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Find The Hidden Heart In This Fun Valentine’s Day-themed Puzzle

Find The Hidden Heart In This Fun Valentine’s Day-themed Puzzle
Posted at 10:15 AM, Jan 21, 2021

If seek-and-find puzzles are the key to your heart, then you’ll be happy to know that one of our favorite puzzle masters has provided a Valentine’s Day-themed challenge you’ll want to try.

That’s right. Gergely Dudás-Dudolf, who has become social media’s premier puzzle creator for just about every occasion, has re-released a puzzle on social media that has our hearts all aflutter. He just can’t seem to get enough of puzzles featuring adorable little creatures, which is perfect because neither can we. Previously, he had us searching for a snowman in a sky filled with smiling snowflakes, finding a little lost sheep in a field of Santa Clauses, and enjoying many more.

Dudolf’s 2017 brainteaser for Valentine’s Day is full of love as we’re challenged to find a solitary heart hidden among countless snails. Here it is, as posted to Facebook:

First of all, isn’t it clever to use snails to hide away this heart? Their swirly shells make it a challenge to find the tell-tale heart shape with all the curves filling the picture. Second, Dudolf’s use of similar colors including shades of reds, pinks, and purples have our eyes constantly adjusting to find subtle differences. And, the little snail heads and smiling faces are a fun distraction from our quest, as well.

As is the case with most of Dudolf’s picture puzzles, finding the hidden object is no easy task. The first step is to make sure when you look at the puzzle on Dudolf’s Facebook page or his website that you are looking at the fully enlarged image. Sometimes, especially on social media, the picture can get cropped and you may never find the hidden object. Then, make sure you take your time to carefully scan the image to find little differences. They can often lead you directly to what you’re looking to find.

Lastly, Dudolf is a good sport and always provides the solution to the puzzle on his website. All you have to do is click the link to jump to the solution. But, don’t give up too soon. There’s something satisfying about finding the hidden heart all on your own.

What do you think Dudolf will draw next? Something for Groundhog’s Day or more Valentine’s Day fun?

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