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14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Can Make At Home

14 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Can Make At Home
Posted at 10:49 AM, Jan 28, 2016

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about the perfect gift to give your significant other. However, don’t reach for your card just yet. There are plenty of thoughtful, romantic gifts out there that you can create at home.

Channel your inner crafty side this Valentine’s Day to give your loved one a gift that they will never forget. Here are 14 DIY ideas that are perfect to give your sweetheart this year.

1. Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

Not only are these bath bombs adorable, but they are also infused with romantic scents that are perfect for setting the mood. This YouTube video from ClaCali shows you how to make them yourself:

2. Breakfast In Bed

This is a classic way to be thoughtful on Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped pancakes are a fun and Instagram-worthy touch you can add to this sweet gesture fairly easily. ClaCali uncovered the secret to these fancy cakes on Youtube:

3. Bath Melts

These fun bath melts, made with cocoa and shea butter, are a sexy alternative to traditional massage bars or lotions. Just follow along with Ellie Everett’s video below and you’ll have a set of your own to give to your Valentine. It requires some shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, along with a few other aromatic options like essential oil, and adds up to a homemade gift that will be remembered forever.

4. Personalized Bottles

Whether you are gifting loose-leaf teas, bath salts, or anything else that can be stored in a whimsical bottle, personalize all of your gifts this year with individualized labels. FairyFashionArt shows you how in this clip:

5. Chalkboard Picture Frames

Tell your partner just how much you love them by creating them their own personalized picture frame. Melanie Ham shared a video that explains how to make one. These are made from chalkboard material, which means they are easily customizable!

6. Heart-Shaped Photo Frame

If you’re especially handy, you can up your DIY skills by creating this festive heart-shaped picture frame. It’s a fun way to show your loved one just how much you care. Get a fitting photo printed and pop it inside to complete this thoughtful gift. Guidecentral has a tutorial:

7. Photo Coasters

Put all of your favorite memories on display with these gorgeous photo coasters. YouTuber Ann Le shows how you can make them yourself in this video:

8. Alphabet of Love

Show how much you love your partner from A to Z with this special, custom booklet. Karolinas Krafts has instructions in the video below. This is one of the easiest ones on our list in terms of required materials.

9. Homemade Pop-Up Card

Create a card that they will never forget by going above and beyond with this pop-up design. Family Fun magazine shared this quick tutorial that will have your Valentine thinking you’re suddenly a master crafter.

10. ’52 Reasons That I Love You’ Booklet

Dying to tell your significant other how much you love them? Just count the ways with this cute booklet! Karolina Krafts shows you how to get it done:

11. Room Decor

Give them a gift that can hang on their wall forever. This one is a really sweet gesture that looks great and shows just how dedicated you are to giving them a special day. Popular YouTuber LaurDIY has a how-to:

12. Sharpie Mugs

Have them think of you every time they reach for their morning cup of coffee with a personalized mug. You’ll need a plain mug you can decorate but Erica Arndt shows you how in this video, using some materials you might already have at home.

13. Heart-Filled Cupcakes

They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. YouTube baker CupcakeJemma shows the secret to baking cupcakes that have a heart-shaped surprise in the center. It’s actually pretty easy to pull off despite making you look like a total pro!

14. Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Cozy up this Valentine’s Day with a cup of your own custom hot cocoa mix that’s tailored to fit the tastes of your special someone. The Domestic Geek shared several recipes that can easily be switched up:

15. Mason Jar Candles

We made these candles in our own Simplemost studio. Not only are they simple to make, but practical too!

DIY: How To Make Cute Mason Jar Candles. Get the full written instructions here:

Posted by Simplemost on Wednesday, January 27, 2016


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