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A pop-up bar and an outdoor escape room inspired by 'Alice in Wonderland' are coming to Indianapolis

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Posted at 4:37 PM, Aug 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-22 17:36:57-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Have you ever thought of taking a trip down the rabbit hole yourself?

Well, for the "curious and curiouser" Hoosiers, there are multiple chances to discover the magical world of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" over the next several months.

The first Alice in Wonderland-inspired event coming to central Indiana is CluedUpp Games' all-ages outdoor escape-room-style game. CluedUpp Games' Alice in Wonderland is about using clues to complete challenges to get out of Wonderland.

The Alice in Wonderland escape room will take over a "convenient central location" to be disclosed to ticket-holders two weeks before the start of the competition in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Bloomington, according to CluedUpp Games.

The first and second Alice in Wonderland escape room games is in Indianapolis on Sept. 24 and Oct. 1. The competition will then be hosted in Bloomington on Oct. 8 and move to Carmel on Oct. 15 and 22.

Although it's optional, CluedUpp encourages attendees of the experience to dress up in costumes related to the fantasy. There are several awards that can be won in each of the competitions, including the "Fastest Team" award, "Best Team Name" award, and "Best Fancy Dress" award.

The game takes an average of 2 to 3 hours to complete. Each team looking to compete needs to purchase only one ticket. One ticket admits up to six adults and their children. Tickets are $80, and children under 16 play for free.


"The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience" is the second event for local Mad Hatter enthusiasts.

The Alice in Wonderland pop-up bar is coming to Indianapolis for 12 weeks, beginning in November.

Hosted by Hidden Experiences at the Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library on Indiana Avenue, patrons of The Alice will be able to solve riddles, play croquet with flamingos, paint roses, and enjoy a theatrical alternate reality while creating their own teapot cocktails under the supervision of The Mad Hatter.

The experience is 90 minutes total and includes a welcome drink, two bespoke cocktails, and an "Eat Me" cookie. Reservations can be made on explorehidden.com, where tickets are $47 per person.

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