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10 adorable gifts for alpaca lovers

10 adorable gifts for alpaca lovers
Posted at 12:37 PM, Jul 11, 2019

Plenty of animals are cute, but there’s something eccentrically adorable about an alpaca — they have a special charm, even if they’re not the most mainstream animal.

While you can find cute gifts with cats and dogs anywhere, finding an item with an alpaca on it is special and charming. If you have an alpaca-lover in your life, you’ll want to check out these gifts that are sure to warm their heart.

1. Alpaca Hug Pillow Cushion Doll, $20.99

You won’t want to let go of this soft alpaca cushion doll, which makes for the perfect bedroom accessory. On cold, lonely nights, this alpaca cushion doll from Amazon will be sure to keep you warm and cozy.


2. Alpacas Make Me Happy Journal, $5.90

Express your love for the animal with this alpaca-covered notebook from Amazon. It can be used for writing or sketching, making it a great gift for adults and children alike.


3. Alpaca Earrings, $15.99

If you’re looking for a more subtle accessory, you’ll love these silver-plated alpaca earrings. These earrings are handmade from shrink plastic, and they’ll add a unique touch to any outfit.


4. Alpaca Cookie Cutter, $3.00

Dessert just got that much better with this alpaca cookie cutter. Make cookies in the shape of your favorite animal, whether it’s for a party, for the kids or even just for fun.


5. Crazy Alpaca Overload iPhone Case Cover, $8.99

Protect your phone and proclaim your love for alpacas with this adorable iPhone case from Amazon. It’s made with plastic rubber silicone to help keep your phone safe, but most importantly, it’s covered in your favorite animal.


6. Alpaca Trio Cutie Erasers, $5.02

Spruce up your desk with these endearing alpaca erasers from Amazon. Making a writing mistake has never been more appealing.


7. ‘Adventure, You Say? Alpaca My Bags’ T-Shirt, $15.50

Set the tone for your day with this whimsical T-shirt. We promise you’ll never want to say “I’ll pack my …” again.


8. Alpaca Decorative Pillow, $3.67

Whether you throw this decorative pillow atop your bed or on the couch, your house is about to get much more exciting with this adorable-yet-chic addition.


9. Alpaca Flower Pot Or Succulent Holder

You don’t need a massive garden to enjoy a little greenery. Talk about cute and chic, this ceramic alpaca flower pot is sized for a desk or windowsill. It comes in pink and white, and can also be used as a catch-all holder for pens, scissors and other desk supplies.


10. Rainbow Alpaca Plush

This adorable 6.7-inch alpaca stuffed animal has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why.



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