicate an unbalanced sacral chakra in need of healing. 



Which Finger Is Connected to the Sacral Chakra?

The finger that is connected to the sacral chakra is the ring finger

Some healers advise people with imbalanced sacral chakra to wear crystal healing rings to help bring back the normal flow of energy. 

These sacral chakra crystals may be any orange or amber stone, the chakra’s representative color.

Examples are tiger’s eye, citrine, and amber itself. 


What Happens When Your Sacral Chakra Is Blocked?

When the sacral chakra is blocked, a person may experience behaviors associated with a lack of interest in intimacy, sexual relationships, and general company. 

As a result, they may also suffer from social anxiety and low libido

Others may feel that they don’t belong in the community they are in, feel physically unattractive, or feel incapable of sexually pleasing themselves or a partner. 



What Causes Sacral Chakra Imbalance?

An imbalanced sacral chakra may be caused by childhood or adolescent experiences that involve sexual repression or sexual trauma. 

A person may have also been brought up in a family with limiting beliefs regarding intimacy and sexual exploration. 

Such experiences may result in feelings of isolation and a lack of inspiration to explore and be creative with self. 


What Are the Symptoms of Sacral Chakra Opening?

The symptoms of sacral chakra opening are:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Open expression of emotions
  • Willingness to connect with other people romantically and sexually

A balanced sacral chakra will have similar symptoms. 


Balance Your Sacral Chakra & Unblock Your Sexual Energy

To balance the sacral chakra means to balance a person’s sexual energy and emotions. 

When left unchecked, an underactive sacral chakra or overactive sacral chakra may occur, resulting in negative behavior changes or physical symptoms involving the sex organs or the kidneys. 

The sacral chakra healing awakens with the guidance of practitioners specializing in chakra cleansing. 

Our top pick is Kasamba, an all-around best platform for people hoping their sacral chakra awakens and brings needed changes in their sex life.

Their services are done by experts who are also seasoned in love and relationships. 

Find a spiritual advisor that meets your needs on these top platforms and see how your sex life could still get that boost with a free and open sacral chakra. 



Disclaimer: This article does not provide medical advice.

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