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Cupid Floats Will Be Your Go-to Valentine’s Day Drink

Cupid Floats Will Be Your Go-to Valentine’s Day Drink
Posted at 9:16 AM, Jan 17, 2019

Valentine’s Day is a great time to whip up a festive and themed mocktail. These delicious Valentine’s Day Cupid Floats from Somewhat Simple are sweet, creamy and oh-so-adorable. The light pink color and whipped topping make them perfect for sipping on the holiday of love.

Stephanie, the blogger behind the recipe, says they’re great to serve at a variety of occasions throughout the month of February, including a Galentine’s Day party, a holiday game night or a date night with your sweetheart.

With just a few simple ingredients, the floats are easy to make, which means they’re also ideal for kids to help out in the kitchen. When finished, they’ll get to enjoy the fizzy fruits of their labor. Serve the floats in mason jars and garnish with pieces of red licorice to up the cute factor even more.

While the Somewhat Simple recipe calls for any type of cherry soda, 7Up has its own twist on the float, made with cherry 7Up.


The site suggests experimenting with different toppings, such as cherry or strawberry syrup, sprinkles, chopped nuts, shredded coconut or chocolate-covered cherries. Yum!

The 7Up site also offers recipes for other tasty drinks made with the soda, including the Cherry 7Up Fruit Cooler, a  frozen concoction that will transport you to a tropical island, and the 7Up Cherry Berry Punch, would be great for a Valentine’s Day party.

Although all of these drinks are nonalcoholic and therefore safe for kids to drink, they could make awesome cocktails as well. Just add the liquor of your choice for an adult twist. Flavored vodkas, like whipped cream or vanilla vodka, would complement the cherry flavor nicely. Or in place of ice cream, you could also add a creamy liqueur, like Strawberry and Cream Bailey’s.

Cheers to a sweet and love-filled holiday!

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