Getting a new smartphone might be difficult due to the abundance of devices

1:07 PM, May 02, 2023
1:07 PM, May 02, 2023

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Cell phones are integral to our daily lives; it's almost second nature to whip out your phone when you need to set the alarm or look for directions. For this reason, you need to have or choose one of the best smartphone brands.

Samsung is our top pick because it offers stunning devices with the most advanced features across a wide range of prices. 

This guide reviews the most popular smartphone brands to consider.

Top 5 Smartphone Brands in the World

Here are the top five best smartphone brands that offer a wide range of devices that will satisfy your needs and budget:

1. Samsung: From the most affordable Galaxy A-series to the most advanced and stunning S- and Z-series, Samsung has a phone for every budget and need, even if you want a device that folds in two. 

2. Apple: With nearly unrivaled aesthetic excellence in hardware and design, Apple's iPhones have set the bar for years, and the company has no plans to stop there.

3. Google: Its growing selection of mobile devices now includes high-end models and high-quality, budget-friendly options, meaning there's a Pixel phone for everyone.

4. OnePlus: The company offers affordable midrange prices while maintaining flagship features like cutting-edge functionality, top-tier performance, and excellent hardware. 

5. Motorola : Although it may not be as dominant as it was in 2006, the company can still produce a decent and premium smartphone like the exquisite Motorola Razr 5G.

Smartphone Brands Compared

There has never been so much competition among the best smartphone brands as it is now.

Samsung phones have impeccable hardware, and the company has made strides in improving Android OS and its One UI. Apple's iPhone and Google's Pixel series are two of the best alternative smartphone brands on the market. 

OnePlus and Motorola may not be the first smartphone brands that come to mind for most people. However, they are great alternatives for folks who want to explore other smartphone brands outside the big three. 

Here we explore the most popular smartphone brands in detail.

Samsung Phones

The Korean company is one of the few smartphone brands consistently delivering high-quality devices across a wide price range. They offer phones for every budget and taste, from the luxurious Galaxy S22 Ultra or Z Fold 4 to the more modest Galaxy A53.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is an excellent option for both S-Pen fans and photography buffs

Like the Note20 Ultra, it comes with the iconic and all-improved S-Pen

Photography enthusiasts get the same quad-camera configuration as the S21 Ultra but with better specifications. The primary camera is a large 108MP sensor coupled with an ultrawide sensor and two telephoto lenses, one with a 10x zoom range. 

The base model offers 128GB storage space and the newest Samsung or Qualcomm chipsets. Samsung has also bumped the battery capacity in this year's model to 5,000mAh with a maximum charging power of 45W.

Prices start at $1,149.99 on the official website and $991.19 on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold4 is the best foldable smartphone on the market. When folded, the gadget reveals a brilliant 6.2-inch AMOLED screen. Unfolding the Z Fold4 opens up the massive 7.6-inch foldable panel with a refresh rate of 120 hertz for fluid scrolling. 

In terms of processing power and battery, the Galaxy Z Fold4 has an impressive 12GB RAM and a Snapdragon SM8475 processor. It contains a large, non-removable, Li-Po 4400 mAh battery with 25W fast charging. 

Its triple camera system includes a 50MP primary back sensor, a 10MP telephoto lens, and a 12MP ultrawide lens. 

The Galaxy Z Fold4's base model costs $1,799 at Samsung's official store and $1,399 at Best Buy.

Samsung Galaxy A53

The Samsung A53 gets a 120Hz 6.5-inch AMOLED display that allows smoother animation and reduces motion blur.

Its quad camera setup includes a primary 64MP camera, an ultrawide 12MP camera, and two 5MP depth and macro lenses for super close shots and portrait settings.

You can pick between 8GB or 12GB of RAM on the A53, which is powered by a Samsung Exynos 1280 CPU. The Li-Po 5000 mAh battery has a 25W quick charging feature which can fill it up to 50% in just half an hour. 

Prices start at $429 on Amazon, and you can rest assured you're getting the best value from one of the top smartphone brands.

Apple Phones

Apple's vast customer base and high-quality iPhones have made the company a household name among other best smartphone brands. Let's look at some of the top iPhones you can get in 2023.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple has made many significant upgrades with the release of the iPhone 14 Pro series, including a new triple camera system, Dynamic Island, always-on display, and the A16 Bionic chipset. All of these improvements work together to create a fresh and speedy experience. 

Folks serious about mobile photography will like the phone's improved snapper. The triple camera setup includes a primary 48 MP rear camera with image stabilization, a 12MP telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom, and an ultrawide 12MP sensor for crisp low-light photos.

The camera system also includes a 3D LiDAR scanner to generate precise depth effects and high-quality 3D models of objects. iPhone 14 Pro Max starts from $1,099 or $45.79/month on the official website.

Apple iPhone 14

iPhone 14 delivers a lot of great features at a more reasonable price. However, it lacks the more expensive 14 Pro series features like a triple camera setup, A16 bionic chip, and the new Dynamic Island notch. 

That said, its reliable performance, stunning Super Retina OLED display, improved camera systems, and impressive Li-Ion 3279 mAh battery make it a worthwhile upgrade for most regular users. It is also a terrific option for folks who don't want to shell out the extra cash for the Pro models.

You can get the 128GB base model for $799 or $33.29/month on the official website. 

Apple iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 Mini has a 5.4 inch AMOLED screen making it one of the smallest iPhones currently available at Apple. The dual camera system includes 12MP wide-angle and ultrawide lenses and a 12MP front-facing selfie camera. 

Plus, it has the same A15 processor as the iPhone 14 and a modest 2438 mAh battery which may be sufficient if you're not a heavy user. iPhone 13 Mini is available on the official Apple website for $599 or $24.95/month

Google Phones

Unlike other best smartphone brands, Google takes an unconventional approach with its mobile devices. It offers an array of reasonably priced, carefully designed phones with excellent cameras and an impeccable Android experience. Here are its top phones:

Google Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 has a stunning 6.4-inch AMOLED screen that refreshes at 90 hertz. It features the all-new Google Tensor processor, which enhances the Android OS user experience. 

The primary camera has a new 50MP sensor for exceptional dynamic range and is supported by a 12MP ultrawide snapper. That said, the Pixel 6 has a massive 5,003 mAh battery that guarantees your phone lasts all day.

The phone costs $399 on Amazon or $499 at Best Buy.

Google Pixel 5a 5G

The Pixel 5a 5G has a 6.34-inch OLED screen, a lightning-fast Snapdragon 765G chip, and 6GB of memory for decent performance. 

The Google Pixel's software and cameras are the primary selling point. The backside of the phone sports a dual camera setup, including a primary 12.2MP camera and a secondary 16MP ultrawide camera. 

The entry-level model with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM costs $389 on Amazon.

OnePlus Phones

OnePlus has emerged to confidently challenge the market's most popular smartphone brands regarding advanced features and pricing. Let's look at some of the company's latest best phones and how they compare with the most popular smartphone brands.

OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro is one of the best flagship Android smartphones. The fluid AMOLED screen measures 6.7 inches and has a refresh rate of 120Hz for smooth scrolling. 

The device is equipped with a fast Snapdragon SM8450 CPU coupled with 5G connectivity and 8GB of memory. The large Li-Po 5000 mAh battery and 65W or 80W fast charging options mean your battery fills up faster than most other devices on our list. 

The Swedish camera expert, Hasselblad, fine-tuned the triple camera system on the back of the phone. The setup includes a 48MP primary wide-angle lens, an ultrawide-angle sensor, and a telephoto module.

The OnePlus 10 Pro base model will set you back $729.99 on Amazon.

OnePlus Nord N20 5G

The OnePlus Nord series is the company's latest effort to provide decent and reasonably priced mobile devices. The N20 sports a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen and is powered by a Snapdragon 695 5G CPU with 6 GB memory. 

Its triple camera setup features a 64MP primary lens, a 2MP telephoto lens, and a depth sensor with the same resolution. You also get a 16MP snapper with HDR in the front for selfies. 

Although the OnePlus Nord N20 5G costs $249.99 on Amazon and Best Buy, its plastic chassis makes it seem less premium than some of the other affordable phones on our list. Then again, you shouldn't expect anything fancy at that price tag.

Motorola Phones

Motorola is still one of the best smartphone brands that offer solid devices at affordable prices. You may consider some of their devices if you want to explore other Android smartphone brands.

Motorola Edge+

The Edge+ is an excellent smartphone with a large, crisp OLED display that refreshes at 144 hertz. It runs on the new Snapdragon SM8450 CPU and has 8GB of RAM to make things snappy and responsive. There's also a 12GB memory option. 

The Edge+ rear camera setup comprises a main 50MP lens, a 2MP depth sensor, and an ultrawide 50MP lens. There's a 60MP punch-hole camera in front for taking selfies and video calls. 

The phone starts at $772.84 on Amazon, which may seem somewhat expensive compared to competitors.

Moto G Stylus 5G

The Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G offers a stylus experience like the Galaxy S22 Ultra but at a more affordable price. It is available on Amazon for just $439.12 and provides a perfect combination of features without any apparent flaws. 

Although the 10W charging is underwhelming, it makes up for it with the large Li-Po 5000 mAh battery. You also get a stunning 6.8-inch OLED screen with 2460 by 1080 pixels and a MediaTek Helio G88 chipset with 6GB of RAM. 

Mobile photography enthusiasts will cherish the rear triple camera setup, which includes a 48MP primary lens, an 8MP ultrawide lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. Plus, there's a 16-megapixel front camera for taking high-res selfies.

Motorola Razr 5G

Motorola's revamp of the classic flip phone from the 2000s as a new smartphone with a folding display is arguably one of the most surprising phones in 2022

You can get your hands on this stunning, foldable device for a relatively affordable price of $799.99 from Best Buy. Powering the phone is the Snapdragon 765G CPU with 8GB RAM. Its exterior display is a 2.7-inch panel. However, the inner, more prominent display is a foldable 6.7-inch P-OLED. 

It has a dual camera configuration consisting of a primary 50MP wide-angle lens and a 13MP ultrawide sensor, both adjacent to the compact outer screen. 

A 32-megapixel wide-angle lens sits above the main display and acts as a selfie camera. You can also take selfies with the main camera without unfolding the device. The Razr has a smaller Li-Po 3500 mAh battery than its competitors, but it makes up for it with 33W rapid charging.

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Smartphone Brands by Budget

Most popular smartphone brands offer devices that range in price tags from low-budget to mid-range to premium. Here we break down the best smartphones you can buy based on your budget.

Best Phones Under $300 (Or $20 per month)

Some of the most popular smartphone brands provide decent devices at prices that won't break the bank. 

The OnePlus Nord N20 5G is a budget-friendly option to consider if you're on a tight budget. OnePlus doesn't skimp on essential features, but some components may not be of the best quality to keep costs down.

Best Phones Under $500 (Or $30 per month)

The Google Pixel 6 is a tough competitor in this price range. It features a unique design and a top-tier camera system and guarantees consistent and stable software upgrades. Samsung's Galaxy A53 is also a decent alternative offering attractive features like a large battery with fast charging, an impressive Super AMOLED screen, and a quad camera setup.

Best Phones Under $750 (Or $40 per month)

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better phone than the OnePlus 10 Pro in this price bracket. That said, the iPhone 13 Mini is always a good choice if you already have an iPhone and don't mind a smaller display or a more compact device.

Best Phones Around $1,000 (Or $50+ per month)

You may choose from a wide variety of devices from the best smartphone brands if your budget is in this price range. However, we suggest sticking with one of the two most popular smartphone brands, the iPhone or Samsung. 

If you're looking for a high-end Android handset that excels in every department, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. That said, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is the ultimate Android device if you want cutting-edge features and mind-blowing capabilities.

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For folks who already own an iPhone and want to upgrade to the most recent model, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is your best bet. 

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Most Popular Smartphone Brands in 2022 (by Shipments)

The top global smartphone brands are all owned by companies with a significant international footprint. Here we rank the most popular smartphone brands in 2022 based on total shipments and market share.

Rank 1. Samsung

Samsung shipped 62.2 million smartphones worldwide in the second quarter of 2022, giving the company a 21% global market share. This places it at the top of the list of the best smartphone brands for 2022.

Rank 2. Apple

Thanks to the iPhone 13, the firm has seen massive growth in revenue across all regions in 2022. For instance, Apple had 48.9 million shipments in Q2 2022, bringing it to a 17% market share. 

Rank 3. Xiaomi

Xiaomi, one of the world's fastest-growing and most popular smartphone brands, is in third place, behind Samsung and Apple. In Q2 2022, Xiaomi shipped 39.4 million units, giving the company a 13% market share. 

Rank 4. Oppo

Chinese mobile phone and accessory manufacturer Oppo has been around since 2011, and its products are widely available worldwide. Oppo ranks as the number four brand on the list, with 25.7 million units shipped and a 9% market share in the second quarter of 2022. 

Rank 5. Vivo

China-based BBK Electronics owns different smartphone brands, including Vivo. With 24.8 million shipments in Q2 2022, Vivo ranks #5 on the list and accounts for 8% of the market share.

Rank 6. Honor

Honor has been a smartphone brand industry pioneer since its inception in 2013. The company shipped 15.1 million units in the second quarter of 2022 to rank at #6 with a 5% market share.

Rank 7. Realme

Realme was once an Oppo sub-brand, but it is now owned by BBK Electronics, which also owns other smartphone brands like Vivo and Oppo. In Q2 2022, the firm rose to the seventh spot on the rankings, with a market share of 5% after delivering 13.4 million units.

Rank 8. Motorola Mobility (Lenovo)

After purchasing Motorola Inc.'s mobile division in 2011, Lenovo snowballed to become a significant player among other smartphone brands in the industry. To place at #8 with a 4% market share, the corporation shipped 12.7 million units in the second quarter of 2022.

Rank 9. Transsion (Tecno, Itel)

Transsion has traditionally been one of Africa's most popular smartphone brands, with flagship names like Tecno and Itel. Its 8.7 million shipments ranked 9th in Q2 2022 with a 3% market share.

Rank 10. Huawei

Despite tensions with the American government, Huawei ranked tenth among the best smartphone brands in the second quarter of 2022, with a total smartphone shipment of 6.4 million units.

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Which Smartphone Size Is Best for Me?

There has been a trend toward taller and slimmer phone designs among the most popular smartphone brands. Smartphone displays can range in size from 3 to over 7 inches. However, while considering the new form factors, it is crucial to consider both the breadth of the phone and the screen. 

A tall, narrow phone may be the best option for those with little hands. Compact phones like the iPhone 13 Mini may also be a suitable option. 

What to Look For in a Smartphone

Here are five factors to consider before getting your next smartphone:

1. Screen Size and Quality

Since you will be spending a lot of time staring at the screen, it's crucial to pick a high-resolution display that is comfortable in size. Most popular smartphone brands offer devices with full high-definition panels that have at least 1920 by 1080 pixels, and that is what you want.

We also recommend OLED panels over LCD because they offer superior contrast and deeper blacks. The best smartphone brands, like Samsung and Apple, have devices with beautiful AMOLED displays.

2. Performance

The CPU or processor is crucial when deciding between two smartphone brands. It determines how fast the device can process data and how much power it will consume. 

The A-series processor from Apple often outperforms other processors in most popular smartphone brands. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus is currently the best CPU you can find on most Android smartphone brands. 

While the ideal amount of RAM a smartphone needs is debatable, we suggest you aim for at least 4GB if you're shopping for an Android device. However, iPhones are an exception to this rule due to their unique lower RAM requirements.

3. Camera Setup

The most popular smartphone brands have all included significant camera upgrades recently. However, remember there's more to a camera's performance than its megapixel (MP) count. This review of the best smartphone brands can help you make an informed decision.

4. Battery Life

There aren't many phones with removable batteries, so you need one that can keep up with your hectic lifestyle. Most of the best smartphone brands on our list offer devices that can last all day. The mAh figure will give you a rough idea, but you may also consider the screen resolution, quality, size, and software to get a more accurate picture of the battery life.

5. Internal Storage

The best smartphone brands offer base model devices with at least 64GB or 128GB internal storage. However, you may require extra storage if you enjoy taking a lot of photos and videos or downloading heavy media files. 

Most popular smartphone brands offer extra storage options at an additional cost which may overshoot your budget.

A MicroSD card slot lets you affordably increase your device's storage capacity, but most popular smartphone brands started excluding this feature years ago. That said, certain Android smartphone brands may still offer a MicroSD card slot.

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The Best Smartphone Brands: FAQs

Here we cover frequently asked questions about the best smartphone brands.

Which Is the No 1 Mobile Brand in the World?

Samsung takes the #1 spot for the best mobile brand in the world. The Korean firm stands out as one of the most popular smartphone brands that consistently produces reliable, high-quality devices over a wide price range. From the extravagant Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Fold 4 to the more affordable Galaxy A53, it has a smartphone to suit any need or budget.

What Are the Top 10 Smartphones in the World?

Here's a list of the top ten smartphones in the world right now:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  2. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  3. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
  4. Google Pixel 6
  5. Apple iPhone 14
  6. OnePlus 10 Pro
  7. Motorola Razr 5G
  8. Google Pixel 5a 5G
  9. Motorola Edge+ 
  10. Samsung Galaxy A53

Should You Buy an iPhone or Android Phone?

Despite their obvious differences, iPhones and Android phones share many desirable qualities. Making a decision boils down to the OS you're already familiar with and your budget. Plus, high-end Android phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Fold4 are on par with the latest iPhones in terms of quality.

The Best Smartphone Brands: Final Review

Every day, we rely on our phones for several tasks, including getting out of bed in the morning, catching up on the news, checking email, listening to music, watching movies, and taking selfies. Some people even take professional photos or videos with their mobile devices. 

This is why it's crucial to choose a smartphone brand that suits your lifestyle and, of course, your budget. However, choosing a new phone might be a hassle as tons of devices from different smartphone brands are on the market. 

Samsung is our top pick for the best smartphone brands, as it offers a wide range of smartphones with varying price tags. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best option if you want a top-tier Android device with premium specs. That said, if you're a fan of cutting-edge features and prefer a smartphone that will turn heads look no further than the Galaxy Z Fold4.

However, folks on a strict budget may consider the mid-range Galaxy A53 with attractive specs at an affordable price.

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