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This Fun Scented Candle Is For The ‘grammar Police’ In Your Life

This Fun Scented Candle Is For The ‘grammar Police’ In Your Life
Posted at 12:10 PM, Apr 15, 2021

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Everyone has that coworker, friend or family member who is constantly pointing out grammatical errors. Whether they sneer at the mistakes in local advertisements or pick apart everyone’s text messages (“Hi, there! You forgot the apostrophe in ‘Grandma’s going to be OK'”), people who are hard-nosed about grammar rules are a uniquely irritating breed all their own.

If you’re longing to troll these sticklers right back, the Whiskey River Soap Co. offers the opportunity to do so with a scented candle that will annoy the heck out of your grammar police friends every time they look at it.

The label of the “Grammar Police” scented candle reads “Smells Like Your Annoying,” which will drive any holier-than-thou grammar fanatic nuts with its flagrant misuse of “your.” The 17-ounce soy candle offers a jelly doughnut scent and provides 60 hours of burrrrrrn time.

The product is currently out of stock on Amazon, where it sells for $21.50, but you can order one from the Whiskey River website for $23.95.

If buying this snarky gift gets you in the mood to poke fun at all the other quirky things that make your friends and family members unique and/or exasperating, Whiskey River has plenty of other cheeky candles to choose from.

A Candle For Introverts

The Candle For Introverts is unscented because ideally, the person receiving this candle will not have to share their home space with anyone, ever, so what does it matter if it smells like anything? Like the Grammar Police candle, this one is $21.50 and offers 60 hours of burn time. (Oh, and there’s also a Candle For Extroverts that “smells like hi!!!!!!!”)


A Candle For Morning People

You can let the morning people in your life know exactly what you think of their nonsense with a judgy candle that reads, “smells like a hell no.” Of course, this unnaturally cheerful candle is an annoyingly bright yellow-green color. The company’s website describes the candle’s scent as “sugar cereal coma.”


A Candle For The First Child

Gift the Candle For the First Child to anyone in your life who is so clearly a firstborn kid: the take-charge type who has an answer for (or at least an opinion about) absolutely everything. They’ll appreciate that it “smells like you’re just more important.” And don’t worry, there’s a Candle For the Middle Child (with a “largely invisible scent”), a Candle For the Youngest (scented like baby lotion) and a Candle For the Only Child (which “smells like an imaginary friend”).


You can find ways to troll every kind of person in your life with candles for lefties, book club members, drama queens and more.

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