Campaign 2016 is already a day old

Posted at 2:06 PM, Nov 05, 2014

I was delighted to see an email this morning from the Republican National Committee with the subject line, “Hillary’s Policies Were On the Ballot.”

“Good morning, last night Democrat policies were on the ballot and that doesn’t bode well for Hillary and the Democrat 2016-ers,” it said.  “She might try to run from being Obama’s third term but she is very much tied to him on everything from foreign policy to ObamaCare and his flailing economic policy.”

As I read this, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was on CNN. The lower-third graphic read, “Will Christie Run in 2016.”

A story published this morning in the National Journal says, “In hotel suites across America, the nation's most talented and ambitious politicians are huddling with their entourages—nervous smiles and high-fives as Tuesday night's election results put them into position to make a most profound decision: whether to run for the presidency.”

Politico reported Wednesday morning, “Even before networks officially declared a Republican majority in the Senate, Democrats were openly saying they hope Clinton will declare for 2016 soon after Election Day.”

Rand Paul’s Twitter feed last night was filled with black and white pictures of Hillary with losing Senate candidates.

I invite all Americans to join me in a moment of silence to pray for the strength to endure the endless campaign. The worst result of the 2014 midterms for all of us is that Campaign 2016 has started.

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