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Dino & Dragon Stroll coming to Indianapolis this weekend

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Posted at 7:09 PM, Oct 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-13 19:09:09-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An interactive event that lets you get up close and personal with some prehistoric creatures and fantastical dragons is making its way to the Circle City.

Organizers of the Dino & Dragon Stroll say the interactive event is the only North American tour that lets you walk-thru and get up close to life-like and life-size dinosaurs and dragons.

Kids can participate in Story Time and the Dinosaur and Dragon Craft Creations Station or dance with dinosaurs.

There is also a bounce house, Dinosaur Scooters, Walking Dinosaur Rides, stationary rides where people can climb on a dinosaur to experience what it would be like to ride on one, and T-Rex ATV’s that children can ride along on a track circling a T-Rex.

There's also a sensory friendly session with sound and light adjustments that's designed to be less stimulating and overwhelming for those that have sensory sensitivities.

Dino & Dragon Stroll will be at the Indiana Convention Center Friday, October 14 and Saturday October 15. You can find more information and buy tickets here.

Organizers stopped by WRTV's Inside Indy for a preview.

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