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Loving those spiked Lemon Shake Ups at the Indiana State Fair? Here's how you can get them year-round

Posted at 3:34 PM, Aug 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-17 15:50:13-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Hi & Mighty's canned Lemon Shake Up cocktails debuted at the Indiana State Fairgrounds this year, and it's the ultimate spiked version of a fair classic.

The Indianapolis-based craft spirit and cocktail distillery took the classic handmade lemonade drink recipe and added its floral gin, "BIG HEART," to the mix.


“Growing up going to county fairs, and also living blocks away from the IN Fairgrounds, we know how special fair and festival season is in Indiana, ” Dan Fahrner, a co-founder of Hi & Mighty, stated in a release. He started the distillery with his wife Jamie Fahrner and friend Nick Traeger. “Our goal was to capture that magic in a delicious and refreshing canned cocktail that is fun to have and fun to drink.”

As the Indiana State Fair ends, fans of the new spiked lemon shake-ups will be pleased to know they don't have to wait until next summer to grab another.

There are over 20 stores in central Indiana to buy the Lemon Shake Up cocktails. It's available at Victory Liquors, Indiana Crown, Big Red, Belmont, and other independent liquor stores such as Sobro Spirits.

Hi & Mighty is planning to open its own bar with a cocktail garden and concession-style restaurant at the Indiana State Fairgrounds come spring 2023.

Hi Mighty owners Dan Fahrner (left), Jamie Fahrner (middle), and Nick Traeger, are pictured at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

On the Hi & Mighty website, you can learn more about their spirits.

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