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Zombie Flamingos Are Delightfully Weird Halloween Decorations For Your Yard

Zombie Flamingos Are Delightfully Weird Halloween Decorations For Your Yard
Posted at 10:31 AM, Aug 06, 2019

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Halloween is nearly here, and to add to the festive spookiness associated with the holiday, there’s a lawn ornament you really must get. That’s right, zombie and skeleton flamingo lawn ornaments are a thing, and we’re sure the best-decorated houses will be showing them off this Halloween.

Amazon is selling the Skeleteen Zombie Skeleton Flamingo Yard Ornaments with Stakes for $29.99, and each set contains two black plastic flamingos with white skeleton markings. One of the flamingo skeletons is 20 inches tall and 11 inches wide, and the other is 15 inches tall and 13 inches wide.




You can get similar ones in four-packs, too, in case you’re looking for a bunch to spread around on the grass.

In terms of anatomical accuracy, these skeletons are not too bad, unlike some Halloween decorations. Here’s the skeleton of a real bird, a ratite called the rhea.


The biologist in me shakes my head whenever I see a Halloween spider skeleton decoration since spiders don’t have bones — just that hard exoskeleton.

For example, the Crazy Bonez Spider Bonez at Amazon for $12.99? Yeah, that’s not anatomically accurate.


But it’s all in good scary fun, right? And given that, it turns out there are some pretty cool additional options if you like the look of zombie-style skeleton flamingos.

For example, you can get some glow-in-the-dark skeleton flamingos from Six Senses Media, which give off an eerie green glow that’s magnified if you have a black light around. They cost $13.99 for a set of two on Amazon.

skeleton flamingo

Or you could go for a different look. For example, you could get this pair of Union Products zombie flamingos, which includes one standing flamingo and one feeding flamingo, currently starting at $35.99 per set on Amazon. Given that they are zombies, we don’t really want to know what these creepy-looking dudes are feeding on. But their teeth look more like they belong on vampire flamingos, so ick.

There’s even an inflatable version, if you prefer. This one is from Goosh, and it’s 5.5 feet high with LED lights, so it’ll look great in your yard at night. Check out that scary, glowing red eye. This one costs $34.55 but you’re going to want a whole flock.

inflatable flamingo skeleton

Or heck, how about taking it a step further and dressing up your undead flamingo lawn ornament like a different ghoulish entity? This 5-foot skeletal witch flamingo from Joiedomi for $34.99 looks like it’s pooping out jack-o’-lanterns.


If birds aren’t your thing, you might want to consider some glow-in-the-dark cat signs for $21.99, some of which are skeletal, or an 8-foot-fall T. rex skeleton inflatable that will set you back $59.99.

t. rex inflatable lawn decoration

If you’re eyeing one of these for your Halloween-themed display, you’ll certainly turn some heads from people driving down the street. Who knew there were so many undead animal options?

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