J.K. Rowling is releasing 4 new ‘Harry Potter’ stories — and they're coming soon

Posted at 8:03 AM, May 31, 2019

Lovers of the “Harry Potter” series, I hope you’re sitting down for this news: J.K. Rowling is planning to release even more stories about the “Harry Potter” universe!

The best part? You won’t have to wait that long to read these tales!

The stories will come in the form of a collection of e-books titled, “Harry Potter: A Journey Through…” according to Rowling’s Pottermore website . The website also states that the books will feature non-fiction short stories that have been adapted from the audiobook, “ Harry Potter: A History of Magic .”

The text will be accompanied by illustrations from London-based artist Rohan Daniel Eason.

This is how the Pottermore website describes the stories:

“The series features four bite-sized reads, each themed by Hogwarts lessons, and will take you back in time once again to learn about the traditional folklore and magic at the heart of the Harry Potter stories.”

The news came by way of Twitter, in which the Pottermore Twitter account teased the upcoming launch:

“Ever wondered where magic really came from? Introducing the Harry Potter: A Journey Through… non-fiction eBook shorts, adapted from the audiobook Harry Potter: A History of Magic and inspired by the @britishlibrary exhibition of the same name,” the publishing house captioned the tweet.

The four stories you have to look forward to are: “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts,” “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Potions and Herbology,” “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Divination and Astronomy” and “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Care of Magical Creatures.”

And they’re all set to be released in the coming months!

The first two titles will be released June 27 and the others will follow “soon after.”

Once “Harry Potter” fans heard the news, they couldn’t help proclaiming their excitement on social media.

And if June 27 seems like it’s going to take forever to get here, you’ll be thrilled to know you can already pre-order these e-books through sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble .

Here’s to making those summer reading lists a little longer and more “Harry Potter”-filled!

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