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'Screen to Speed' is expanding the racing world to women through a love of gaming

Screen to Speed
Posted at 6:13 PM, Mar 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-03 19:26:16-05

BROWNSBURG, IN — Not enough women are into motorsports or auto sports. However, one third of the world population identifies as ‘gamers’ and half of that group consists of women.

Now, Screen to Speed is a new simulated racing competition where female gamers all over the world compete.

The I-racing game puts Kaleigh Shilkuski behind the wheel of legit racing cars on accurate, virtual racetracks from inside the comfort of her Brownsburg home.

The experience is all part of a simulated e-racing competition for women or people who identify as a female.

In Screen to Speed, players compete for the fastest time on the simulator and earn points for engaging with one another.

“It’s a lot of fun. And you kind of don’t want to stop,” said Shilkuski.

It’s fun that’s transformed into a functional application. During the simulated racing, drivers compete on the same tracks IndyCar and other professionals use.

“The track that I’m using is actually the track that they’re using this weekend for the NASCAR race,” Shilkuski said.

In its first year, Screen to Speed narrowed 20,000 female competitors from around the world, down to fifteen.

“Many women, you know, twenty something thousand wanting to do it and pave their own way," Shilkuski said. "That says a lot about it especially for a first time having it.”

In the competition, Shilkuski made it into the top eighty. She said, “If you made the top 15, you’re going to go compete on the national stage and everyone’s going to be able to see it.”

“I think that motivated people to want to be able to show what they can do,” Shilkuski said.

These realistic simulations are inspiring women across the world to work in motorsports, in real life.

“Maybe one day someone might want to be the crew chief and you know they’ve got to start somewhere,” Shilkuski said. “By me doing it, it kind of helped me know what I need to learn on, what I need to grow on, and what I can adapt from and put in my own effort with.”

Stefy Bau founded Screen to Speed after breaking the glass ceiling in motocross.

“I won three world titles, and I became the first woman to compete in a top level with a man,” said Bau. She said she crafted Screen to Speed so competitors can connect with each other too.

“I love it because it’s a really good way to create bridges from all of the demographics and bring people into motorsport, which otherwise would not do,” Bau said.

“I think it’s amazing because that’s one more group of ladies we can look up to,” Shilkuski said.

It’s for all skill levels, and fifteen players are coming to Vegas to compete in real life during the Pennzoil NASCAR competition on March 4th.

Once they finish the competition, they can physically drive in a Porsche race car.

You could watch it live on Anything Sports YouTube Account, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. pacific time.

Even though Kaleigh didn’t make it to the final fifteen, she’s looking forward to the next competition.

To find out when that’ll happen, keep an eye on the website: https://www.initesports.gg/

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