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Family one of many perks inside Falls Perk Coffee House

Posted at 7:36 PM, Feb 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-21 19:36:06-05

PENDLETON — Justis King was a barista with ambition.

King made the leap from coffee shop barista to coffee shop owner at the age of 22. Soon thereafter, Gathering Grounds became Falls Perk Coffee House.

While being a small business owner was an unfamiliar venture, King was surrounded by familiar faces.

“I grew up in Pendleton, I’ve lived here my whole life,” King said. “The community is really what keeps me going.”

Also keeping Falls Perk going is King’s family. Her grandfather is often the first through the door.

“He comes in every morning and opens the shop for us so my staff doesn’t have to get up super early. He’ll start the coffee and turn on the equipment for us in the morning.”

King’s family also owns Falls Perk Roasting Company, which roasts the beans behind the coffee shop’s most popular beverages, which include the Nature’s Best, Dirty Hippie and Muddy Irishman.

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