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Inside Indy | Meet the women driving innovation at 16 Tech

Posted at 10:41 AM, Apr 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-06 12:18:16-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Now in its fifth year of operation, the 16 Tech Innovation District is home to 90 companies employing 700 people. The district consists of three active buildings inside Indy’s historic Riverside Neighborhood.

“We really do believe that everyone has something to contribute, including our neighbors,” Emily Krueger, President & CEO of 16 Tech Innovation District said.

And collaboration with the community is vital to the district’s success.

“This place would not exist without support from neighbors,” Krueger said.

16 Tech also wouldn’t exist without women.

“I work with a lot of strong women,” Tawana Gulley said. She’s the owner of Healthy Soul, an Afro-Asian hibachi that opened its brick-and-mortar location inside the AMP at 16 Tech a year-and-a-half ago.

“I feel like being a strong woman in this day in age takes a lot of different things,” Gulley said. “Fortitude, positivity, [and] being able to learn and to teach. It takes a lot for you to be an entrepreneur,” Gulley said.

Another entrepreneur whose business solidified at 16 Tech is Kaitlan Vosler.

Vosler is the owner of Cream & Concrete, a decorative concrete company that makes everything from flower pots to furniture.

“I’m in a business of concrete that’s mostly male, so it is refreshing to encounter other women that are also leading and in charge of their companies and just being inspired through that,” Vosler said.

Cream & Concrete was one of the first businesses to call 16 Tech home. It began in the district’s maker space known as Machyne. Members have access to tools that are often cost prohibitive to a startup.

“It made it really easy for us to grow our business and start new ideas and projects because we had access to welding tools, wood shops and laser-cutting tools,” Vosler said.

Cream & Concrete grew into its own location which is still located near the Innovation District.

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