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Alexa smart plugs are half price right now

Alexa smart plugs are half price right now
Posted at 9:50 AM, Oct 05, 2022

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Alexa smart plugs have countless uses around the home. For example, you can use them to turn devices on and off from a distance: think lamps, slow cookers or electric kettles. You can also use them to save money on your electric bill by keeping devices from drawing energy when not in use. Or, control when your kids have access to the Wi-Fi by turning the router off at certain times.

You can do all this and more using voice commands with Alexa smart plugs. Better still, you can get a highly-rated plug at nearly half off right now.

Amazon Alexa Smart Plugs ($12.99)


These smart plugs have more than half a million ratings and an impressive 4.7 stars. The thousands of customers who wrote five-star reviews say they are easy to set up and convenient to use with Echo Dots and other Alexa-enabled devices.

These Amazon-branded Alexa smart plugs let you schedule devices and appliances to turn off or on. You can also control them remotely. Just plug them in and follow the steps in the Alexa app to set them up; no smart hub is required.

“I have two of these,” wrote reviewer K. Bennett.“I use them to remote control some accent lighting in my media room so that I can turn on and off a little egress lighting from the comfort of my recliner before I make the trek to the kitchen for more snacks and popcorn. I assigned them to a control group and when I tell Alexa to turn on/off that group, both sets of lights go on/off at the same time. No staggered or delayed response ever noted from either of the units.”

The Amazon Smart Plug is usually about $25, but you can get one now for just $12.99.

GHome Smart Plug Outlet Extender, Works With Alexa ($19.99)


If you need to plug several items into a single outlet and want to protect them from power surges, this smart plug outlet extender might fit the bill.

It includes three smart plugs, three smart USB ports and three always-on plugs for your various needs. Plus, it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can use voice commands to control functions.

With 4.2 stars and more than 1,600 ratings, this smart plug outlet extender comes in a white version that’s currently $19.99.

Lapurete’s Alexa Smart Light Bulbs


If you only wish to turn lights on and off with your voice, Alexa smart light bulbs are an ideal solution, especially for light fixtures throughout your home.

These smart light bulbs offer app and voice control as they are compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant (no hub required). This lets you turn them on or off from anywhere at any time.

These smart light bulbs have an average rating of 4.4 out of five stars, and more than 3,100 customers have given them five stars. Those who reviewed them say they are easy to install and connect. They love the app’s features.

“My bedroom has no windows and is completely blackout (sic) so the alarm function helps me to wake up with very low natural lighting,” wrote one reviewer,

In addition, the lights are adjustable and dimmable with a palette of 16 million colors. They can even sync with music.


These Alexa smart bulbs are currently on sale. You can get a four-pack 17% off right now, for $19.99.

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