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'Bend the Knee' beer for "Game of Thrones' fans is here

Posted at 3:02 PM, Aug 02, 2017

We all know that one Game of Thrones fan who just wishes they could live in the Thrones world. But the truth is, you'll probably never be able be the king or queen of a 7 kingdoms, 5 kingdoms, even 1 kingdom. You probably won't even become someone's squire. But you can still dress, play, and (most importantly) drink like your favorite GoT royal with these new Game of Thrones fan merchandise.

1. The Game of Thrones Board Game

If you watch the series and think you could totally rule without getting your head cut off, try your hand at the GoT Board game. In a mix between Risk and Civilization, you'll play as one of the Houses of Westeros and set out to rule - will you be cutthroat? Will you be kind? Grab the game on Amazon to find out.

2. Drink the Throne

If you or a loved one like beer and Game of Thrones, combine your two loves with Ommegang's newest Thrones themed, Golden Ale beer, Bend the Knee.

And as much of GoT is about war and choices, it's also about wine. Become a connoisseur of Westerosi wines with a Chardonnay, Red blend, or Cabernet from Game of Thrones Wines. Now you can also drink and know things.

3. Rep Realm

HBO's newly released clothing collections now also feature clothes made by local designers that will help you represent your favorite house and show. Follow HBO on social media to know the availability and pricing of collections that you want to wear.

* Note: None of these gifts are guaranteed to be available, should the Night King arrive and bring the Long Winter, probably affecting manufacturing. - Management

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