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Inside Certain Feelings Coffee: Meet co-owner Courtney Thompson

Posted at 1:23 PM, Oct 29, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — A new cafe set to open with The Garage Food Hall in the Bottleworks District is the latest member of a well-loved and local brand in Indianapolis.

Certain Feelings Coffee Company joins the Coat Check, Provider, and Strange Bird family with a new co-owner, Courtney Thompson.

In The Garage at Bottleworks, Thompson says Certain Feelings is a roastery cafe.

"We're going to be actually roasting coffee in that space, so it's going to a little different in that way," Thompson said, describing a slightly different change from her predecessors. "We'll be able to provide a little bit of quality and care to the coffee that we're bringing on."

Thompson has worked in coffee shops since she was in undergrad through earning her master's degree. Her degrees were in psychology, but her passion had grown for coffee.

"I ended up loving it way more than I was expecting to. I loved the hospitality aspect where you get to greet the guest and follow them all the way through their experience," Thompson said of her journey with coffee and cafes in general.

"When I continued through getting my master's degree, I realized I was way happier when I was at the bar making drinks for people and connecting with people more so than I was at my other job," she continued. "So, I made the decision to continue working in coffee, and luckily I found a really great company that I love working for. And now I'm opening a cafe with them.

And that's (kind of) where the name 'Certain Feelings' comes from.

"I have a background in psychology, and I was trained to be a therapist for a while, so feelings are important," Thompson said, laughing. "But, honestly, it was really important for me to kind of blend my background with my passion for what I'm doing now."

Along with owning and operating a business with brothers Neal and Paul Warner, Thompson looks forward to having the coffee shop in the Bottleworks District.

"I'm looking forward to just being in that community space. Having the opportunity to meet lots of people and being around others, I may not have been able to connect to before."

You can follow Certain Feelings journey on Instagram:

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