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Ditch the turkey: 6 ideas for a Thanksgiving getaway

Posted at 4:08 PM, Oct 30, 2019

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s time to book travel before rates and fares get outrageously expensive. If you don’t need to visit family in a certain location for the holiday, why not ditch the cooking and spend your long weekend on vacation?

Here are a few of our favorite autumn destinations to check out.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

In the autumn, eastern Tennessee becomes a wonderland full of vibrant fall foliage, but up in the Appalachian mountains, late November starts to look like winter. If you’re looking for a not-too-hot but not-too-cold destination, Gatlinburg is ideal.

Situated at the foot of Great Smoky Mountains National Park , Gatlinburg remains fairly warm in November, while providing the option to drive up into the mountains for some possible ice or snow at the summit.

During Thanksgiving weekend, the main stretch in Gatlinburg starts to light up with Christmas decorations and holiday spirit. Speaking of spirits, don’t forget to stop in for a free moonshine tasting at one of Gatlinburg’s many shineries, like Ole Smoky, Doc Collier or Sugarlands.

If you get tired of the bustling downtown, escape into the mountains and cross the Tennessee-North Carolina border to explore the town of Cherokee. It will be low season there, but it’s a good chance to learn about Cherokee nation and its deep roots in the Smoky Mountains.


If you’re searching for an East Coast colonial Thanksgiving vibe, Boston is a great home base. Aside from the fact that Boston Logan International Airport is one of the most easily accessible airports in the U.S. and that there will be plenty of accommodations to choose from, Boston has lots of Thanksgiving events scheduled this year.

Catch a show at the  Boston Symphony Orchestra during Thanksgiving week, or bundle up and line up along Newbury Street for some serious Black Friday shopping. Whether you are searching for traditional Thanksgiving fare or opt for Little Italy instead, Boston is brimming with delicious Thanksgiving dinner options. Make reservations as early as possible.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

If you’re headed toward Boston but don’t want to stay in the city, there are heaps of Massachusetts options that are ideal for Thanksgiving and significantly less metropolitan. The story of Plymouth dates back to the early colonization of the eastern U.S., and Plimoth Plantation hosts an early traditional  New England Thanksgiving Dinner for guests.

Choose between the classic Thanksgiving Buffet or the famed “Story of Thanksgiving” dinner, complete with Pilgrim role players and indigenous interpreters. Note that you must purchase tickets in advance for this event.

Salem, Massachusetts

If you’re going to miss Salem during Halloween, we think it’s still worth a visit during Thanksgiving. Home of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Salem still carries a sinister legacy that’s best experienced during the autumn months.

Pay a visit to the 1692 Salem Witch Museum to learn about how mass hysteria spread through Salem in the late 1600s and how we still contribute to modern-day witch hunting today.

If the baseline vibes aren’t enough for you, sign up for a Salem walking tour. There are daytime and nighttime options, so it’s up to you to decide how you’d like to experience one of America’s most storied little towns.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is one of our favorite destinations because it’s relatively small but surprisingly diverse. With its roots in old money but its present-day streets dotted with microbreweries, cafes, tattoo parlors and craft shops, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Asheville.

Travelers searching for a luxury Thanksgiving experience should consider the Biltmore Estate. Owned by the Vanderbilt family, the Biltmore Estate has several visitation and accommodation options, including a Thanksgiving stay at the on-site inn. Enjoy luxury Thanksgiving dining, admission to Candlelight Christmas Evenings at Biltmore House and a daily breakfast buffet.

Tucson, Arizona

Thanksgiving is historically an East Coast holiday that moved West as settlers did. If you aren’t looking for a traditional experience and don’t want to let go of summer weather, head to the Southwest. Even though it isn’t a traditional choice, Tucson still has a Thanksgiving schedule this year, which includes the Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic 5k race at Reid Park the week before.

If you aren’t keen on proactively running off your Thanksgiving calories, there are a lot of low-impact outdoor events that are ideal for November. Check out the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to learn about Tucson’s vibrant desert ecosystem, or head to the Sabino Canyon and hike the Seven Falls Trail. Being so close to Mexico, finding a good meal won’t be an issue in Tucson, and November is a perfect time to hike through Sonoran canyons.

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