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Inside Indy | Lahody — a butcher you can trust

Posted at 7:43 PM, Oct 12, 2022

MUNCIE — Inside Indy is partnering with Indiana Foodways Alliance to explore its Hoosier culinary trails. One of those trails is the Farm-to-Table which features nearly 30 orchards, markets and farms.

Hoosiers might recognize the name Lahody from Lahody Meats or from Ron Lahody’s Trust Your Butcher Steakhouse, the latter of which is on the Farm-to-Table trail.

Ron Lahody opened Lahody Meats in December 2009. The steakhouse followed in 2018. The beloved butcher shop underwent an ownership change earlier this year when Justin Hardin purchased Lahody Meats.

“We have a great working relationship,” Hardin said. “We’re still the butcher for the restaurant.”

Hardin tells WRTV that Lahody Meats uses fresh, never frozen cuts of meat. He also emphasized the importance of buying local.

“I live here, Ron lives here, our butchers live here, so when you shop local, you support locally,” Hardin said.

For Lahody, it’s all about the customer.

“I enjoy seeing a customer satisfied,” Ron Lahody told WRTV. Whether complimenting him on a cut of meat or a perfectly cooked steak, Lahody says a happy customer is what he feeds on.

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