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Indiana Supreme Court suspends magistrate accused of buying drugs, biting officer

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Posted at 11:28 AM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 17:45:12-04

HAMILTON COUNTY — The Indiana Supreme Court has suspended a Hamilton County magistrate accused of buying drugs from an undercover informant, ingesting them, and biting an Indiana State Police trooper.

Magistrate William Paul Greenaway is charged with methamphetamine possession, resisting law enforcement, and obstruction of justice — all level 6 felonies.

The Indiana Supreme Court announced Tuesday it imposed an interim suspension against Greenaway, effective immediately.

The Indiana Commission on Judicial Qualifications filed a request for suspension Monday with the Indiana Supreme Court after prosecutors filed charges against Greenaway.

The Commission on Judicial Qualifications is a 7-member panel that investigates alleged ethical misconduct by judges. Chief Justice Loretta Rush chairs the Commission. The Indiana Supreme Court has final authority over judicial discipline.

“A judicial officer shall be suspended with pay by the Supreme Court…upon the filing of an indictment or information charging the judicial officer in any court in the United States with a crime punishable as a felony under the laws of Indiana or the United States,” read the Indiana Rules of Court.

Greenaway’s interim suspension remains in effect until further order of the Court or final determination of any disciplinary proceedings, if any, that may arise from the criminal charges, according to the Indiana Supreme Court.

A Hamilton County court appointed special prosecutor Mark McCann from Howard County.

Greenaway has not yet been booked into the Hamilton County jail, records show.

The case started in November when Indiana State Police received information from a confidential informant that Greenaway bought and used methamphetamine.

The confidential informant said Greenaway referred to meth as “coffee” in his communications.

On March 20, Indiana State Police detectives met with the confidential informant to prepare for a controlled methamphetamine purchase in a store parking lot involving Greenaway.

After allegedly buying the drugs from the informant, state police officers handcuffed Greenaway who they believe swallowed a plastic bag full of meth.

Greenaway refused to comply with officers when they told Greenaway to open his mouth, and bit one of the detectives on the thumb, records show.

Greenaway was transported to the hospital to receive treatment.

During an interview with detectives Greenaway stated, “I have been set up.”

Greenaway said a female acquaintance had asked him to hold something for her, and when he saw an officer, he panicked and swallowed it.

All judicial officers including judges and magistrates are required to follow the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Call 6 Investigates was unable to reach Greenaway for comment.

Late Tuesday, the judges of Hamilton County voted to terminate Greenaway's employment, effective immediately.

Here is the full statement from Hamilton County judges:

Today the judges of Hamilton County voted to terminate William Greenaway’s employment, effective immediately. Last Friday the Judges suspended Greenaway, who has also been suspended by the Indiana Supreme Court (case 19S-JD-165), after having been charged with three Level 6 Felony charges (29D05-1903-F6-2149) related to drugs. Senior Judge Jeffrey Eggers will begin serving as Hamilton Superior Court magistrate on Monday, April 1. Eggers brings substantial experience to the bench, having served as a senior Judge since 2014 and as a full-time Judicial Officer in Johnson County for ten years. All judges in Hamilton County have recused from hearing the criminal proceedings against Greenaway and a special judge from outside of Hamilton County has been appointed to hear the case. Magistrates have duties like judges but are not elected officials. They are hired by judges to assist with county caseloads.

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