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Betsy DeVos to speak in Indy on school choice, tax credits Monday

Posted at 11:09 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 07:45:22-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to visit Indianapolis Monday to speak on school choice, according to Politico.

DeVos is scheduled to speak at The American Federation for Children to reveal the Trump administration’s plan for a federal investment in school choice.

She is also expected to give details on a tax credit scholarship proposal, which if passes could give billions of dollars to working class families to help them pay for private education.

DeVos previously served as the chairwoman of The American Federation for Children, where she advocated for tax credits and scholarships.

Indiana State Teachers Association president Teresa Meredith criticized her visit, saying: 

The Trump-DeVos agenda threatens to shrink, rather than expand, students’ chances for success.

Betsy DeVos lacks awareness and understanding of even the most basic education issues – having never worked in a public school, attended a public school or sent her children to a public school.

She came into office with an intention to promote voucher programs nationwide, as she did here in Indiana through her political action committee the American Federation for Children, which used $1.3 million in political contributions to expand private school vouchers, private school tax credits and charter schools.

Championing budget cuts to public education robs communities of the resources needed to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum, one-on-one attention and support services, such as health care and after-school programs. More than 90 percent of Hoosier kids attend public schools and they deserve the resources necessary to succeed.

As Congress contemplates the Trump-DeVos education budget, I urge them to listen to educators and parents – the real experts on what our public schools need.

On Tuesday, Jeb Bush is expected to visit Indy as well where he will keynote a luncheon hosted by The American Federation for Children. 

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