How TikTok fame changed the life and career of a Hoosier movie enthusiast

Michael Corrie's collection includes items from films as well as replicas he researches and re-creates
Posted at 8:20 AM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 18:36:42-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis film buff is turning his long-held hobby into his career.

Michael Corrie is passionate about the television and film industry, especially work that goes on behind the scenes of our favorite films.

Since he was a kid, Corrie enjoyed tinkering and re-creating props from famous scenes and digging deeper into the materials and items used to make those beloved items.

His prop shop in Indiana is any movie enthusiast's dream. Between replicas and the real thing, Corrie's space is packed full of interesting items.

Maybe the most surprising thing is this Hollywood hideaway is right here in the middle of the Hoosier state.

Corrie is the owner of MTS Props and a co-host of the Props History Podcast with his friend, Greg.

"For someone that lives in the middle of nowhere, Indiana, that is not too bad," Corrie said. "I've become a prop historian and something of an expert."

Michael Corrie's hobby of collecting movie props has turned into a career thanks to TikTok.

Corrie got his start as a model maker and now he spends hours researching props, searching through catalogs looking for items prop shops may have used in different films, 3D printing parts and creating costume pieces for cosplay.

"I had always had a love of history and that kind of came together with tracking down the history of movie props, what they were made from how they were made and I started to investigate that," Corrie said.

But what started as a hobby exploded over the past several months — and it is all thanks to the social media site, TikTok.

"It's been quite the wild journey for me over the last six months," Corrie said.

Corrie started posting TikTok's about his props, his research and people took notice.

Six months and a quarter million followers later, Corrie is now working in the film industry full time and traveling across the country to some of the biggest names in film and television.

"It's very, very weird for me having been just and aircraft mechanic for 20 years and now here I am doing this," Corrie said.

You can see more from Corrie on his podcast with Greg at Props History Podcast, on TikTok @PropstoHistory and on Youtube.