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5 Simple But Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Desk

5 Simple But Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Desk
Posted at 6:30 AM, Jan 05, 2023

Some of us started working from home during the pandemic and don’t ever plan to go back into the office again. Whether you’re locked in for good to your home office or have a hybrid work situation, upgrading a home workspace can make the workday a little easier. Hopefully, long gone are the makeshift desks at the kitchen table!

From picking up the best electric pencil sharpener that will keep your tips sharp as a tack to finding a home for all those papers, here are five upgrades you do that will make a huge difference in your day.


Find A New Home For Clutter

Even though so much of the workday might be spent on a computer, the paperwork still piles up. Whether it’s bills that need to be paid, receipts or to-do lists, take a few minutes to set up a system so it doesn’t create an energy drain. Keeping papers out of sight but still part of an organized plan can keep your workspace clear, which is most conducive to focusing. It could be something as simple as Incoming, Outgoing and Downtime Projects.

Pull Up A Playful (And Comfortable) Chair

Having an ergonomically designed office chair is crucial for helping to improve posture and decrease back and hip pain. But it doesn’t have to be a traditional chair! An ergonomic stool can help keep your alignment in check all day long. Some experts suggest easing into use, so try starting with only 30 minutes per day.

Wobble stools, which sit between 23 and 33 inches and swivel 360 degrees, make adjusting your posture pretty easy and can reduce unnecessary pressure on your back.

Set Up A Sophisticated Charging Station

Wireless chargers are not only convenient, but they also save you the hassle of dealing with cords and getting up to plug or unplug your phone. Some even come equipped with a portable power bank and options to juice up several devices at once.


Add Chic Pens

Stocking your pen cup with several of the same pens is one small way to simplify your day. A new set of gel pens ensures you won’t be frantically scribbling at the top of your notepad, trying to get the ink to flow again. Gel pens glide across the page and won’t get in the way of trying to jot your thoughts down quickly. Having a set of all one color also creates a chic, minimalist look. If they give a satisfying click — even better.

Upgrade Your Pencil Sharpener

Writing with a finely sharpened pencil is one of life’s small pleasures, but don’t try to get there with a manual pencil sharpener. Not only will it create a mess, but the results might also be lackluster, leaving you with a dull tip. The best electric pencil sharpeners contain blades that are sharp and durable for long-term use, will be quiet to use and safe for children, and they won’t leave behind graphite streaks on the wood.

If you’re in the market for a new sharpener, check out our selection of the best electric pencil sharpeners that have been vetted by a team of experts.


By upgrading just a few things, you can make your workspace work for you.

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