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Finland is offering a free ‘masterclass of happiness’ to 10 participants

Finland is offering a free ‘masterclass of happiness’ to 10 participants
Posted at 8:05 AM, Mar 23, 2023

Finland has long been recognized as the happiest country in the world, and now, Visit Finland is helping others find their own happiness by offering a Masterclass of Happiness from June 12-15. This program is designed to teach participants how to unlock their inner Finn and experience a better quality of life. Best of all, it’s free!

What Is the Masterclass Of Happiness?

The Masterclass of Happiness takes place at the Kuru Resort in the Finnish Lakeland region, known for its breathtaking scenery and tranquil atmosphere.

The four-day seminar, led by expert coaches, will guide participants through four key themes that are part of what Visit Finland calls “the happiness mix”: Nature and Lifestyle, Health and Balance, Design and Everyday, and Food and Well-being. The coaches will show attendees how these interconnected topics all contribute to people’s overall happiness.


The experts leading the Masterclass of Happiness will teach participants how to slow down and savor life. They’ll demonstrate how to find a balance between work and leisure, appreciate the beauty of nature and embrace sustainable design practices. Attendees will also learn about traditional Finnish cuisine, which is fresh, healthy, and tasty.

The idea behind the Masterclass of Happiness is that the Finnish approach to happiness is based on a close relationship with nature and a down-to-earth lifestyle. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the happiest country in the world and be empowered to apply these techniques in their lives.


How To Apply

The Masterclass of Happiness is open to anyone interested in learning about Finnish culture and improving their well-being. Those who want to attend must fill out an application and perform a social media challenge on Instagram or TikTok.

Ultimately, Visit Finland plans to select 10 participants to attend the Masterclass of Happiness in person at the Kuru Resort in the Finnish Lakeland region. Those chosen will have their expenses paid, including travel, accommodation, and the program fee. However, even if you’re not picked, anyone can take the course virtually this summer.


Visit Finland says it is looking for outgoing, open-minded people interested in Finnish culture and comprehensive well-being. It also asks that participants speak English, are private individuals, and are fine with being filmed and sharing their experience with others. Finalists will be chosen in April; check the terms and conditions before you apply.

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