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Share your best iPhone night mode photos and they could appear in Apple ad campaigns

Share Your Best IPhone Night Mode Photos And They Could Appear In Apple Ad Campaigns
Posted at 11:50 AM, Jan 15, 2020

There’s no doubt about it: today’s smartphones are way more than just calling devices. On many models, the camera alone is the selling point. They’re so sophisticated that more and more people are ditching their digital cameras and using their phones to capture life’s memorable moments.

Knowing this, Apple has a new challenge aimed at smartphone photography enthusiasts. The company is inviting iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users to share images taken with the all-new Night mode.

The contest runs through Jan. 29 and is open to users from around the world. A panel of international judges (including New York-based photographer and visual reporter Malin Fezehai and U.K.-based photographer Sarah Lee) will choose the five most stunning images on March 4, and these will be featured in a gallery on Apple Newsroom, on and Apple’s official Instagram page. They may also appear in digital campaigns, on billboards, in Apple Stores and even in a third-party photo exhibition.

Here’s a video from Apple’s Instagram page that explains exactly what to do:

To take part in the Apple Night mode challenge, share your images on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #NightmodeChallenge. If you’re a Weibo user, you can use #ShotoniPhone# and #NightmodeChallenge#. In your caption, state what model of iPhone you used to capture your image.

Not into social media? That’s okay, there’s an alternative for you. Submit your images in their highest resolution via email to, using the file naming convention “firstname_lastname_nightmode_iPhonemodel.”

Visit the Apple Newsroom for full terms and conditions on entering.

For inspiration, check out the photo at the top of this page, which was taken by photographer Austin Mann on an iPhone 11 Pro. Or, check out this incredible series of nighttime images shot by photographer Delaney Allen (@delaney_allen) on an iPhone and shared on Instagram by Apple.

Night Mode ensures that low-light images are refined and well-lit and represent color in the most accurate, vivid way.

If you’ve just gotten your hands on a brand new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max and haven’t yet figured out the camera’s functions, Apple offers the following tips for using Night mode:

  • You don’t need to turn Night mode on; it comes on automatically in low-light environments. If the yellow Night mode icon is showing, you’re good to go.
  • If you tap on the Night mode icon, you can adjust the slider to Max to extend your capture time, rather than counting on the iPhone’s own determination based on the scene being viewed.
  • For an easier way to get great photos with a long capture time during the darkest part of night, use a tripod (or try propping up your iPhone).

Happy nighttime snapping!

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