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This book shop is shining a light on works you won't find online

Posted at 7:13 PM, May 29, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS — For Sara Gelston Somers, “golden hour” is the time of day where anything is possible.

“We really wanted the shop to embody that vibe,” Gelston Somers said.

She’s the owner of Golden Hour Books, which is located on College Ave. in Indy’s Meridian-Kessler neighborhood.

“We offer a very curated selection outside of the popular titles that you're going to see everywhere,” Gelston Somers said. “We really are striving to introduce some books that people may not be familiar with. We offer a lot of small press books, and people really are drawn to that.”

People are also drawn to the shop’s carefully curated collection.

“The ultimate job of the bookseller is to be the curator,” Gelston Somers said. “If you're not curating a selection of books, I don't know what the point really is. It is all about a point of view.”

Screen Shot 2024-05-29 at 7.01.34 PM.jpg

That point of view is on display throughout the shop with handwritten recommendations for a variety of works. Gelston Somers says it's a labor of love.

“It's really hard and fulfilling work,” Gelston Somers said. “There's an element of teaching to it, too. It's something that you can't get in an online experience or even in a larger big box bookstore.”

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