Can you find the three pandas not wearing sunglasses?

Can you find the three pandas not wearing sunglasses?
Posted at 8:30 AM, Aug 05, 2023
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Our favorite hidden puzzle creator Gergely Dudás, aka The Dudolf, has another picture to scrutinize. This time, we need to find three panda bears who decided to pass on wearing sunglasses like the rest of their friends.

Never wanting to make things easy on his fans, Dudás brought together countless panda bears in a sea of black and white that boggles the eyes and mind. And, to make it more difficult, the sunglasses the polar bears have on are also black.

This panda party is on Dudás’ Facebook page, where he posts a new puzzle daily.

If you need to look closer, head to The Dudolf’s website. Once there, click on the day’s puzzle to get a larger, high-resolution image to study. This image view can make it easier to find the solution.

As a last resort (which we’ve done several times, so no judgment here!), you can use the solution link Dudás provides on the daily puzzle post.

We love these puzzles for several reasons: They are fun for the entire family. The pictures are absolutely adorable and suitable for all ages. And it could be a fun daily tradition for parents and kids to sit together and solve the daily puzzle together.

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Unlike other puzzles such as crosswords or Wordle, you don’t need to rely on vocabulary or other word skills. A good pair of eyes and attention to detail are all you need to help solve these puzzles.

Finally, we love the variety Dudás provides. Not only does he have a daily puzzle on social media and his website, but he also has several books available that are filled with themed puzzles.

With the holidays coming up sooner than you think, you might want to pick up a copy of “Bear’s Spooky Book of Hidden Things” for Halloween or “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things” to get into the season’s spirit. Both are available on Amazon.

Gergely Dudas/Amazon

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What kind of puzzles are your favorite to solve? Let us know!

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