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Halloween Spider Decorations Will Give Your House A Creepy-Crawly Feel

Halloween Spider Decorations Will Give Your House A Creepy-Crawly Feel
Posted at 10:35 AM, Oct 03, 2022

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Ghosts, witches and other creatures make for spooky house decor, but there’s not much that’s creepier than a larger-than-life Halloween spider. If you’re designing a setup that will scare your neighbors and turn your home’s interior into a haunted site, you should try adding one!

Amazon has dozens of Halloween spider decorations in sizes up to 7 feet. Some of the indoor and outdoor Halloween spider decorations come with giant webs, while others light up. Some are blow-ups, but others have faux fur and bendable legs so you can put them anywhere and pose them how you’d like.

Take a look at just some of the best-reviewed and best-priced Halloween spider decorations on Amazon.

Dreampark 6-Piece Halloween Spider Decorations ($31.99)


Similar to the first spider on the list, this set of Halloween spider decorations comes with six spiders of different sizes from small to giant. You’ll get one of each of the following sizes: 12-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, 35-inch and 47-inch (3.91 feet).

With black fur and red eyes, the spiders have flexible legs so some can be hung on a wall, while others can sit on the ground. With all six outside, your home will definitely look like it’s been infested by spiders!

The set of six spiders has more than 800 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star overall rating, with 73% of customers giving them a full 5 stars. While most people were happy with the pack of spiders, a few reviews mention that they don’t hold up well in really hot weather. Others say the eyes fall off.


One customer who gave the spiders five stars calls them “creepy furry death from above.”

“O.k. these things are kind of like fuzzy, cutesy stuffed animals, very good quality, beaded red eyes, fat & plush,” Amazon customer6catds wrote. “Bought packs of them & covered the house & the big web, they stayed put in 50 mph winds so I’m super happy.”

Twinkle Star 7-Feet-Long Lighted Inflatable Halloween Spider ($38.99)


It doesn’t get much bigger than this 7-feet long lighted inflatable spider. The spider has two red flashing eyes, with LED rotating rainbow projection lights built inside the body that makes it stand out even more. The spider can be used without lights during the daytime, but once it gets dark out, the spider shows off cool cycling light patterns.

The Halloween spider decoration inflates in minutes and is made of thickened waterproof polyester fabric that is soft and light, yet firm. It includes two ground stakes, a power adapter, an air blower and a built-in sandbag plus space to add more weights.

With nearly 1,500 reviews, the spider has a total of 4.4 out of 5 stars, with more than 70% of customers giving it a full 5 stars. Reviewers say it works great at a great price point and even holds up in heavy rain. A few customers, however, say the legs are too dark, so you might not always be able to see them at night.

One customer who gave the spider a 5-star rating says it is a “great purchase” and that their whole neighborhood loves it.

“It held up for an entire month, including in the rain and wind. The two white cords were tied to a bush and kept it in place just fine,” Amazon customer Noel wrote. “On Halloween night we tied it to the roof of our car and pulled the white cords inside the doors tight. Worked perfectly. Super easy and fun.”

Eambrite 5-Feet Halloween Giant Spider With Purple Lights, $38.99


For indoor or outdoor use, this 5-feet Halloween spider with purple lights is just 1.6 pounds, so it can be easily hung on a wall or porch or placed anywhere you like. Covered with bright purple lights and two red lights for the eyes, the spider has a 13-inch body that can easily be seen from a distance and will provide a creepy glow wherever you place it.

This item is made of an iron frame and has a 3.5-volt Underwriter Laboratories-certified waterproof adapter and 16.4-feet lead. The spider also has hooks on all eight legs, which means it should hold up while outside even on windy and rainy days and is easy to hang. The legs can also be bent or stretched into different positions.

With more than 200 reviews, the spider has 4.5 out of 5 stars, with 74% of customers giving it a full 5 stars. While the majority of reviews say it’s well made, sturdy and easy to set up, some say they had to add their own lights because it wasn’t bright enough.

One customer who gave it 5 stars says it’s well-made and adorable.

“Spider is large and very sturdy. Lights up perfectly and red blinking eyes are a great touch,” Amazon customerbarb wrote. “No one in my neighborhood had anything like this and everyone commented how much they loved it.”

Ocato 200-Inch Halloween Spider Web + 59-Inch Giant Spider ($26.99)


Currently available for $27, this 4.9-feet giant spider comes with a 16.5-foot web. For indoor or outdoor use, the spider has red eyes and a hairy body.

The spider attaches to the web and is big enough to serve as the centerpiece for your Halloween decor. Or, it can simply be set up in your yard to spook trick-or-treaters. The legs are bendable, so you can move the spider however you’d like; the web attaches to your home or lawn with a hook and ground nails. It all folds up easily for storage until next Halloween.

With more than 3,100 reviews, the Halloween spider and web have a total of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Customers say it’s easy to set up and put together, can survive high winds and looks great, but a few say it arrived tangled. So, you might need more time when you first set it up, and you’ll want to make sure you store it properly for future use.

Do you decorate your home with spiders for Halloween?

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