ISDH: 26 Hoosiers currently being monitored for coronavirus, no cases reported in the state

Posted at 3:25 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 19:53:09-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana State Department of Health said there are currently 26 Hoosiers being monitored for novel coronavirus, but no one has tested positive with the virus in the state.

Indiana state health officials held a press conference Thursday afternoon to provide an update on the preparations the state is taking and the current status of COVID-19 in Indiana.

Dr. Kristina Box, Indiana's State Health Commissioner says at any point in time they have been monitoring a different number of individuals in the state due to their travel history or the people they have been in contact with. Currently, 26 Hoosiers meet that criteria.

Box said "being monitored" simply means that the risk factors exist for possible exposore to COVID-19. "It does not mean that the person is ill or may become ill," Box said. "None of the Hoosiers currently being monitored are showing signs of the novel coronavirus.”

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All 26 of the individuals in question are being self-quarantined inside their own homes for a 14-day period, Box said. Each one is being checked with on a daily basis by their county health departments.

"Simply put, we have done this before, and we are ready," Box said. "That is the one thing I want to do today above all else is help alleviate some of the fear and anxiety with this."

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still consider the risk of coronavirus "very low" in the United States, they also said Wednesday that it was not a matter of "if, but when" then virus would begin spreading closer to home.

During Thursday's press conference, Box also addressed those comparing coronavirus to the flu, saying COVID-19 appears to be "more deadly," although the fatality rate is still only 1-2%

“The mortality rate associated with this infection, the best we can tell is somewhere between 1% and 2%. The statistics that I’ve read for flu have been between .1% and .4%," Box said. "So yes, more deadly. It seems to be more similar to the flu in that it’s our elderly individuals that have underlying health conditions that are at the biggest risk here.”

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You can watch the full press conference with the Indiana State Health Department below.