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Rock Garage allows freedom to explore hobbies for all ages

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Posted at 5:18 PM, Aug 28, 2023

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Researchers at universities in Kansas, Pittsburgh, and Texas discovered hobbies were associated with lowering blood pressure, body mass index, and stress hormones.

According to one study, researchers at University College London found hobbies are linked with 30% lower odds of experiencing depression.

With students back at colleges and universities, more families are experiencing life as empty nesters for the first time.

Tapping back into your hobbies is important, especially as an adult, but what about living out your rock star dreams? “Rock Garage” in Indy makes it possible.

For Bill Wells and the band “Blues Locos” it’s a dream come true.

Wells is only 77 years young. The band is a toe tapping good time.

“We want people tapping their feet and bobbing their heads,” said Wells.

They’re all adults who formed this band later in life.

“I read that as you get older you should do things that challenge your brain. So, I took up bass lessons and it turned out I ended up in one of the bands,” Well said.

When Anchor Megan Shinn asked, “how are the personalities?” Wells said with a laugh “great people, great musicians.”

Well is on vocals and Rock Garage’s owner, Preston Nash masters the drums.

“This part of being in a band, like you said being part of something bigger than yourself is huge,” said Preston.

Preston’s been teaching music since his twenty’s. Now owning rock garage with his wife combines his love for music teaching and touring days.

“It’s hard to find people to be in a band,” said Preston. So, Preston and his wife Rocky Nash take newcomers -- teach them guitar, bass, drums, vocals and more.

Then they book live performances for rock garage bands across central Indiana.

“The confidence building is incredible. Getting people on stage and expressing themselves is such a raw way,” said Rocky. “Folks that are on the spectrum. Folks that are dealing with PTSD. Music seriously has made such a difference in their lives to unlock them in so many ways.”

It’s raw music and emotion that turns strangers literally into family. “I think we’re going on our third marriage as a result of the program,” said Preston.

It also brings people together from all walks of life. “Rock Garage is my home away from home,” Wells said.

Rock Garage take anyone from age 11-77, Americans and Italians, like Francesco Pasquinelli, who jams out on the keyboard.

“As young kids, our dream was to play bars in the US. So right now, I’m kind of living my dream,” Pasquinelli said .

It’s more than the music.

“I don’t have a lot of regrets, but my biggest regret is that I stopped playing the instrument for thirty years,” said Pasquinelli.

It’s a lifestyle, opening doors and connecting Hoosiers through the love of music.

“This is the best band I could hope for, ” said Wells. “It definitely is family,” said Rocky.

Rock garage started about three years ago, mid pandemic. Around two-hundred students participate right now. For more information, click here

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