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THE LUME Indianapolis: Newfields new, largest-ever digital exhibit is first of its kind

THE LUME is scheduled to open in June 2021.
Posted at 2:32 PM, Oct 07, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — THE LUME: Indianapolis will take over Newfields entire fourth floor with the first and largest digital gallery of its kind come June 2021.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art announced the entirely all digital exhibit on Tuesday, marking it as the largest continuous exhibition space in Newfields’ 137-year history.

THE LUME will use almost 150 high definition projectors to transform the works of Vincent Van Gogh from two-dimensional paintings into a 3D experience that guests can experience with all of their senses.

“It’s about that invitation that we’re giving to everyone to come and look at art differently and in that completely immersive world that THE LUME would be where you’re standing in a painting, as it’s being painted around you,” Jonathan Berger, the deputy director of marketing and external affairs, told WRTV.

According to Newfields, THE LUME's grand opening in Indy will be the first for any art museum in the country. Guests can expect close to 3,000 moving images of Van Gogh's paintings accompanied by classical music.

Australian-based "Grande Experience" created THE LUME. The company's founder, Bruce Peterson, pioneers advanced, multisensory technology to engage audiences more deeply with storytelling techniques.

“Today, we engage many more new audiences through this style of experience. We are engaging new audiences to appreciate the arts in a different way, and we know from our work internationally that it will encourage more people to visit places like Newfields with renewed appreciation," Peterson said.

Tickets for THE LUME Indianapolis at Newfields will be available ahead of the grand opening in June 2021.

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