White Borneo Kratom Guide to Benefits, Strains & Dosage [Buy Powder & Capsules]

4:55 PM, Jan 30, 2023
10:25 AM, Mar 03, 2023

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So, you’ve heard about White Borneo Kratom, and you want to know what it does?

Well, it’s mainly used as a morning stimulant, as it has a reputation for making you motivated and more productive.

Still, that’s only one of its benefits, and there are many more things to know about White Borneo Kratom.

For instance, it has an average mitragynine level of 1.3%, which is due to the fact that the leaves were harvested very young.

(Because as the leaves mature, mitragynine content goes down and 7-hydroxymitragynine content goes up).

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

We’ll see all that in more detail below. For now, just know that this is a comprehensive article about White Borneo’s effects, composition, sourcing, and more.

By the way, we’ll also tell you where you can buy White Borneo Kratom (from the best brand in the USA with 20K+ reviews).

Let’s get to it.



Where Does Borneo Kratom Come From?

As the name suggests, Borneo Kratom comes from the island of Borneo.

As you may know, Borneo is part of the Sunda islands, located in Southeast Asia — renowned for their natural beauty, tropical temperature, and abundance of huge kratom trees.

The Sunda Islands are the origin of the world's highest-quality Kratom. For millennia, these islands have been home to a thriving wild population of Kratom trees.

Why does it matter?

Because this allows top vendors (like Kats Botanicals) to make what is called “wild kratom.” In other words, kratom comes from wild trees and not plantations.

The effects of this kind of kratom are believed to be more potent and more “natural.”



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White Borneo Kratom Effects and Brief History

White Vein Borneo Kratom has been popular in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia ever since the 1850s.

Like most strains of White Kratom, White Borneo is said to improve overall health and give drinkers more energy.

Specifically, most people recommend consuming White Borneo Kratom Powder in the morning to get more done and feel uplifted. Many kratom users also say this gives them “good vibes,” which helps them work happily.

Good to know: To make it more pure and effective, growers in Borneo have spent years perfecting their ways of drying the kratom leaves.

Today, the best way of making White Borneo Kratom powder is to dry the leaves for 2 full daysindoors with the stems still attached. Then, the leaves are exposed to sunlight for 2 hours.



Where to Buy White Borneo Kratom

Overall, we’ve found Kats Botanicals to be the best place to buy White Borneo Kratom powder and capsules.

Kats Botanicals was founded in 2016, and ever since then, they have been submitting their kratom products to third-party labs to check for purity and pathogens.

Just as importantly, they are certified by the American Kratom Association, and they provide many kratom strains at reasonable prices.

Other reasons to choose Kats Botanicals:

30-day satisfaction guarantee: Kats Botanicals offers a money-back guarantee on any of their products if you aren't completely pleased. And unlike competitors, this guarantee does cover open products.

Same-day shipping: They ship kratom products the same day if you make your purchase before 2 PM Eastern Time.

20,000+ positive reviews: When we say Kats is the best kratom brand, it’s not just our personal opinion but one backed up by thousands of customer reviews.

Free shipping over $100: For experienced kratom users, buying over $100 worth of products is quite easy to achieve, and you’ll get shipping free of charge.



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Kratom White Borneo - FAQ

How does White Borneo compare to other white vein kratom strains? And does it come from a special kratom tree or kratom plant?

Here are some answers to these questions and more.

What Is White Borneo Kratom?

Like other kratom varieties, White Borneo Kratom powder is extracted from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. After that, the white vein kratom leaves are dried for 2 days inside and 2 hours in the sun.

What Is White Borneo Kratom Used For?

White Borneo Kratom powder is ideal for taking in the morning to bring about a state of balance and lift one's spirits, as well as to generate enthusiasm and positivity.

Where Is White Borneo Kratom Harvested?

White Borneo Kratom Powder is entirely derived from the Kratom tree, which is native to the island of Borneo, situated in Southeast Asia.

How to Consume White Vein Borneo Kratom?

To acquire the most out of White Borneo Kratom powder, consumption must happen either during the morning or afternoon. It is not necessary to consume the powder with food, and the effects of the powder can be expected to remain for a duration of 4-6 hours.

How Much White Borneo Kratom Powder Should I Take?

A single teaspoonful of loose White Borneo Kratom powder, or 2 grams, consumed up to twice daily is the suggested serving amount. Store the kratom powder away from children's and animals' reach in a cold, dry area.

White Borneo Kratom - Wrapping Up

White Borneo Kratom powder is a great way to get energy and be more productive in the morning.

In fact, if you buy it from Kats Botanicals, it will come from wild kratom trees, which makes it all-natural.

All in all, this white vein kratom powder is a good option for beginners as it’s not overpowering, and the prices are pretty good.



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